The Joint Investigation Group
Mutilated to death by the “Intelligence” Agencies

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Secret service crimes

Every decade of the 20th century, the secret services and military went on a psychopathic rampage in which they senselessly mutilated and murdered the population incapable of stopping. As we now know, each time it was planned, commissioned and financed by large corporations and the banking dynasties behind them. It always took a concerted effort, many court interventions and sometimes a world war to reign them in.

Now, we have once more the case that the intelligence agencies are rampaging and torturing people with implants, nanotech and neurotech and mutilating them to death with microwave weapons. The secret services are headed by men groomed for their ruthlessness. They are so corrupt that they will not make these out-of-control thugs stop, despite repeated public requests to cease and desist, multiple court cases and reams of public information broadcast often LIVE about these insane attacks. It therefore appears to be a global death camp program.

Police corruption

The murdering spree of the intelligence agencies is always accompanied by their corruption, subversion and effective suspension of the police force. That is exactly what we observe today as the police around the world refuse to investigate all crimes related to modern electromagnetic weapons, implants, nanotech and neurotech. All victims to date who approached the police were turned away, ignored, ridiculed or victimized even further by criminal police officers whose thuggishness and ruthlessness in many cases outdoes the criminals they are paid to fight.

The Joint Investigation Team

The Joint Investigation Team was founded to investigate these crimes against humanity and stop the death camp program in the absence of a functioning police force. It consist of the five ladies below and is supported by many people behind the scene. All members of the team are experts in their field and all of them are being rutlessly mutilated non-stop in brutal, premeditated attacks conducted by a shift service of degenerates and psychopaths in the intelligence agencies.

They need your support to be able to survive and do their work to help other victims. Please donate and actively spread the word to help with the fund-raising and fighting these crimes. This battle is extremely important for stopping the death camp program that is used to destabilise nations as the precursor of the staging of World War 3. How to Help shows that there are many ways you can support them, not just financially.

The Joint Investigation Team gives weekly public updates about their work that is streamed live online at 5pm CET / 11am EST on Thursdays (subscribe to pinconeutopia to access it live):