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The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) & Supported Cases

The Joint Investigation Team was founded to investigate crimes against humanity committed by the Secret Services and stop the death camp program in the absence of a functioning police force. It consist of the five members below and is supported by many people behind the scene. All members of the team are experts in their field and all of them are being ruthlessly mutilated non-stop in brutal, premeditated attacks conducted by a shift-service run by the criminal Secret Services and their networks.

The JIT needs your investment to be able to survive and do their work to help other victims. Please donate and actively spread the word to help with the fund-raising and to inform the nation about these crimes against humanity. This battle is extremely important for stopping the death camp program that is used to destabilise nations as the precursor of staging World War 3. How to Help shows that there are many ways you can support us, not just financially, yet money is crucial to be able to fight.