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URGENT Campaign for Dr. Black

Please contact these people and demand that they stop the brutal
mutilation of Dr. Millicent Black as she is now recovering from surgery.

Dr. Millicent Black

Dr Millicent Black is a Doctor of Ministry, with focus in Christian Education and Social Justice. She has a Master in Marriage and Family Therapy and was the past President and Organizer of Hope for the Hurting Ministries.

She is an investigator for the Joint Investigation Team and is fighting the sadistic abuse inflicted on women by the psychopathic agents of the military-intelligence complex.

Dr. Black’s case is extremely important because she has extensive evidence for the countless chips in her body and the torture and sadistic mutilation inflicted on her by Air Force veteran Randall Webster who received US Air Force SERE (torture) training and who is also believed to be terrorising and harming her family and many others in the community.

Newest Interview

The following is an interview of Dr. Millicent Black from 15 June 2018.

Crime Reports Ignored by Police & Government

Here are the desperate appeals and shocking crime reports that keep being ignored by Chief Tim Potts, Captain Troy Potts and the entire government authorities in charge.

Dr. Black’s Assault Report from 11 Jun 2018
Ignored by Police Chief Potts with depraved indifference.
Attachement: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3
Dr. Black’s Crime Report from 11 Jun 2018
Ignored by Police Chief Potts and local government with depraved indifference.
Dr. Black’s Crime Report from 05 Jun 2018
Ignored by Police Chief Potts and local government with depraved indifference.
Dr. Black’s Crime Report from 28 May 2018
Ignored by Police Chief Potts and local government with depraved indifference.

Emergency Injunction

Dr Millicent Black is seeking an emergency injunction from the US courts against Air Force veteran Randall Webster and his criminal gang of tormentors who are reported as using the more than 53 bio- and nanomaterials that have been implanted in her body without her consent as biological weapons to destroy her health. These implants are extremely malicious and are destroying her muscles, joints and organs. In addition, Dr. Black suffers from damage to multiple body systems, including neurological, as a result of the non-stop assaults from military technology, a.k.a. Directed Engery Weapons.

Urgent Appeal for Assistance

Dr. Black has sought protection from countless officials, including the Chief Potts, the Chief of Columbia Police, the FBI, Juan Medez the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and people in government. To this date, they all conspired to refuse her assistance which enables the accused Randall Webster to continue the systematic murder of her family members and the 24/7 psychological torture and mutilation of her body.

Now, Dr. Black is recovering from extremely invasive surgery that was necessary due to the mutilation inflicted on her body by use of military developed technology in what has been reported as Domestic Violence and Domestic Terrorism against Randall Webster. She is in an extremely vulnerable position and there is mounting evidence that there are efforts to kill her during recovery. For this reason, she put out an urgent appeal for help, see her video below, in which she asks people worldwide to help to stop what appears to be State-sanctioned sadistic abuse in Columbia, Tennessee. Please support Dr. Black in the three ways listed below.

How to Help Dr. Black

These are three ways in which you can make a real difference to Dr. Black’s plight:

Write to these officials
and demand that Dr. Black’s torture is stopped immediately and her abuser, Air Force veteran Randall Webster and his team of attackers, whom he is training up in the use of Directed Energy Weapons, are arrested immediately.

Donate to help her
with her medical expenses that have arisen due to the inflicted torture.

Sign her petition
against forced psychiatric detainment to cover illegal human experimentation and military training resulting in torture

Torture with Microchip Implants

This X-ray was taken in 2014. The circles indicate unnatural structures in Dr. Black’s tissue as determined by a chiropractor. They correspond with the location of the chips discovered during an examination for high-frequency electromagnetic radiation on her body by a private investigator. A distributed chip network is called a Body Area Network in medicine and the military and its use is widespread. (To enlarge the image righ-click and select “Open in a new tab”.)

These chips have been placed into Dr. Black’s body by Randall Webster (see below) who announced her torture to her in 2003 as “whistleblower training”, and again in 2008 as “training men to mistreat women and girls”. He gloated that he couldn’t wait until Dr. Black learned that she “couldn’t get away from him”. These microchips are triggered by radio-frequency control and can cause agonising pain and other symptoms. This control can be via satellite, land based or mobile. With time, the radiation that is sent to the chips as well as the chip emissions themselves damage tissue, bone and can cause tumours.

In total, 53 bio- and nanomaterials have been identified by a specialist scan to have been implanted in Dr. Black’s body without her consent. These have been used to systematically abuse, torture (including sleep deprivation, brain assaults, hearing damage) and sexually assault Dr. Black non-stop for more than 20 years. 2003 is when hi-tech torture was announced, however, Dr. Black was warned of some covert actions being waged against her in 1996.

Dr. Black has microchips in her brain and ears that receive voice-transmissions and convert them into audible speech. Such implants are the enabling technology behind, subliminal messaging, thought injection and, so called, voice-to-skull (V2K) torture of victims. The chip torture is usually accompanied by non-stop commentary and death threats via V2K. In Dr. Black’s case, the voice belongs to or is the computer generated voice of psychopath Randall Webster who is talking to her non-stop about his abuse of women and children, his murdering of Dr. Black’s family and other members of the County, his sexual escapades (incessant conversations about the scent of women’s vaginas, his receiving $80 blow-jobs from prostitutes and information on his bedroom activity with his wife, all in real-time).

Dr. Black’s scan done by a Human-SCADA certified professional, identified the locations of her body where unnatural electromagnetic radiation was recorded. The scans were done using calibrated and scientific measuring equipment for the detection of high-frequency radiation (the human body cannot emit electromagnetic waves in the high-frequency band). The highlighted points correspond with both the X-ray scans, as well as the areas of her body where Dr. Black is tortured intensely. This triple confirmation is evidence beyond doubt that what Dr. Black is experiencing is the result of the foreign bodies in her tissue. In fact, some foreign bodies have been removed from her body and are waiting to be analysed.

Note especially the high density of chips in the genital region and on the right leg. These chips were specifically planted such that Dr. Black can be sexually abused by remote control and sex trafficked for the entertainment of her abusers. The chip torture and systematic mutilation of her right leg is the result of the psychopathic serial killer Randall Webster taking vengance on her for “walking away from him in church” according to his V2K broadcasts. Such petty and deranged “justifications” for sadistic acts is typical for psychopathic degenerates and can be found in many serial killers like Randall Webster.

Brutal Mutilation with Directed Energy Weapons

Shown here is an X-ray of Dr. Black’s right knee taken in 2016, only two years after the X-ray shown above. The bright structures are a knee replacement that she was forced to have in 2002 due to the extensive damage that her tormentor Randall Webster caused to her bone structure using Directed Energy Weapons on her for years. The large gap between the knee replacement and the bone is believed to have been caused by machine-gunning with Directed Energy Weapons such as pulsed lasers. There is no “natural” reason for such specific injury to her bone. (To enlarge the image righ-click and select “Open in a new tab”.)

The entire damaged part of the thigh bone had to be cut off in a second operation that was entirely necessitated by the torture inflicted by Randall Webster. The surgeon who operated on Dr. Black was astounded to find that her bones “had gone mushy”. Upon Dr. Black asking if that could be the result of the Directed Engery Weapon attacks and the chip torture, he replied “Yes”.

When Directed Energy Weapons punch extreme pulsed energy into the body, the bones absorb most of the energy. With time, the bone structure is exploded away by a combination of, for example, weakening the structures and microwave cavitation.

As Dr. Black is recovering from the serious operation, Randall Webster continues to talk to her day and night, wake her every 30 minutes during the night of the surgery and every other night via her non-consensual implants, send her repeated death threats, heat her implants, violate her by remote control and do everything in his power to stop her recovering from the operation while bragging about it in her ear.

Also note the faint white-shade of the tissue on the X-ray. The size of the upper thigh is the result of massive swelling done by external body modification. The doctors operating on Dr. Black told her that they couldn’t believe how much fluid was in the tissue. Such unnatural swelling can be caused by Directed Energy Weapons, and in the case of victims of the Secret Services it is frequently used for torture, humilitation and incapacitation of the victim. In fact, before Dr. Black’s operation, the same swelling-torture, along with burning of the skin, was applied to her elderly mother in a brutal attack by Randall Webster that he bragged about via voice-to-skull transmissions.

The Sadistic Psychopath Randall Webster

Randall Webster is using Dr. Black’s body for his own sadistic sexual gratification and to train up hordes of criminals in the use of Directed Engergy Weapons using her body as target practice.

Webster bragged to Dr. Black in 2008 that he had loaded her body with microchips and other military technology used for torture in 1999. Dr. Black’s body was found with 53 body implants in 2014, among the highest number ever recorded by the specialist investigator who scanned her.

He is accessing her ear implants to talk to her non-stop and alternates it with an automatised transmissions to her ears and brain. Victims of non-consensual ear implants are utterly helpless against these Nazi psychopaths as doctors refuse to remove these chips. Meanwhile, the electromagnetic transmissions to the ears can be measured clearly. Sleep studies also record the multiple times of “external arousal” during the night, that is used to implant “suggestions and commands” into the brain of the victim.

Randall Webster has received SERE (torture) training from the Air Force. By accessing the non-consensual ear and other brain implants of Dr. Black, he is using technology and infrastructure that was developed for the Air Force to communicate with their pilots and agents. Applying this non-consensually to civilians for their systematic torture is a war crime and a crime against humanity that is openly sanctioned by the Air Force.

Randall Webster has also bragged about the murder of several members of Dr. Black’s and his own family. Each murder he bragged about, sometimes years later, to Dr. Black via the voice-transmission implants in hear ears. Both the Columbia Police Department in Tennessee as well as FBI Memphis and FBI Knoxville have been informed but refuse to arrest the psychopathic serial killer.

The only possible explanation for the systematic refusal of all law enforcement, government and judicial officers involved to stop this criminal is that the systematic chipping, torture and ritualistic murder of the African-American population is part of the local implementation of the UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 depopulation (genocide) program in Columbia, Tennessee. For this reason, all officials concerned need to be urgently charged with aiding and abetting crimes against humanity and high treason. The maximum punishment in both cases is the death penalty.

Attacks on Experts

Violent attacks on the experts and professionals assisting Secret Service victims is very common. In Dr. Black’s case, she was assisted by an Industrial Toxicologist and a Private Investigator who did tests on tissue samples and conducted the body scan for implants, a Medical Doctor who is also an Electrical Engineer and a Forensic PhD. All are known to have come under severe attack. Dr. Horton has been informed by victims who received help from two of these experts that they both received death threats and the latter suffered the sudden passing of two close family members in a very short time-period.

Officially-Sanctioned Torture

The systematic rape and mutilation of Dr. Millicent Black 24/7 is being ignored by all police officers, Tennessee FBI offices and government officials involved in her case. Ohio Representative Mike Turner and several other Federal employees tried to assist Dr. Black in gaining investigative attention from law enforcement and/or the military. The Air Force called it a civil matter. The Columbia Police and the Tennessee FBI have all been informed repeatedly of the abuse but refused to arrest Randall Webster or to assist Dr. Black in any way. In the case of the police and the FBI, they thereby violated their statutory duty to stop crimes against humanity.

The following people were contacted for urgent assistance but refused to grant it.

Tim Potts, the Chief of Columbia Police

Chief Potts receives almost DAILY reports from Dr. Black about the violations and torture she suffers day and night with exact time and nature of the offence. Every single one of the stated offences would normally by itself be the subject of a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Randall Webster.

Chief Potts also received all the X-rays, body scans and relevant medical reports from Dr. Black testifying to the insane physical damage that she has suffered. Yet, Chief Potts refuses to ask Randall Webster even in for questioning, let alone arrest him as he should.

Chief Potts is also aware of the large number of suspicious deaths in Dr. Black’s family, of similar deaths in Randall Webster’s family, of the suspicious death of two pastors, all of which Webster bragged about as having been murders he committed. Chief Potts also knows about further death threats made by Randall Webster to Dr. Black, including about murdering others in the community. Chief Potts refused to act.

Chief Potts is furthermore aware of the danger to the children in Mount Pleasant Schools where Randall Webster received recognition for running a reading program for 5th graders that is believed to be neuro-linguistic programming. He is also aware that Randall Webster bragged about putting children under radio-hypnosis and carting them off in school busses during the school day to be sexually abused. Chief Potts refused to act.

Chief Potts was called repeatedly by the NSA whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart to give a supporting testimony for Dr. Black and demand an immediate arrest of Randall Webster. Chief Potts refused to act.

Chief Potts was also called repeatedly by Dr. Katherine Horton, the Founder of the Joint Investigation Team analysing crimes committed with Directed Energy Weapons. Dr. Horton informed him about the validity of Dr. Black’s case and the existence of many other victim cases. Chief Potts refused to act.

It is safe to conclude that Chief Potts is a co-conspirator of Randall Webster and thus a criminal. His violations of oaths of office and his premeditated aiding and abetting of crimes against humanity over several years, especially having been informed of the dangers and consequences for the wider African-American community and especially the children in Mount Pleasant School qualify Chief Potts to be charged with high treason, for which the highest punishment is the death penalty.

Troy Potts, Captain of Investigations at Columbia Police

FBI in Memphis

FBI in Knoxville

The Government of Columbia, Tennessee

Appeal Video by Dr. Millicent Black

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