Ramola is an investigative journalist and writer, and an investigator of the Joint Investigation Team. She is the author and human rights activist behind the urgent memorandum to President Donald Trump that was sent to him shortly after his inauguration in January 2017. The memorandum is asking the US President to terminate the covert programs that are torturing and mutilating people with electromagnetic weapons. She is also the publisher of The EveryDay Concerned Citizen.

Ramola has been tortured and mutilated herself with these sadistic weapons since 2013. In retaliation for sending the memo to Donald Trump, she was irradiated so brutally by the thugs in the intelligence agencies that she was bed-ridden for over a week. She became victim of this insane retaliatory attack just for begging him to support other innocent victims! The third signatory of that memo, Dr Katherine Horton, was attacked simultaneously in her home in Switzerland.

Interviews with Ramola D

Joint Investigation Team Member

Ramola is the Press Officer of the Joint Investigation Team and an investigator with expertise in Secret Service criminality. She is currently assembling a video documentary archive of victim testimonials and is conducting interviews with leading scientists and whistleblowers on her YouTube channel called Ramola D Reports.

Journalistic Work

Ramola is a top investigative journalist in the field of secret service criminality, covert non-consensual implanting of victims and the illegal use of neurotechnology. Her ground-breaking journalistic work is published on her news media sites:

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Ramola D Reports

Follow her work on Social Media:

twitter @EccEveryday

Funding Needs

We ask you to donate to Ramola and recruit others to crowd-fund her journalistic endeavours and her investigative work for the Joint Investigation Team. Her main funding needs are for computing equipment and professional IT and cyber-security support. This is due to the fact that Ramola is regularly hacked by criminal elements associated with the secret services and the military who are trying to silence her for bringing brutal crimes and boundless corruption to light.

Your donations will go towards keeping her computing equipment operational and collecting professional forensic evidence against the cybercriminals. Such evidence can in turn be used by other victims who are going up against the intelligence agencies in court.