Ramola is the author and human rights activist behind the urgent memorandum to President Donald Trump that was sent to him shortly after his inauguration in January 2016, asking him to terminate the covert programs that are torturing and mutilating people with electromagnetic weapons.

She has been tortured and mutilated herself with these sadistic torture tools in the US since 2013! She was irradiated so hard by the thugs in the intelligence agencies in retaliation for sending the memo to Trump that she was bed-ridden for over a week – all just for begging him to support the innocent victims! The third signatory of that memo, Dr Katherine Horton, was attacked simultaneously in her home in Switzerland.

Ramola’s ground-breaking work fighting courageously and eloquently for the victims can be followed on her website:

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

as well as via Twitter:

twitter @EccEveryday

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