Attacks from Bryan Tew began in 2017 when he targeted Dr. Katherine Horton several times out of nowhere and libelled her to a large email list of victims and investigators, accusing her of not having been a physicist at CERN.

As soon as Dr. Horton debunked his accusations, Tew would disappear without an apology or reappear months later with another form of the same accusation and that time claim that there was a physicist at CERN who claimed that she never worked there, while refusing to identify that physicist when challenged.

On 26 Mar 2019, the most shocking message from Bryan Tew was sent to a group of victims and investigators without including Dr. Horton herself in that message. In this email Bryan Tew stated

I made certain to hand over the digital voice imprint, facial recognition and other electronic identification of Matthew Arnegard, Sean Andrews Katherine Horton and Ella to the Russians and Chinese as I last interacted with them which the American Government ALREADY knows for two years.

At least three of them are now probably in some degree of danger. Have fun on your next International Vacation Ella, Katherine, Matthew and Sean. The hunters have become the hunted.

Bryan Tew’s Email
25 March 2019.