Dr. Katherine Horton is an Oxford-educated scientist and a victim of the intelligence agencies. She urgently needs your help! She has been harassed for 5 years and is brutally assaulted with military-grade microwave weapons since 2015 that maim her daily.

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How is it all possible?

Can’t believe that this could be happening? In fact, it is the predictable outcome of our military and government systems. Everybody involved benefits hugely (apart from the victims), so it is a run-away process that recruits willing perpetrators.

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Help us please!

Weapons testing on humans is Big Business! So, the authorities have no interest in stopping this. So, they won’t…
… unless YOU kick their door down!
Please help me to save victims’ lives and stop this madness.

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Isn’t it just all in your head? Sadly, no. Microwave beams can be measured.

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