Tsunami Email Campaign to Save Humanity

Starting Sunday 2nd April 2017 and running until the end of May. We are contacting all US States and 156 countries of the world to deliver them an ultimatum to stop the Global Death Camp Program by 1st June 2017. Join us now!

SOS – Global Nazi Extermination Program!

Certain members of the media, police, judiciary and secret services are all knowingly complicit in a global Nazi extermination program and its cover-up that is using directed energy weapons and nanotechnology to commit systematic mutilation and silent genocide against the population around the world for the sake of a Nazi ideology. Read more

Appeal to Everyone of Integrity

Dr Horton’s urgent appeal to everyone of integrity along with Prof Eric Karlstrom’s very important talk on the background was kindly published by Ramola D’s The EveryDay Concerned Citizen and is reprinted as a backup here.

Memorandum to President Donald Trump