On 1st August 2019, Dr. Horton received written threats from Robert David Steele.

The first email was addressed to a Sarah Webster, a person Dr. Horton has never heard of, in response to an email exchange that Steele had with that person. Included in cc were Sasha Stone, the ITNJ email addresses called “Committee” and “Legal”, Cynthia McKinney, Sarah Westall and Dr. Horton. In the passages that applied to Dr. Horton, Robert David Steele stated:

Right now all of you are in the piss ant category not worthy of a law suit. Any more emails from you, or any publicly discernable defamatory references to me or Sacha Stone or the ITNJ by any of you, and I will place you on my legal to do list.

If you cease and desist and do not write me again and do not defame me again, I will forget all about all of you.

If you persist — to include any references to me that my Internet monitoring will inevitably find, you will learn what the US federal court version of a porcupine enema feels like, with related actions in Vancouver and London.

Horton, I think you are well intentioned but not nearly as clever as your PhD suggests you should be. I urge you to take down the offending videos and find new interests.

This is my final word. Any more from any of you and I will open a legal journal and move toward formal legal action.

Here me clearly: all of you go silent and live in peace. Trouble me directly or defame me indirectly and you will find out what I am capable of.

Dr. Horton acknowledged in writing the receipt of this email, to which Robert David Steele responded with another volley of threats, stating:

Save yourself. Take down the videos in which you defame me and and make no more public statements that defame me, Sacha Stone, or the ITNJ. If you persist, you will be dealt with legally and ethically and ultimately — for you — painfully.


Nobody Died at Sandy Hook
by Prof. James Fetzer and Mike Palacek
Published as free PDF with permission of the authors.