Crimes against humanity do not have a limitation period.
The intelligence agencies and their enablers will therefore be held accountable for the total sum of all their crimes committed.

Deep Capture
When organisations or individuals do not behave as they should then it directly follows that those systems or individuals are captured. Irregularities or refusal to act are an indication of capture. In most such cases, it also turns out that there is criminal capture higher up in the system. Once the top of an organisation is captured, it is called Deep Capture.

National State of Emergency
When important public institutions are in Deep Capture it is a national state of emergency. That is because a system cannot recover from Deep Capture by itself. It is of paramount importance to recapture the affected institutions as quickly as possible to return them and democracy to its functioning state. For that it is required that all those guilty of the crimes themselves or of aiding and abetting them be uncovered, removed from the public institutions and prosecuted.

It is thus an act of self-preservation as well as of civic duty to uncover the criminals and traitors. The easiest and quickest way to do so is to uncover them from the cases of individual victims.

The guilty and their accessories can be uncovered easily by proving that they knew about these crimes and willingly did nothing or even actively aided and abetted the crimes.

For this purpose, for every victim one has to compile a blacklist of the criminals, traitors, their enablers and supporters that were involved in the victim’s abuse. The individuals on the blacklist have to be removed and prosecuted to bring the public institutions out of criminal Deep Capture and make them functional again.

The following is the blacklist that was compiled for the case of Dr Katherine Horton. These are the people who refused to help or actively perpetrated the premeditated, systematic, brutal crimes.

The list is long therefore, here is the index:


Directly guilty of crimes against humanity:

  • Andrew Parker, MI5
  • Alex Younger, SIS

Abusing / Mocking victims:

Those directly guilty of crimes

Intelligence agencies

It is public knowledge that the secret services have been maiming and murdering victims with microwave weapons in large numbers for at least the past two decades (and for much longer in smaller numbers). The maiming and murdering happens in premeditated and systematic attacks. They constitute crimes against humanity and would be a war crime in contravention of the Geneva Conventions. However, as they are committed in peace times against the countries’ own population, since they violate every one of the fundamental human rights as well as every basic tenant of a democracy and are committed by the very people tasked with fighting terrorism and protecting the civilian population, these crimes also constitute high treason. It thus follows that the secret services are in criminal Deep Capture.

    1. SIS (MI6), MI5, GCHQ
      • John Scarlett, John Sawers, Alex Younger in charge of SIS.
      • Jonathan Evans, Andrew Parker in charge of MI5 2011 to now.
      • Ian Lobban, Robert Hannigan in charge of GCHQ 2011 to now.
      • Overt stalking, harassment and brutal assaults in UK and other countries since November 2011.
      • Very likely infected Dr Horton simultaneously on both legs and the back of the neck with unidentified and persistent skin disease in 2012. (Skin infections reported by a large fraction of abuse victims.)
      • Several break-ins.
      • Wire-tapping and repeated, destructive computer hacking since 2011.
      • Psychological torture with Stasi-style disconcertment program.
      • Physical torture and mutiliation with direct follow-on programs from Nazi death camp experiments.
      • Brain interference (mind-control) on Dr Horton and her family and friends.
      • Attacks on in-laws in UK.
      • Death threats and assassination attempt.
      • Responsible for LIVE brutal attacks when Dr Horton spoke to High Court and lawyers on the phone from Switzerland.
      • Painful shot to the back of the neck in Radcliffe Science Library in Oxford on 12.Nov 2015. Two young agents in immediate vicinity demonstratively stalked back to London 6 hours later.
      • INSANELY BRUTAL SHOTS TO HEAD after Dr Horton’s first High Court hearing asking for emergency injunction against SIS, MI5, GCHQ.
      • Brutal shots to head and microwaving of face driving on motorway from Heathrow to Manchester to attend tribunal hearing of Dr Stephen Frost v MoD as Dr Horton was trying to make contact with other whistleblowers.
      • Very painful shots to identical spot on back of head (within 1cm) where shots received in the morning in kitchen in Switzerland – assault protocol clearly exchanged between Switzerland and the UK.
      • BRUTAL ATTACK TO SKULL LEAVING HALF OF SKULL DAMAGED when attending tribunal hearing Dr Stephen Frost v MoD in Manchester.
      • Corruption of Greater Manchester Police officers.
    2. Bundesnachrichtendienst, German Foreign Intelligence (BND)
      • Gerhard Schindler, Head of BND until 1. July 2015.
      • Dr Bruno Kahl, Head of BND from 1. July 2015 onwards.
      • Stalking, harassment, medical sabotage and brutal assaults in Munich-Solln (next to HQ in Pullach) for past 3 years on orders of MI6.
      • Brutal irradiation from helicopter in Munich-Solln.
      • Brutal irradiation from neighbour in Munich-Solln.
      • Psychological torture with Stasi-style disconcertment program.
      • Physical torture and mutiliation with direct follow-on programs from Nazi death camp experiments.
      • Very likely Nazi-style chip implanted in arm during MRI.
      • Brain interference (mind-control) on Dr Horton and her family and friends.
      • Attacks on family in Germany.
      • Bruising and brutal attacks at parental home.
      • Emailed to request “cease and desist” as required by law in May 2016. No reply.
      • Brutal attacks to head by German speaker on flight Zurich to Malaga shortly after.
      • Sent photographs and seat numbers of attackers to BND.
      • Attacked non-stop in Spain in public.
      • INSANELY attacked every night night in bed.
      • Hip permanently damaged.
      • On return journey, young German-speaking attacker from flight out is playing theatre in the queue to security, the waiting hall and queue to boarding. Ends up sitting in row behind again.
      • On return flight, knocked by seat neighbour and shown a photograph of father photographed from row behind him on his flight out from Germany.
      • EXTREMELY BRUTALLY attacked at parents’ house in Germany on every subsequent visit. On several occasions shot so brutally in the head in bed that aluminium foil on window cracks loudly and entire spine jerks. Several shots making legs jerk too.
      • Microwaved continuously on long car journeys crossing Germany.
    3. Dr Hans-Georg Maassen, President of German Federal Intelligence (Verfassungsschutz)
      • Co-responsible for stalking and harassment in Germany for past 5 years.
      • Informed of crimes.
      • No assistance provided.
    4. Swiss Intelligence Agency (Nachrichtendienst des Bundes, NDB)
      • Stalking, harassment, medical sabotage and brutal assaults non-stop since January 2016 on orders of MI6.
      • Psychological torture with Stasi-style disconcertment program.
      • Physical torture and mutiliation with direct follow-on programs from Nazi death camp experiments.
      • Brain interference (mind-control) on Dr Horton and her husband.
      • Very likely Nazi-style chip painfully shot into other arm from air rifle.
      • Painful shot under eye from helmet-mounted device on a cyclist sitting on a bench near home.
      • Nicole Schneider, pharmacist at Amavita (Zurich airport) swapping of emergency medicine for unknown tablet.
      • Contacted to ask if Dr Horton appears on a watchlist.
      • Claimed falsely that she is not on watchlist.
      • False claim becomes clear when Dr Horton is demonstratively stalked and exposed to intimidation theatre by the local city surveillance team in Schaffhausen (organised stalking chain filmed and analysed in detail, intimidation by man clearly appears at the end of this chain).
      • Permits or organises the non-stop assaults on Dr Horton inside her home with perpetrators within 200m.
      • Permits or organises the assaults on Dr Horton in public and driving on the motorway.
      • Organises the gang stalking by local Swiss people.
    5. The Police

      The police have consistently refused to help the victims. They refused to investigate any of the known cases and thereby covered up these crimes. This has happened on a large scale across entire countries and the cover-up has been going on for decades.

      The manner in which the police refuse to take action appears to be identical across countries in Europe and the US.

      This is in direct contradiction to the police’s core duty to fight crime. When the police consistently let crime happen despite repeated reports of ongoing crimes (repeated hourly over months or years), they become and act as accessories to the crimes. It therefore follows that they are also guilty of high treason and crimes against humanity. It thus follows that the police is in criminal Deep Capture.

      1. The local Swiss police
        • Informed in Nov 2015, Jan + Feb + Mar + Jul 2016.
        • At last occasion, chose to interview only husband (who is not there during most of the abuse and is too stressed at work and traumatised to deal with the issue).
        • Didn’t take any further evidence, despite it being offered in the letter by Dr Horton (several GB worth of film and measurements).
        • Without having seen ANY further evidence and despite admitting not knowing ANYTHING about microwave weapons, decided that the root cause must be “mental illness”. – Truly magical, all-knowing beings, clearly.
      2. Dr Christiane Lentjes Meili, Chief of the Crime Department of the Zurich Cantonal Police (Kriminalpolizei)
        • Refuses the investigation of microwave assaults even though it is a publicly known fact that they had previous reports of such offences (mentioned on Dr Munzert’s site and others).
        • Passed it back to the local police.
        • Passed it to Ms Keller who only works 2 days per week for police!
        • This despite modern weapons being involved that are public on google!
        • Ms Keller, clearly out of her depth, failed to pass it back to Crime Squad.
      3. Holger Münch, President of German Federal Police (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA)
        • Refuses the investigation of microwave assaults even though it publicly known fact that they had many reports of such offences since 2002.
        • Denies responsibility for investigation even though crimes committed across internal state boundaries (e.g. microwaved along 800km motorway trip across Germany) and international borders.
        • BKA is in charge of international investigations.
        • BKA refused to reply to first crime report and give it a case number.
        • BKA replied to 2nd report and gave it case number ZI 12-2-5399, but returned physical letter listing murdered victims, international VIP victims and Aaronia CEO’s open advertisement of electromagnetic weapons as jammers on YouTube, so that it doesn’t appear on file.
        • BKA refused to assist or receive further evidence.
        • Officer Rainer Maaser wrote: “Please refrain from writing to us again.” (“Wir bitten Sie, von weiteren Schreiben/Eingaben an das BKA abzusehen.”)
      4. Greater Manchester Police
        • Contacted Ashton-under-Lyne station on 26.Oct 2016 after brutal attack at night that left half of skull feeling badly damaged.
        • Briefly spoke to receptionist Tony Webb.
        • Refused meeting with an officer by ordering the receptionist to send Dr Horton back to her hotel at 9.30pm, claiming falsely that “an officer is going to come round later”.
        • Claimed falsely (after checking computer) that officer is going to come next day and that Dr Horton is free to go to bed when Dr Horton called to ask at 10.30pm (as she had to attend court the next day).
        • Staged intimidation theatre at 11:40pm (clearly timed to find Dr Horton in bed, which by chance was not the case) by sending unannounced ambulance staff straight to the hotel room door of Dr Horton “out of concern for her mental health”.
        • When entry was (not surprisingly) refused since Dr Horton had no information that these two men (!) were coming and the hotel door had no spy hole, entrance was forced by calling out two police officers.
        • All 4 (2 ambulance and 2 police staff) confirmed upon forced entry that they had no idea what microwave weapons were.
        • All 4 left at about 0:30 after receiving lecture on microwave weapons and past victims, shown a high-frequency measurement and were requested to inform themselves.
        • CORRUPTION clearly visible in the fact that police-fabricated story doesn’t make any sense: Why send a woman away out into the night and back on the motorway on her own, leaving her alone for hours, if one is so concerned for her mental health that an ambulance needs to be called out? Surely, it would have been best to keep her in the police station and have an officer talk to her, no? But of course then the crime would have to be recorded in detail.
      5. The Embassy

        1. Dr Otto Lampe, German ambassador to Switzerland
          • Bound by consular law to assist citizens.
          • Refuses assistance claiming that only need to assist in “financial distress” situations, even though not specified in consular law!
            Quote from law (emphasis added):§ 5 Hilfeleistung an einzelne
            (1) Die Konsularbeamten sollen Deutschen, die in ihrem Konsularbezirk hilfsbedürftig sind, die erforderliche Hilfe leisten, wenn die Notlage auf andere Weise nicht behoben werden kann. Dies gilt nicht für Deutsche, die ihren gewöhnlichen Aufenthalt in einem ausländischen Staat haben, wenn sie gleichzeitig die Staatsangehörigkeit dieses Staates besitzen und auch ihr Vater oder ihre Mutter sie besitzt oder besessen hat sowie für ihre Abkömmlinge; diesen Personen können die Konsularbeamten jedoch Hilfe gewähren, soweit es im Einzelfall der Billigkeit entspricht.
            (3) Art, Form und Maß der Hilfe richten sich nach den besonderen Verhältnissen im Empfangsstaat unter Berücksichtigung der notwendigen Lebensbedürfnisse eines dort lebenden Deutschen. Die Hilfe kann auch in der Gewährung von Rechtsschutz bestehen.

        The Judiciary

        1. Judge Holgate, High Court in London
          • Terminated Dr Horton’s case despite assassination attempt and sabotage.
        2. Royal Courts of Justice, London
          • Manipulated the transcripts.
          • Refused to respond to correspondence requesting the audio tapes.
          • Refused to list Dr Horton’s case in the public register.
        3. Investigatory Powers Tribunal, London
          • Rejected Dr Horton’s case as “frivolous or vexatious” without permitting the submission of further evidence.
          • Refused to respond to correspondence requesting the audio tapes.
          • Refused to list Dr Horton’s case in the public register.

        Government Officials

        The same is true of every other head of a branch of the government who knew about these crimes in the country and knowingly let them happen or assisted them. Namely: The Heads of the military and the military police, the Minister of Defence and the Head of the Department of Defence, the Minister for the Interior / Home Secretary and the Head of the Department of the Interior, the Head of the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, the Head of the Department of Health, the Head of any other civil protection institution with a statutory duty to protect the civilian population (e.g. civil radiation protection). It follows that the affected departments are also in criminal Deep Capture.

        1. German Federal Radiation Protection (Strahlenschutz), Chief Mr König
          • Informed of crimes.
          • No assistance provided.
        2. German ministries

        The Press

        1. Private Eye
          • Received parts of court bundle on 16th June 2016.
          • Received contact phone with reference to further info.
          • Replied: “Sorry, we can’t help you” without asking for further info and sent back the bundle.
          • Tweeted assault video on 1st Dec. 2016. No reaction.
        2. Luke Harding, Guardian
          • Told about the attacks but no initiative to investigate himself.
          • His question: “What nationality are you?” (question used repeatedly in MI5 harassment theatre)
          • Sudden realisation that in his own book (Mafia State) he described how the KGB identified him as an MI6 agent and began to harass him. Maybe they were right.
        3. Stefan Buchen, Panorama, Germany
          • Told several times about attacks on Germans.
          • No initiative to investigate himself.


        Similarly, a host of other professionals and members of the population have aided and abetted these crimes. They are also accessories to the crimes, namely, crimes against humanity and high treason. The list of these people comprises doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, judges, journalists, news editors and the proprietors of news outlets, various white collar workers and other members of the public.

        1. Lawyers
          • Not a single human rights lawyer was willing to take on the case.
        2. Human rights charities
          • ALL charities have heard about victims.
          • Not one of them was willing to take up their cause.
        3. Doctors and psychiatrists
          • Dr Jüngling’s assistant in surgery Munich-Solln was instrumental in putting on harassment theatre and stealing blood sample.
          • Doctors at radiology surgery Roedel & Kehr-Achatz in Munich-Harlaching spoke to BND agent before MRI. Assistant was responsible for injecting likely chip into arm (second, unwarranted and much more painful injection after contrast agent had already been administered).
          • Psychiatrists who claimed that they could write an independent assessment ended up concluding “mental health issues” without seeing any high-frequency measurements or knowing anything about microwave weapons.
          • Psychiatrist’s ignorance not surprising, given that they managed to stubbornly ignore the existence of military tests with voice-2-skull technology (the link shows a one-man DIY version not military equipment) for 40 years despite the patents being public since the 1970s.

        Those abusing or mocking victims

        Dr Robert Duncan

        After Dr Horton’s appearance on the Richie Allen Show, the CIA scientist Dr Robert Duncan confirmed publicly that Dr Horton is “in the program” and he announced that he would try to help her:

        Although, this seemed like a helpful gesture at first, in the email exchange between Dr Horton and Dr Duncan that ensued he behaved abusively and concluded that her “mind is too average”:

        Dr Duncan admitted that

        “They will induce many deaths. You are at the heart of the program to break you down in every way financially, mentally, social supports, etc. But from an outsiders perspective, they only see you doing it to yourself.”

        Dr Horton asked him for an expert testimony for the upcoming court cases and for advice on how to collect evidence for the deployment of the advanced military technology that he reported being used on the general population in his public interviews. He responded with

        “I advise seeing a doctor and getting some valium to calm your anxiety first so that you can think about the complexity of this “game” more rationally”,

        a statement that betrayed the sociopathic tendencies of this man. The next day, he concluded that Dr Horton’s “mind is too average” within a 2.5hr window (between 8:29pm and 11:07pm his local time). He reached that conclusion without Dr Horton being able to respond to his emails as she was out of email contact at the time.

        The “study” that he sent her in that email exchange is here:

        At the end of that document and in total disconnect from the tone of the rest of the document, a creepy poem appears:

        “Prick your finger. It is done. The moon has now eclipsed the sun. The angel has spread his wings. The time has come for better things.”

        This poem does neither belond into the proposal of a science projects, nor does it have any bearing on the content of the research, unless of course it is cartel-signalling notifying the other members of the crime cartel that these experiments are entirely bogus. Code words and signalling like that is well known from the PizzaGate scandal of the Washington D.C. child trafficking and child murder cases. The connection to blood sacrifice is hinted at in the phrase “Prick your finger”, the rest of that poem appears to be making references to Masonic or Illuminati-style divisions of humanity into “light versus dark”, i.e. “good versus evil”. In that framework, the moon eclipsing the sun appears to imply evil rising above the good. Similarly, “the angel” could be a reference to Lucifer or Satan as the “fallen angel”. The final sentence “The time has come for better things” leaves one with the question: better for whom?

        That weapons-grade nonsense in the document should be assessed together with Dr Robert Duncan’s Facebook profile on which he can be seen describing himself as an “illuminati” while he is pictured with a broad grin, blocking almost all the light from what looks like a window-like light source behind him (click on the image to see a higher resolution screen-shot).

        Judge for yourself.

        After posting the above, a person on a victim email-list explained how disturbed they were by seeing one of Dr Duncan’s videos on ReelTimes Media (entitled DARPA Insider “We are on Verge of Cataclysmic Discovery”!* – a title that leaves one to wonder what the star symbol is for). Dr Horton responded with her strong views on Dr Robert Duncan, which she formed after the above interaction with him.

        This upset Bryan Tew, who started defending Dr Duncan vehemently. He continued the email conversation over Twitter where Dr Horton replied to him:

        “Well, if you are in touch with the guy, please let him write to me under his real email that he uses for other authenticated communication, put in writing that the text was not written by him, so that I can use his evidence in court as sabotage of my communication channels and identity fraud. I would appreciate it if he could write me a testimony for use in court that this has occurred and I shall take down what I have written on the page. But I would need a written and signed testimony that he is willing to back up in court.

        Then I can also report the identity fraud to the police. As my case touches on the NDB, BND and MI6 as well as GCHQ, between themselves they can find out who has committed the crime. It is rather serious as we are dealing with crimes against humanity and any sabotage of the victims’ attempt to seek help is a serious crime indeed.

        Unless he clarifies to me in writing, and willing to repeat it under oath in court that he didn’t write that, I shall stick to my conclusions. If would be a pity of [sic] he omitted to clarify this since it is such a wonderful opportunity to bring down some criminals who stole his identity. It is easy for GCHQ to find out what account sent those messages.”

        To which Bryan Tew replied “ok”. A couple of hours later, a volley of abusive messages claiming to be Robert Duncan started arriving to Dr Horton’s email address that she had shared with Bryan Tew:

        Again they were coming from the address and were quite something to behold. Dr Horton was seriously doubting Duncan’s sanity or respect for the human dignity of the victims, receiving those messages. Read for yourself and while doing so, ask yourself if that is how the scientist who, by his own admission, worked on the technology that is now used to maim and subjugate innocent people around the world ought to talk to an abuse victim if he were healthy in the head:

        After this experience, Dr Horton wrote back to Bryan Tew, asking:

        “Bryan, I am being spammed by a robot now on my email account. Did you get in touch with Duncan or how did he get my other email?”

        to which she got no reply. Hmm.

        Thinking the torrent of weirdness was over, the next day, Dr. Horton received another cryptic email from Duncan:

        The message read:

        “You tell me some information about your work at CERN and I can answer some of your questions. Of course I will send you an encryption program if your information is valuable to me.

        I am an information broker.”

        So Dr Duncan seems to be steeped to the neck in this computer game-like world of mysteries and treasure hunts with which stupid trainee agents are brainwashed into doing the bidding of some senior psychopath.

        Over the course of the day, Dr Horton received questions from several related people about CERN. Coincidence? My rear-side.

        The reality at CERN is a lot more mundane and involves hard dreary work debugging computer code and calculating stuff so boring it makes you want to drop dead at times. This of course, doesn’t fit the man-boy world of computer games and brain-fuck AI interfaces that Dr Duncan seems to revel in.

        After this exchange, Dr. Horton really didn’t want to have anything to do with the man, unless it is seeing him in a court of law defending himself against charges of crimes against humanity for the human-degrading technology that he has unleashed on the world. Remember the countless helpless individuals, all of whom had something better to do with their life, but were forced to listen THEIR ENTIRE LIFE to some junk heap of a computer talk shit at them, programmed by a bunch of retards with sexual complexes. Imagine receiving the emails Dr. Horton got straight to your brain by the “Voice of God” brain-to-computer interface that Dr Duncan worked on. How would you feel if you had to listen to that crap 24/7 all your life because a man like Duncan decided that he wanted to try some bullshit algorithm on a human being and picked you because it made his knob feel bigger?

        Dr Duncan in summary

        1. Dr Duncan confirmed that Dr Horton was in “the program” that aimed to break her down including financially, mentally and her social supports.
        2. It follows that Dr Duncan has direct knowledge of the criminal operation being conducted against victims, and therefore he knows that crimes against humanity are being committed.
        3. Dr Duncan has possibly also access to the victim list itself, given that he did not term it “a program of this type” or some other broader reference, but referred specifically to “the program”.
        4. Dr Duncan refused to assist Dr Horton but relished the opportunity to abuse her, even though he knows that she is a victim of on-going crimes against humanity.
        5. Dr Duncan openly admitted in writing to conducting “Experiments on psychological warfare by DARPA” on Dr. Horton.
        6. There appeared to be a very close connection between Bryan Tew and Dr Duncan.

        Todd Giffen

        Todd Giffen’s very first email to Dr Horton already started with sexual harassment. He wrote to her stating that “it makes [his] pussy wet” (!) that Dr Horton is an Oxford/CERN physicist and that he “would love to cuddle up” with her in a “superconducting magnet coffin”. He sent the same email three times, adding the variation that he wanted to “hook up with [Dr Horton’s] brains to see if [they]’re a match to make it happen”. The reference to hooking Dr Horton’s brain up with someone else’s is such an unusual phrase that it can only be understood to be cartel-signalling given that in the illegal brain-interference projects of the military and the intelligence agencies victim’s brains are hooked up via radio-frequency implants in the skull (which can be measured in Dr Horton) via the telecommunication network to other people’s brain via a super-computer. The fact that the email was sent three times can also hint at cartel-signalling. (The number 3 has meaning for the intelligence agencies and is used in cartel-signalling, as was pointed out by Dr Rauni Kilde, the former Chief Medical Officer of Finnland.)

        In a subsequent email just a few hours later, and having not received a reply from Dr Horton, he continued elaborating stating ” I feel so many millions of beams creating the sensation of sucking on my dick the perfect invisible hologram. […] It feels like the most perfected quantum manipulation”.

        A day later, Todd Giffen sent an email to Dr Horton without further comment. The email contains text that appears to be a witness statement by someone called James Fry from the Military Intelligence of the 82nd Airborne Division. However, it was not signed or scanned but simply typed as text in the email. Needless to say, this did not reassure Dr Horton but rather was taken by her as further evidence that Todd Giffen had close links to Military Intelligence.

        Less than two weeks after this incident, he wrote to Dr Horton again stating that he wanted to “come to Germany” and was asking if Dr Horton “got a spare bedroom or a floor [he] could sleep on”.

        Those remaining silent when victims asked for help

        Moral courage is so vital in our society, it has been emphasised throughout the ages:

        “The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” – Albert Einstein, 1953

        “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
        – Sergei Bondarchuk’s film adaptation of Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”, 1968

        Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” – John Stuart Mill, 1867

        “The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” – Plato, heck-knows-when BC

        Colleagues Dr Horton’ asked for help

        After asking several physics colleagues for their help and their expertise as scientists during her first year of intense, non-stop physical mutilation and not receiving any support, on 9th December 2016, Dr Horton sent another appeal to all of her old colleagues in both physics and the Oxford colleges where she had worked:

        When her communication was left unanswered, she sent a second and final appeal addressed personally to all of her former colleagues on 13th December 2016:

        None of her old colleagues responded to her desperate appeal for help, namely:

        High Energy Physicists at CERN & DESY
        Dr. Halina Abramovicz,
        Dr. Peter Bussey,
        Prof. Robin Devenish,
        Dr. James Ferrando,
        Dr. Achim Geiser,
        Dr. Grzegorz Grzelak,
        Dr. Claire Gwenlan,
        Dr. Tobias Haas,
        Dr. Cigdem Issever,
        Dr. Uri Karshon,
        Prof. Arnulf Quadt,
        Prof. Patrick Roche,
        Prof. Graham Ross,
        Prof. Subir Sarkar,
        Prof. Amanda Cooper-Sarkar,
        Prof. Andrei Starinets,
        Prof. Wesley Smith,
        Dr. Hartmut Stadie,
        Dr. Roman Walczak,
        Prof. Tony Weidberg,
        Dr. Matthew Wing,
        Prof. Rik Yoshida,
        Dr. Chris Youngman

        Academics at St John’s College
        Prof. Fraser Armstrong,
        Prof. Charles Batty,
        Dr. Heather Bouman,
        Dr. Theresa Burt,
        Prof. Sandra Campbell,
        Dr. Mark Cannon,
        Prof. David Coleman,
        Prof. Paul Craig,
        Prof. Richard Compton,
        Prof. Malcolm Davies,
        Prof. Steve Elston,
        Prof. Mark Freedland,
        Prof. Georg Gottlob,
        Prof. Alan Grafen,
        Prof. Nicholas Harberd,
        Prof. Rosalind Harding,
        Prof. Patrick Hayes,
        Prof. Alison Hills,
        Prof. Carolyne Larrington,
        Prof. Nikolaj Lubecker,
        Prof. Philip Maini,
        Prof. Walter Mattli,
        Prof. Linda McDowell,
        Prof. Zoltan Molnar,
        Prof. Kate Nation,
        Dr Zuzanna Olszewska,
        Prof. Mohamed-Salah Omri,
        Prof. Jaideep Pandit,
        Dr Jeremias Prassl,
        Dr. Jason Schnell,
        Dr. Hannah Skoda,
        Prof. Simon Whittaker,
        Prof. William Whyte,
        Prof. Alastair Wright

        Academics at Hertford College
        Sir Walter Bodmer, Principal of Hertford during Dr Horton’s time,
        Prof. Alan Bogg,
        Prof. Peter Bull,
        Dr. Michael Fordham,
        Prof. Peter Millican,
        Prof. Christopher Tyerman,
        Prof. Alison Young