Neighbourhood Campaign

April 2018, was the launch of the global campaign to inform the neighbourhoods that genocide programs are run by the Secret Services, Military and Law Enforcement using Directed Energy Weapons (and in many cases Neurotech too). The Neighbourhood Campaign will run throughout 2018.

Distribute flyers or letters, ideally both, see below.

Join us! It is important to bring your neighbours up to speed as soon as possible. Events are moving fast now and information can literally save lives. If you are reading this you are likely the person best informed about Directed Energy Weapons in your neighbourhood.

The Background

To help your neighbours understand why these horrific crimes are being committed it is important to explain the following:

  • Police and Intelligence Agencies in the US and Europe are in Deep Capture by organised crime, therefore they do not operate the way they should.
  • The crime syndicate is running a genocide program against the best and brightest in society using fake terror watch lists that assault innocent victims.
  • Half the radiation targeted at victims hits the neighbours via reflections.
  • Neighbours can claim damages from the government should they develop health problems like cancer etc.
  • There is no time limit on claims as these are crimes against humanity.
  • Perpetrators can be tried in national as well as international courts.
  • Perpetrators are also being irradiated with intention to kill them as witnesses.
  • The genocide aims to kill entire neighbourhoods including the perpetrators.

Flyers for Download

Attention Law Enforcement
by NSA whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart.
DHS Terrorist Watch List Scam
by NSA whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart.
US Government Abuses
by NSA whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart.
Notice of Crimes Against Humanity
by journalist and writer Ramola D.
(Adopt the Word version for your campaign)

Letters for Download

These templates are in OpenOffice Writer format (like Microsoft Word just free). Adopt the text to fit your own campaign. The templates are based on the letters as originally sent by Dr. Horton to her neighbours, see below. The video explains how to use the templates.

Template in German
Template in English

The letters uses the forecasts by You can use these images for your own campaign.

Dr. Horton’s Letter to Her Neighbours

Below is the letter sent by Dr. Horton to her neighbours in German (since she lives in German-speaking Switzerland), as well as the English translation.

Victims are invited to download the letter sent by Dr. Horton and include it in their court bundles as supporting evidence of the wider genocide programs and actions taken by victims against them.

Letter to Swiss Neighbours in German
distributed by Dr. Horton on 4th April 2018.
English Translation of the Letter to Swiss Neighbours


These are the neighbours Dr. Horton informed in Unterengstringen, Zurich, in Switzerland. If you live in the area and are in one of the homes that was contacted, please check you got the letter. If you did not, it means that the Swiss Intel NDB removed your letter to cover-up their crimes. Please notify Dr. Horton on You can view the letter that you should have received above.