Neighbourhood Campaign

April 2018, is the launch of the global campaign to inform the neighbourhood of the victims of the genocidal programs that the Secret Services are conducting using Directed Energy Weapons. In addition to notifying the neighbours that these horrific crimes are being committed, the important points are to let them know that:

  1. The police forces and the Secret Services in the US and Europe are entirely captured by an international organised crime syndicate.
  2. The crime syndicate is running a mutilation and murder program against the best and brightest in society using fake terror watch lists that have been hijacked to assault innocent victims.
  3. Neighbours around the victims are being mutilated with 50% of the radiation due to reflections.
  4. The neighbours can also claim damages from the government, especially against the Sercret Services and the military, should they develop health problems like cancer etc.
  5. There is no limitation period (time limit on claims) as these are crimes against humanity.
  6. The perpetrators can be tried in national as well as international courts and tribunals.
  7. Perpetrators are also being irradiated with intention to kill them as witnesses.
  8. The irradiation of the entire neighbourhood and the perpetrators themselves is part of international genocide plans.

Join the campaign by distributing flyers and letters informing your neighbours and serving cease-and-desist requests to the perpetrators in your neighbourhood. Below are flyers by the NSA whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart, by the investigative journalist and writer Ramola D, and a letter to the neighbours by Dr. Katherine Horton.

Flyers for Download

DHS Terrorist Watch List Scam
distributed by Karen Melton-Stewart in Maryland, USA.
Notice of Crimes Against Humanity
distributed by Ramola D in Boston, MA, USA.
(Adopt the Word version for your campaign)

Dr. Horton’s Letter to Her Neighbours

Below is the letter sent by Dr. Horton to her neighbours, as well as the English translation. In case you would like to use the content of the letter to inform your own neighbourhood, you are welcome to download the templates with the text used by Dr. Horton, which are provided in the subsequent section below in OpenOffice Writer format. (This software is identical to Microsoft Word but is free to download and use.)

Victims are invited to download the letter sent by Dr. Horton and include it in their court bundles as supporting evidence of the wider genocide programs and actions taken by victims against them.

Letter to Swiss Neighbours in German
distributed by Dr. Horton on 4th April 2018.
English Translation of the Letter to Swiss Neighbours

Templates for Your Neighbourhood Campaign

Please feel free to download these templates in OpenOffice Writer format and modify the text to suit your own campaign.

Template in German
Template in English

Genocide Forecasts by Intelligence Organisation

The following are the population forecasts by, which are used in the letter to the neighbours. Please feel free to use the images provided below for your own letter campaign. is an intelligence provider for NSA, NATO, UN, OECD, World Bank, Stratfor and others. Its reports have been quoted in briefings to the US President. For this reason, Deagel‘s forecasts of mass genocide in the Western world are revelations about the known large-scale plans of the global crime cartel that are expected to be executed fully by governments. Its forecasts for the US, UK, Germany and Switzerland are listed below for download.

The genocide forecast of was uncovered and publicised by Ryan Zimmermann. The compilation below is intended for court use. Genocide Forecasts
uncovered by Ryan Zimmerman.

JOIN IN! Letters Distributed.

These are the neighbours Dr. Horton has already informed in Unterengstringen, Zurich, in Switzerland. If you live in the area and are in one of the homes that was contacted, please check you got the letter. If you did not get the letter as stated, it means that the Swiss NDB has removed the letters to cover-up their crimes. In that case, please notify Dr. Horton on and let her know. You can still download the letter as it was distributed to neighbours above.