Below are the currently active petitions. Please sign them as every signature sends an email to the officials who are linked in the petition. This can be Congress or specific individuals. The act of signing thus already sends a message. Also, the number of signature in petitions can be quoted in court cases as further evidence of a large problem existing in society. Signing just takes seconds.

Dr. Millicent Black’s NEW petition
Investigate Law Enforcement Agencies that Ignore the Pleas of Victims of Domestic Abuse

Dr. Millicent Black’s petition
against forced psychiatric detainment to cover illegal human experimentation and military training resulting in torture

Karen Melton-Stewart’s petition
Federal Government – Take me Off Your Fraud Enemies List Now

Ahasan Chowdhury’s petition
to Stop Mass surveillance, Mind Control and Human Experimentation

Steven Merkle’s petition
for the banning of silent sound hypnosis, V2k and psycotronic weapons in portales nm

A petition to Break the Silence
on Violence Against Women and Girls