Consultations for professionals, victims and their families are offered Monday to Friday 9am-9pm Central European Time (Zurich / Berlin time). As the finances of victims are under direct attack a 25% reduction is offered for victims and their families. Please see below the fees in 4 currencies.


Many victims of modern military technology are suffering in silence because most police officers, lawyers, doctors and psychiatrists do not know about the technology and do not understand its effects. As a result, victims are often ignored, belittled or even slandered by family and friends, as well as misdiagnosed as schizophrenic or delusional by uninformed or fraudulent professionals. Many preventable deaths and suicides have already occurred because victims were not listened to.

Dr. Horton offers 1-on-1 counselling to victims and their families to assist with understanding what is happening to them. Consulting services are offered to professionals who would like to get up to speed with the technology and the current status of the investigation. The consultations are conducted via video call over Skype or Google Hangouts.

Court Cases

Expert testimonies and detailed assistance with the preparation of court cases can be requested as well. Please book a consultation to discuss your case to establish how you can be assisted in the best possible way. Please outline for what jurisdiction you are preparing your court case when booking your appointment.


Dr. Horton’s formal qualifications are in high energy physics. She has a 1st class Master of Physics as well as a doctorate in High Energy Physics, both from the University of Oxford. She worked as a particle physicist at the German Electronsynchrotron DESY in Hamburg as well as at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. She was a research fellow at St John’s College, Oxford, where she conducted research in particle physics, medical physics and the systems analysis of complex human systems. As part of the latter, she investigated the British legal system, the global financial system, currency systems, economies and white collar crime.

Dr. Horton founded the Joint Investigation Team US-Europe that is looking into crimes committed with Directed Energy Weapons, military neuro/biotechnology and systemic corruption in the Western World. As part of that work, she studied victim cases in detail and the effects of the technology that is commonly used in assaults. Her expertise lies also in the corruption of our societal systems that has led to the large-scale illegal and highly abusive misuse of the technology by the secret services and the military on the civilian population around the world.

As a result of her background in science and systems analysis, as well as her expertise in abuses of military technology, Dr. Horton offers unique insights into victim cases that are outside the competence of most doctors, psychiatrists and law enforcement.


Counselling for Victims & Families (per hour)
USD 150.-
EUR 130.-
GBP 115.-
CHF 150.-

Consulting for Professionals (per hour)
USD 200.-
EUR 175.-
GBP 150.-
CHF 200.-

Expert Testimonies and Court Attendance (per hour)
USD 350.-
EUR 310.-
GBP 280.-
CHF 350.-

The fees are set at this level in order to discourage the frivolous use of Dr. Horton’s time as she is under heavy work load for the preparation of court cases to assist victim cases. Victims who cannot afford the fee are advised to raise the money via crowd-funding (see for example GoFundMe). This also helps to publicise the prevalence of these crimes.

The higher charge for expert testimonies and court attendance arises out of the significantly increased personal risk during litigation as Dr. Horton has experienced everything from costly car sabotage to assassination attempts in the past. A no-win, no fee arrangement with a base charge can be entered if you cannot afford the fee but are in desperate need of litigation support.


Victim cases are treated entirely confidentially. Dr. Horton does not pass information about victim cases to any third parties.

It should be noted that both Skype and Google Hangouts are freely accessed by the international secret services, as has been revealed by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. While this is a matter of considerable concern in general, in the case of the victims of the secret services not much can be gleamed from eavesdropping on a consultation that is not already known to them about the victim. That is because all digital information, personal details, medical files and social network data are obtained by the secret services as a matter of routine. The same is also true of the details of the abuse that a victim has suffered at their hands.

Therefore, victims are advised not to shy away from seeking help but instead to focus on obtaining assistance that leads to an improvement of their situation as quickly as possible.


To book a sessions please contact Dr. Horton via email at Please write in the subject line Counselling if you wish assistance as a victim or family member of a victim, and Consulting if you require information as a professional. Please indicate in the body of the text what day and time you would like to book an appointment for. Please quote times in Central European Time (Zurich / Berlin time) to avoid confusion with different time zones. Availability can be limited so offering a time window or several possible days makes it easier to get a suitable appointment.


Dr. Horton’s services can be booked in 30min slots. After payment of the fee, a Skype or Google Hangout call is arranged.

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer and clients have a choice to pay in USD, GBP or EUR to a local bank account in the US, the UK or Germany, respectively, to avoid international payment charges. The account details to use are below and you can find more info on how to make a payment.

Note: “System Doctors” is the name of Dr. Katherine Horton’s business account with TransferWise.

Payment in USD ($)
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Use of income

The income from the counselling is used to support Dr. Horton, her investigative work into the crimes committed against victims and her court cases against the secret services who are perpetrating these crimes.