NEW COURT DATE: 29 November 2018 at 13:30!!!

Hearing address: Tribunal Correctionnel de Grenoble, 5eme Chambre Correctionnelle,
Palais de Justice, Place Firmin Gautier, 38000 Grenoble, France

Frederic Laroche’s Case

Long-term victim of French Secret Services and entrapped in a staged car accident by them. This case is crucial because it combines Directed Energy Weapon attacks, non-consensual implanting, and criminal entrapment by French Secret Services. Mon Dieu, c’est incroyable!

Dr. Horton Appearing as Expert Witness

The court case of Frederic Laroche was originally going to take place on 15th February 2018. However, it was shifted by the other party just 4 days before the first scheduled court hearing on 15th February 2018 to 13th June 2018 without further explanation. Then a few days before that date, Frederic Laroche had to sack his lawyer due to a lack of cooperation from him, so that the court hearing was shifted to 29 November 2018.

Dr. Horton has been invited to appear as an expert witness. See the court invites below for the 13th June 2018 and the 29 November 2018.

Court Summons for Dr.Horton
to appear as expert witness
at the hearing on 13 June 2018.
Court Summons for Dr.Horton
to appear as expert witness
at the hearing on 29 November 2018.

You can find the expert testimonies that were submitted below.

Expert Testimony of Dr.Horton (English)
29 May 2017 (over one year before the first court summons).
Expert Testimony of Dr.Horton (French translation)
29 May 2017 (over one year before the first court summons). Note comment below!

Note about the affidavit of 29 May 2017: Certain details in the story of Frederic Laroche on the unfolding of the facts during the incident of 2 May 2017 in Voiron in this affidavit of 29 May 2017 may seem to differ from the detailed explanations he is able to give now on the same facts. This is due to the retention and manipulation of the information that the psychiatrist Dr. Bigoshi exercised on him throughout the time of his psychiatric detention through her access to the contents of his criminal file, which he did not have access to until more than a year later! This appears to have been done purposefully in order to make his remarks appear inaccurate or even delusional.

Expert Testimony of Dr.Horton (English)
27 November 2018 (for 2nd court summons).
Expert Testimony of Dr.Horton (French translation)
27 November 2018 (for 2nd court summons).

After receiving the first court summons, Dr. Horton was assaulted so brutally with Directed Energy Weapons, body-implant torture and neurotech assaults that she had to flee to Hungary and upon her return to Switzerland, had to build a metal shed inside her study to be able to function.

Furthermore, Jean-Yves Balestas, the defence lawyer for Frederic Laroche was uncooperative towards both his client and Dr. Horton as the main expert witness to an extent that it amounted to targeted sabotage of his clients case. A former client also contacted Frederic Laroche and informed him, that this lawyer is known for corruption and undermining his own clients in collusion with the State and judges in previous cases.

As a result of his grievances and the implication of the other complaints, Frederic Laroche fired Jean-Ives Balestas as his lawyer and requested a shift in court date to be able to prepare his case with the new lawyer. Despite being fired, and despite Frederic Laroche being represented by a new lawyer, Balestas still turned up at the court hearing. The judge heard him while forbidding Frederic Laroche to speak when he protested that his former lawyer had no business at the hearing. Frederic reported that the judge was screaming just like in the case of Gerhard Ulrich in Yverdon-les-Bains in Switzerland.

Thankfully, the court date was shifted once more to 29 November 2018. This allows Frederic Laroche’s legal team to prepare a good case for him.

Court Case Irregularities & Corruption

On 11th June 2018, Frederic Laroche sacked his lawyer due to his uncooperative behaviour that was sabotaging his case. Another lawyer offered services and turned out to be equally dodgy and, in the assessment of Dr. Horton, is likely connected to the Masonic crime networks.

More details about the full extent of corruption in this case soon!

Directed Energy Weapon Attacks

Frederic Laroche is a long-term victim of State terrorism by the French Secret Services via their gang-stalking harassment networks and Directed Energy Weapon attacks on his person.

He has presented his case at the international Covert Harassment Conference 2015 in Berlin, a conference series that was attended the year before by William Binney, the former Technical Director of NSA, and Dr. Rauni Kile, the former Chief Medical Officer of Finland.

Campaigning & Contacting Parliament

During the 2017 Presidential election in France, Frederic Laroche sent 3000 emails to all the VIPs in France and in Europe between the 2 Sundays when France was voting for a new President. He informed them of the large scale crimes committed with electromagnetic weapons on the French population. This was during the 11 days from 21 April to 1 May 2017.

The day after his campaign on 2 May 2017, he became the subject of an entrapment operation by the French Secret Services that staged a fake car “accident”.

Criminal Entrapment Operation

In the entrapment operation on 2 May 2017, Frederic Laroche was set up in a situation where in a stop-and-go car queue for parking space his car’s bumper touched the car in front. The two passengers of the car he touched staged a big street theatre in which they came up to his car, started shouting, exhibited threatening behaviour and were trying to get him to get out of his car. Frederic remained inside and pointed out that there was no damage to their car’s bumper.

The situation became so threatening that he decided to move away to get out of it. He drove his car around the parked car he had bumped in walking pace, while the male driver stepped aside, the female passenger jumped onto his bonnet and held onto the sides of the wind shield in a stunt that betrayed some sort of special training, given that the front of Frederic’s car, a Honda Jazz 2009, has a very steep front and no horizontal platform on the bonnet.

Frederic was shocked to find the women staring down at him through his windshield and instinctively moved away from the scene. After about 35m at the next slight bend in the street turning towards the left, the woman slipped off to the right. According to his testimony, he does not know if she slipped off or let go off the windshield to get off the car. After this disconcerting incident, Frederic drove home.

The next day, the police arrived and interrogated Frederic about the car accident. They were surprised that his car showed no damage because it had been claimed that Frederic had maliciously caused a major accident by ramming the pair. They took Frederic to the station and put him into a jail cell and 24 hours after his arrest Frederic was placed in a mental hospital. The staggering speed of this administrative action will raise eye-brows for anyone who has lived in France and has experience of the average speed of the French administration, which can be glacial at times.

Fraudulent Confinement in Psychiatry

From the day after his arrest on 4 May 2017, Frederic Laroche was put into forced psychiatric detention for 2 months. Upon his arrival in psychiatry at the public hospital of Voiron, he had a 30min meeting with the psychiatric emergency doctor Dr Laurence Duret Sarrazin. Subsequently, he saw Dr. Girard who ordered Frederic Laroche’s forced hospitalisation on grounds that he diagnosed him as “psychotic” and in need of heavy treatment on some indiscernible pseudo-scientific basis. In a shocking example of medical malpractice, the force medication ordered by Dr. Girard led to Frederic Laroche’s breathing being paralysed for a day.

Subsequently, Frederic Laroche was transported by ambulance to the specialist psychiatric unit in the city of St Egreve called Hopital Alpes Isere. There, Dr. Nabil Baali and Dr. Santarelli maintained the pseudo-scientific, so called, “diagnosis”. After a week, Frederic Laroche was transferred from the post-emergency short-stay unit to the main ward. There, Dr. Yvette Bigoshi, who agreed with their assessment, also claimed in further pseudo-scientific babbling that Frederic Laroche was “in denial of his own sickness” and was “unable to consent to the treatment”. This was a criminal lie as Frederic Laroche has always been perfectly capable of consenting and has indeed always consented to whatever treatment was suggested by the doctors. The criminal lie by Dr. Bigoshi was necessary to ensure that Frederic Laroche could be force medicated.

Frederic Laroche was forced to take medication for the entire 2 months of his stay in the mental health unit. Even after his release he had to submit to monthly forced injections of psychotropic drugs for months afterwards.

Not surprisingly, the medication was absolutely worthless in changing anything about the fact that Frederic Laroche continues to be tortured by French Secret Services with his non-consensual body implants and keeps getting attacked by Directed Energy Weapons. Quelle surprise!

However, it is known that many psychotropic drugs are highly toxic. According to the Swiss lawyer Edmund Schönenberger, who spent over 40 years working in the field of false psychiatrisation, such drugs combined with the pressures put on patients in psychiatric wards can decrease life expectancy by a third!

Against this background and based on the facts of the case, the entire episode of the detention and medication of Frederic Laroche is strongly redolent of the methods of the Nazis who put people into internment camps for criminal human experimentation.

The doctors who were responsible for this fraudulent internment in psychiatry were Dr. Sarrazin, Dr. Girard, Dr. Baali, Dr. Santarelli and Dr. Bigoshi.


  • 1 May 2017: Finish of Frederic’s campaign to send 3000 emails to inform French and European politicians about Directed Energy Weapon attacks on the population.
  • 2 May 2017: Accident
  • 3 May 2017: Voice messages from the police on Frederic’s mobile.
  • 4 May 2017: The police visit Frederic Laroche and arrests him so that he spends 1 night in jail.
  • 5 May 2017: In the morning, the police bring Frederic to the public hospital of Voiron for a fraudulent “psychiatric evaluation”.
  • Note: The “psychiatric evaluation” is triggered by a simple car accident.
    Question: Does the police do that after every car accident or was this criminal discrimination?
  • 5 May 2017: In the afternoon, Frederic is locked down at the hospital Alpes Isere in the APEX unit.
  • 5 May 2017: Begin of forced medication – a process that constitutes torture according to Juan Mendez, UN Special Rapporteur for Torture.
  • 9 May 2017: Frederic is transferred to the main ward in the Unit 101 of the hospital Alpes Isere under the supervision of Dr Bigoshi.
  • May – Jun 2017: The criminally incompetent “psychiatrist” Dr. Bigoshi who has not the faintest clue about military technology nor about Secret Service criminality tries to force Frederic Laroche to admit that the criminality he suffers and that is mutilating his body is just all “a delusion”. This constitutes a criminal attempt to pervert of the course of justice and to cover-up crimes against humanity committed by the French Secret Services.
    Dr. Bigoshi does not have a degree in physics, nor does she undertake even a basic investigation which would be as simple as typing “electromagnetic weapons” into Google. Instead, she thinks that the necessary forensic details will just pop into her head by magic and she can investigate the issue by “talking about it”. Unsurprisingly, neither ignoring facts nor “talking about it” makes a difference to the situation.
  • 28 Jun 2017: Release from hospital after 2 months, making it obvious that it was bullshit all along.
  • Jun 2017 – Feb 2018: Forced to see psychiatrist for 30min every 2 weeks. Force injections once per month in a process that constitutes torture according to Juan Mendez, UN Special Rapporteur for Torture.
  • Jan 2018: Psychiatrist confirms to the Prefet de l’Isere that Frederic is no danger to himself or others. (Yeah, no shit!) This is the ultimate admission that it was all criminal fraud from the beginning.
  • 1 Feb 2018: Prefet de l’Isere orders the stop of the force medication, confirming that it was all criminal fraud. Frederic is NOT told of this decision to criminally force inject him one more time in February with the drugs of undisclosed purpose!
  • End of Feb 2018: Stop of the force medication after 10 months of effective criminal human experimentation with drugs that are worthless for “curing” anything that is “diagnosed”. It implies that the drugs have an ulterior undisclosed purpose. In other words, this is criminal non-consensual human experimentation based on criminal lies.
  • CONCLUSION: Unsurprisingly, the drugs were worth nothing and did not change the situation. However, 5 criminally incompetent or criminally fraudulent French doctors were uncovered in the process: Dr. Sarrazin, Dr. Girard, Dr. Baali, Dr. Santarelli and Dr. Bigoshi.

Discovery of Non-Consensual Implants

In the middle of November 2017, Frederic Laroche scanned himself using the Aceco measurement device recommended by Dr. Horton. He filmed the measurement, which indicates that he indeed is chipped in exactly the same places as most of the non-consensually implanted victims of the Secret Services.

Mother Also Implanted with RF Microchips!

Frederic Laroche scanned his mother with the bug detector and to his horror, he discovered that she is implanted just like he is. This proves that his family is targeted as well and has been loaded into the human experimentation program. It implies that his targeting by the French Secret Service is likely generational.

Frederic fears for the life of his mother as the Secret Services are attacking her too. He wrote a detailed explanation of the situation below the video in French. Please go directly to the scanning video on YouTube to access it in the description below the video.

Interviews Explaining the Case History

Below Frederic Laroche explains his case in his own testimony published as a 4-part interview by Ramola D Reports. Further information on this case can be found on Frederic Laroche’s website.

Frederic Laroche also gave a presentation at the Covert Harassment Conference 2015, where he presented the crimes committed against him to an international audience at a well-known conference in the field that saw William Binney, the former Technical Director of NSA, and Dr. Rauni Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Finland, present at the previous conference in 2014.