Harry Heutschi & Swiss Social Security Insurance

Harry Heutschi is a famous Swiss whistleblower who has informed the public about the financial fraud in the Swiss Social Security Insurance, AHV. As a result, he was attacked by the financial crime cartel and fraudulently incarcerated in psychiatry. He freed himself and got the doctors sacked, demonstrating that it can be done!

More info on Harry Heutschi’s website, including the fraudulent, so called, “psychiatric assessments” (in German).

NEW! Appeal from Harry Heutschi to Fight Enslavement

More info about these issues on Harry Heutschi’s website. Play the message below to hear the man himself.

Sent by Harry Heutschi
4 Mar 2018

Short Interviews (German, <15min)

There are several short interviews with him by the journalist Volker Hoffmann:

Published 3 Feb 2015
by Volker Hoffmann
Published 3 May 2015
by Volker Hoffmann
Published 7 Apr 2015
by Volker Hoffmann

Long interviews (German)

Part 1 – Published 10 Feb 2012
by Time To Do
Part 2 – Published 10 Feb 2012
by Time To Do
Published 13 Apr 2017
by Alpenparliament.TV
Presentation 14 Oct 2006
by Harry Heutschi