Dr. Horton’s Affidavit

The shocking story of the kidnap of Melanie Vritschan’s baby has been reported in several videos, see below. Dr. Horton was the main witness to the events leading up to the criminal kidnap of Melanie Vritschan’s baby by Hospital Erasmus in Brussels. Dr. Horton attended the Caesarian section upon the request of Melanie Vritschan. It was claimed that her statements to a midwife during and after the operation, drawing attention to the fact that Melanie Vritschan had difficulty breathing when lying on her back (which was true and known) because of an implant that remained in her throat (which was true and known), was used to paint Ms. Vritschan as delusional and used as a fraudulent reason by a group of criminal doctors and staff in the hospital to kidnap her newborn baby.

In the subsequent mock trials that ensued, a lot of fraudulent evidence was presented by Hospital Erasmus. However, the single piece of evidence that was withheld was Dr. Horton’s witness statement. The person who insisted on the withholding was Melanie Vritschan’s state-appointed (!) defence lawyer Odette Haas. The end result was that Melanie’s newborn remains kidnapped to this day. After several months in the possession of Hospital Erasmus, the baby was passed to a children’s home where it was further abused and traumatised.

For the record, Dr. Horton is publishing her witness affidavit, which has been withheld from the judge since 24 October 2017, here. Names of doctors who have provided medical evidence and who have not been involved in the crimes have been redacted for their protection. The existence of the evidence has not been redacted to document the crimes against humanity being committed against Melanie Vritschan, her daughter and the entire family Vritschan (all of whom are German citizens) by Hospital Erasmus in Brussels, Belgian Secret Services and the State of Belgium.

Witness Affidavit of Dr. Horton
available since 24 Oct 2017 for the court case and withheld by the defence lawyer Odette Haas from the judge since then. Implant evidence p.7-9.

Scientific Analysis of the Throat Implant

Melanie Vritschan’s throat implant is a remote-controlled strangulator based on nanotechnology developed in the Netherlands and researched by DARPA and Motorola. One half of the strangulator was operated out of her throat in February 2017. The other half was left in Melanie’s body by the doctors for unknown reasons and continues to strangulate Ms. Vritschan to this day.

The part that was operated out was analysed at the Paul Scherer Institute in Switzerland by a local research scientist and Dr. Horton. The following are reports by Dr. Horton herself, showing the implant and the analysis results.

Dr. Horton’s report showing the implant, 20 September 2017:

Dr. Horton’s report, 17 October 2017:

Part 2, 17 October 2017:

Baby Kidnap by Hospital Erasmus

Baby Amethyste Vritschan was delivered by Caesarian section at Hospital Erasmus in Brussels on 19 October 2017. The next day, the newborn was kidnapped by staff at Hospital Erasmus with the initial pretext that the child had developed jaundice and needed to be taken for testing. This was the initial lie with which the baby was removed from it’s mother on 20 October 2017, never to be returned to this day.

The following are the reports about the kidnap in chronological order.

21 October 2017:

22 October 2017:

30 October 2017:

German Report, 02 November 2017:

05 November 2017: