Philip Kerr v MI5, UK

There are already many court cases related to gang stalking and electromagnetic torture by the intelligence agencies.

  1. Philip Kerr v Attorney General, [2015] EWHC 934 (QB)
    • Harassed by MI5 for over 13 years! Mr Kerr has the evidence.
    • Daily harassment campaigns.
    • Drugged and kidnapped on one occasion.
    • MI5 trained finches and ravens to knock on his window at night.
    • Attempts to break up his intimate relationships.
    • MI5 spent over 110m on his harassment by their own testiomony!
  2. Philip Kerr v MI5, heard 20. Jan. 2016.
    • Secretive Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) after High Court.
    • Dr. Horton attended this hearing.
    • MI5 actors at hearing gloating about abuse afterwards.
    • Still no decision after almost 1 year!

More info on Philip Kerr’s website.