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Press Release 1 – 5th June 2019

The first press release informed the media about the analysis of the first 15 victim affidavits that had been submitted as of 4th June 2019. It went to a large number of US, UK, German, French, Belgian and Swiss media outlets, as well as a set of online media sources, see full listing below. The text of the press release was the following, where as the analysis document referred to is below:

Dear Journalists, dear Media Outlets,

I am writing to notify you of new court-actionable documents regarding crimes against humanity committed against North Americans, Europeans and other nations.

After the launch of the international victim survey at the end of last year, which was concerned with the criminal use of Directed Energy Weapons, non-consensual implants, neurotechnology and organised stalking terror-networks, 15 people have now come forward and testified extensively in great detail under oath about the crimes against humanity committed against them and others. Their affidavits can be found here:

You can find a link to the original appeal on that page. The analysis results from those 15 detailed affidavits, which prove in a directly court-actionable format the use of weapons on mass destruction on the civilian population around the world by their own Secret Services and military, can be found here:

Thank you for taking note of these facts and reporting them to your networks. In order to stop this modern day holocaust, us victims need your help. As I am writing these lines, I too am being tortured with non-consensual implants like thousands of people including countless children around the world.

Best wishes,

Dr. Katherine Horton
Founder of the Joint Investigation US-Europe into
Directed Energy Weapons, Military Neuro/Biotechnology
and Systemic Corruption

Email Content of Press Release 1
Sample Email as spread over several mailings with some addresses bouncing.
5th June 2019
Attachment: Analysis Results
summarising the submitted affidavits.
4th June 2019
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5-23 June 2019
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5 July 2019

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