The following talks contain keys to what humanity needs to understand to build the systems of the 21st century. They have to be fundamentally different from the systems of the previous millennium to guarantee the overall system stability (humanity’s survival). The top are the talks by Dr Horton. However, no ranking is implied. Every person listed on this page needs to be listened to fully. Every word they have uttered publicly needs to be absorbed and understood. It is the core foundation of adult education.

Systems Analysis Basics (7 Videos)

The Global Pivot out of the Empire of Bullshit (7 Videos)

Fighting Psychopathic Systems (7 Videos)

William Binney & Kirk Wiebe (NSA)

Karen Stewart (NSA)

Prof Eric Karlstrom (UC Stanislaus)

Ramola D (Journalist & Human Rights Activist)

Dr Paul Marko (Organisational Psychology)

The War on Psychopathic Systems and the Demise of Psychopath Magnets.

Mark Passio (Education)

Aaron Russo on the Plans of the Crime Cartel

This interview of Aaron Russo by Alex Jones provides a wealth of information from an insider who had access to the leaders of the Crime Cartel.