Dr Rauni Kilde

Dr Kilde died on the 8th February 2015. After being irradiated for several days brutally with directed energy weapons. She was alive for long enough that she could tell her friends.

The Guilty:

  • Norwegian secret service
    Items in her house were moved. She complained about this publicly for years. No one pulls that off on Norwegian soil without Norwegian spooks seeing who did it. If it wasn’t them, why didn’t they stop it?

Britta Jaccard

Britta was Swiss and lived in Bavaria. She complained for years on her blog about harassment, medical sabotage and brutal irradiation. She also had supplied the evidence on her site.

The Guilty:

  • Bavarian Police
    There were countless reports of such abuse to them. They refused to investigate.
  • Verfassungsschutz
    It’s their job to stop terrorism. When it’s not stopped it’s because it’s them.
  • BND
    Britta’s murder was part of the global extermination program that is still running. The information and duties of investigation on this lie with the Foreign Intelligence Service.