70% of Secret Service abuse victims are women!

This is confirmed by the charities Stopeg and ICATOR. See also: “Electronic harassment victims are about 70% female.” (“Bio-electromagnetic weapons can kill, torture, enslave and escape detection at the speed of light” by Harlan Girard, Idaho Observer, April 2010)

If these weapons were used against “national security threats” one would expect 80-90% of the victims to be men. On the other hand, if these victims were all paranoid or schizophrenic one would expect 58% to be male (“Schizophrenia is diagnosed 1.4 times more frequently in males”). Similarly, if it were “just” human experimentation, one would expect it to be 50% men and 50% women, since human experiments would have to return information on both sexes. Furthermore, if one wanted to test weapons for war then the targets would be mostly men since most soldiers are. So in that case, the vast majority of the test subjects should again be male.

But they are not. They are 70% female, and most of them are single women or young mothers, which makes these offences look more like sexual violence (“91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female“, “82% of all juvenile victims are female“). This implies that it is not about national security and not even just about human experimentation. Instead, as always, it’s degenerate brutish thugs in the intelligence agencies and the military living out their sexual perversions, sadism and psychopathy. Who could have possibly imagined?

So, ladies, the question is how long you will be sitting on your well-toned backsides allowing this to happen? Isn’t it time you took all the frustration you accumulated over the years as a result of the many dumb f***s who got promoted past you despite being worth nill just because they hob(k)nob with their superiors? Fuck yoga and trips to the spa to calm down! Why not send a letter to the dumbest f***s of them all and condense your entire life’s frustration into telling them what a bunch of degenerate wasters they all are, that they should stop turning on the weak in society and finally have the bollocks to do the job that they get paid for, which is to protect us from precisely the terrorism that they are inflicting on innocent women and children!

Seriously, you’ll feel so much better than contorting yourself into the Camel Pose or spending an afternoon being pummelled amongst steam baths and scented candles. Also, I am told that they really like a whipping every once in a while…

Oh yeah, and when you send a letter, please don’t forget to address it to the Foreign Secretary as well (at least in cc). He is meant to be keeping an eye on these roving psychos. He may very well do jack all, but your complaint should show up regardless as an entry in the statistic for future Freedom of Information requests! [Get it? :-)]

They are professional saboteurs, so they will pull every dirty trick in the land. Smite their attempts by tweeting a photo of your letter to @Stop007org. Then one can check the number of publicly available letters against replies to FOI requests.