Dr Katherine Horton, a particle physicist and founder of this site, became targetted by MI5 in 2011 when she attended a High Court case in London.

She was trafficked for the amusement and titillation of British agents and subsequently to German intelligence who, in conjunction with British intel, began a program of sadistic attacks with microwave weapons on her. She has been on that extermination program ever since.

It followed her to Switzerland in 2015, where the attacks on her exploded into non-stop mutilation. Her entire family and friends were also targetted, some near-lethally.

In 2016, she attempted to obtain an emergency injunction from the London High Court against the instigators of her abuse, British Intelligence. Her court case Dr Katherine Horton v SIS, MI5, GCHQ (court reference [2016] EWHC 2095 QB) was severely sabotaged by British intelligence.

MI5 shot her in the head with microwave guns after her first hearing, made a death threat and tried to assassinate her three days later in Switzerland. They continued with brutal and crippling attacks until Judge Holgate terminated her case despite the insane assaults on her. Subsequently, the mutilation became even more psychopathic.

Dr Horton begged for help from the human rights charities, Swiss & UK & German police, Swiss criminal police, Swiss military police, German BKA (Federal Crime Squad), the Swiss & UK Attorney Generals, the UK Investigatory Powers Tribunal, the Heads of MI5 & BND and the German ambassador to Switzerland. When none were willing to help, she began to investigate herself.

After finding hundreds of victims reports identical to hers, she realised that the police, judiciary and secret services are all knowingly complicit in a global Nazi extermination program that is using directed energy weapons to commit silent genocide.

She is now working with a group of top whistleblowers and investigators to stop these crimes against humanity that are increasing in insanity by the day. Please support her to stop the Nazi take-over of our countries!

All money from donations flows towards stopping her mutilation and murder by the intelligence agencies and ensuring that she can survive to help others. The donations and their use is published every month below.


All donations are accounted for fully transparently in publicly viewable accounts below. The accounts for each month are published at the start of the subsequent month. The appeal for donations opened in February 2017.