ICATOR is an international human rights organisation headquartered in Brussels which is supporting victims of non-consensual human experimentation with military neuro- and biotechnology. The charity campaigns against the electromagnetic torture of European citizens and helps victims to gather evidence for their court cases. The founder, Melanie Vritschan, has been implanted multiple times non-consensually and has been tortured remotely with these implants for a decade.

ICATOR stand for “International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotization of Living Beings”.

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Attacks on Melanie Vritschan

Floor vandalised

One of the many things done to Melanie Vritschan by Belgian intelligence is that agents broke into her flat and damaged the wooden floor panelling. The floor tiles in Melanie’s flat are mostly in “fish bone” or “arrow” arrangement. At the end of every row of tiles where they meet with the straight edge, there are small triangular tiles. The agents removed all the triangular tiles on the outer edge of the living room. Combined with other symbolism that Melanie has noticed over the years, it appears that those triangles were meant as a reference to the “All-seeing eye” of masonic agent brainwash fame.

It is possible that the living room is meant to be thus “consecrated” for satanic rituals. As bonkers as that sounds, that is precisely the nonsense that agents are known to engage in around the world.

Flat vandalised again

On 23rd February 2017, Melanie Vritschan reported that there was again a break-in into her flat by Belgian intelligence and that agents had vandalised her property by smearing her white sofa with a brown substance (see evidence image):

Furthermore a purple towel was smeared with bleach so that the colour was washed out (see evidence image):

Car vandalised

On 5th of March 2017, there was an ICATOR board meeting during which Melanie Vritschan’s car was vandalised. Sabotage, vandalism and even assassination attempts occurring when innocent people try to take simple steps to protect themselves against the criminal NAZIs in the international intelligence agencies is a well known phenomenon. All the victims listed on this page have suffered similar things.

Here is the evidence of the criminal damage to Melanie’s car being reported to the Belgian police: