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  1. Hello Dr Katherine Horton,
    I have some good news for you although the nature of it is spiritual rather than being scientific.

    We live in a freewill universe, that is supper important because Your WILL is the law here and can not be denied. Let me try and explain in different ways if you please !

    Like in the old vampire movies where the vampire can not enter your home unless you invite him in except the home is your mind and your thoughts are as you well know vibrational frequencies. Everything in this universe is a frequency or a wave across the entire spectrum.

    For any consciousness in this universe Your will is the law and they must obey it no matter what period. That is the main reason for so much lies and deceptions in this reality, to make you do what they want you to do with your freewill.

    However now they are using AI which is not consciousness but you can still bound them to leave you alone with your will because your thoughts manifest the reality you are experiencing even if you are not aware of it.

    I use the mantra: I will ( insert what you want here describing your personal boundries ) my will is the law in this universe and can not be denied

    Also call your Aura up like a golden egg shapped energy shield 6 inches out from your physical body that envellops you completely ( immagine golden arches one going from left to right the other front to back ) use your immagination to enhance this that is how you create your reality. For example you can immagine a reflective layer that reflects all attacks back to the sender ect….

    do not hesitate to contact spiritual healers that can help you do this, there are some good ones advertised on the Richie Allan Show and many more out there

    Contact me by Email if you need more information anytime.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. You can not cover the signal.
    But You can send the same phase signal (white noise or negatively correlated that kills information dedicated to Your brain.
    I have seen the DIY device on yt, it was about TI people in russia,
    and they say that devices they have stop information of the signal that is directet to brain.

  3. I’ve been targeted seriously noticeable since 2010. It’s taken my home, 2 businesses. My 2 kitty’s. Most relationships……..of course and more. Just to say hi, and that I very much appreciate your testimony, and your new website is very impressive. I know you will be a great asset to our community. Thank you, Donna Wilkinson.

  4. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you so much. Been targeted with directed energy weapons for six months and gang stalked going on five years since filing for work injuries at my employer of twenty years. In 2015 fired, now on disability. Rape with electromagnetic weapons is easy for the gang stalker. I’ll be sixty next year. Think stun gun high or low frequency, on genitals hour after hour. I believe in God, angels and saints. Gang stalkers will murder me long before they themselves die. But these men and women torturing hundreds of thousands if not millions of people and me, will eventually end up in hell and have exactly the same done to them for all eternity. It is my only solace, as I have done everything rational and reasonable to alert ‘authorities’ and help myself. Nothing has worked. Have contacted every press agency in the United States by email and phone calls. None have responded, some laughed. “…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”- excerpt from 1624 meditation by metaphysical poet John Donne.

  5. I’m not good at english so if there’s any stupid or rude expression, that’s not intended, please translate them in your head.

    Electromagnetic field tech controls your country, people’s character even animals maybe. for example, Japanese are so polite, diligence and kind. Korean is so grudge, furious emotionally that called Hwabyeong. Do you really think that these caractors are shaped naturaly? do not focus on only your neighbors. this is already Third World War to falsify people’s brain to make people psychopathic idiot. that means Infant Brain state with cut off the guilty circuit in their head which makes people emotionaly super selfsenterd liar. no ethic no justis no apologize. the only thing they do is to take advantage always. because they or their relatives have electromagnetic tech that
    tech can makes people’s brain every state they want. with the tec, you push the button makes people furious, depress, scared and even can falilng in love that’s almost gravity hard to resist with the one who have the tec or one’s relatives. they use this tech for their desire all the time.
    People have this kind of Brain do gang-stalking to No Blood Line people or other race people.. anyways, this is more like Ethnic war. and the gene disease each groupe have been infected is maybe Improved Hwabyeong. in my defence, I’m just a victim too. and I felt what the tech can. that is all. and Elisa Lam is also killed by Electric Hallucination that maybe you don’t know.

  6. I am a V2k , Voice to skull victim, Iam being under electronic torture remote neural monitoring. My name is Crystal Payne, Kentucky police is not taking this serious, neither is Jewish hospital. 502-930-8682. Threats have been made on my family life. We need help….Asap…..Our location is 1113 Canopy CT, Louisville, Ky 40211. Give me a call tell me what steps to follow, 9/10/18

  7. That email not working listed below. signs having problem left kidney, scatching, sleepy feeling, voice to skull signs, body over heating, targeted left side stomache, kidney, swelling, headaches, involuntary movements, being tracked threw body..hanfuls hair comin out.heart racing….these people on my mothers roof…that’s there location spot.

  8. Good evening my name is Michal fabera I come from Slovakia I live in frauenfield in Switzerland. I have lived for 8 years in Italy and 3 years in Germany. Everything started in Italy .. I and my father are victims of 8-10 years torture with a microwave weapons Torture in every state has made it out of private aircraft.. I know so much I can help .. write in the translators

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