Affidavit Form

The following is the affidavit form for the victim survey conducted by the Joint Investigation Team. This final version was released on Saturday 21 July 2018 in Open Office format to be filled out by victims on a computer. Open Office is exactly like Word just free to download and use. Please download Open Office to fill out the survey.

Please do not fill out the survey using Microsoft Word as the formatting will be corrupted!

Please do not fill out the PDF version posted here as there is no way to process print copies!

The Explanatory Notes are being finalised and will be released by Thursday 30 August 2018.

Explanatory Notes
To be released by Thursday 30 August 2018.
Affidavit form (Open Office)
for the JIT Victim Survey.
Affidavit form (PDF)
for viewing only.

After you have completed the affidavit form, please submit it as described in the instructions that are in the Explanatory Notes. Do not submit your affidavit via the contact form on this website. Also make sure that you:

āœ“ Followed the instructions.
āœ“ Signed your affidavit before a witness authorised to administer oaths.
āœ“ Included a copy of your photo-ID (passport, ID card, driver’s licence) with serial no. covered up.

The details of where to send your affidavit will be released by Thursday 30 August 2018.