Introduction by the Author

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The Purpose of the Affidavit

The following is the affidavit form for the victim survey conducted by the Joint Investigation Team. It is intended for all victims of gang-stalking, Directed Energy Weapons attacks, non-consensual implanting, Remote Neural Monitoring, child abuse and Satanic Ritual Abuse, as well as for abused members of the military and the police forces. It covers a plethora of abuses that are typical for the Secret Services, law enforcement, the military and the Secret Societies.

The affidavits are intended to reveal and document these crimes against humanity and to assist the victims in getting justice. The affidavit template has been developed by Dr. Katherine Horton with the intention of the affidavits being used in courts to corroborate individual victim testimonies and to prove complex crimes that are beyond the scope of any police investigations undertaken to date.

Have a look at the form and the many crimes it incorporates here (the version to be filled out is in OpenOffice format and can be found below):

Affidavit form (PDF)
for viewing only,
version for filling out below!

The affidavit form is based on a tick-box survey, must be signed before a witness entitled to administer oaths and contains an anonymous part that will be published here. Victims can download the anonymous affidavits of others from there to support their own cases.

The affidavits can be used in all American, UK and Commonwealth jurisdictions. Courts in other countries accept the same format but might require one template to be submitted in their native language. Translations of the affidavit template into other languages are in progress now.

Once a translation is submitted, affidavits completed by victims in other languages can be used as corroborating evidence in any victim’s court case as each offence is codified with an index number in arabic numerals, which are universally understood around the world and in all languages. This makes the affidavits extremely powerful and allows them to be used to stop crime world wide.

This final version was released on Saturday 17 November 2018 in Open Office format. Open Office is exactly like Word just free to download and use. The affidavit is to be filled out by victims on a computer. Paper copies cannot be processed.

How to fill out the affidavit

Please download Open Office before you start filling out the survey.

Do not fill out the survey using Microsoft Word as the formatting will be corrupted!

Do not fill out the PDF version posted here as there is no way to process print copies!

Follow the instruction in the Explanatory Notes to fill it out and submit it.

OpenOffice was chosen as the word processing software for the affidavits because many victims have been so financially destroyed by the criminal targeting program that they cannot afford to purchase Microsoft Word. In contrast, OpenOffice is a free software that is readily available for download, has identical functionality to Microsoft Word and is well maintained. The video at the very end of this page called Filling out the Affidavit shows how to install OpenOffice with just a few clicks.

After you have downloaded and installed Open Office, download the following 3 documents here. The Explanatory Notes are a document that explain the purpose of the survey and how it is intended to be used. The 2nd link is the document to be filled out. The 3rd document is the affidavit template in PDF format that cannot be filled out and is just for easy viewing of the affidavit contents.

Explanatory Notes NEW!
Instructions for the survey,
17 November 2018.
Affidavit form (Open Office) NEW!
to be filled out with OpenOffice,
17 November 2018.
Affidavit form (PDF) NEW!
for viewing only,
17 November 2018.

Please submit your affidavit to the email addresses listed in the Explanatory Notes. Ensure you:

✓ Followed the instructions in the Explanatory Notes.
✓ Signed your affidavit before a witness authorised to administer oaths.
✓ Included a copy of your photo-ID (passport, ID card, driver’s licence) with serial no. covered up.

For victims in Belgium, France & other French-speaking countries:
You can find a person entitled to administer oaths at your local town hall or municipality. Victims in Belgium report that the charge for the witnessing the signature is about 8 EUR. However, some officials might require the form on the last page of the affidavit to be in French. Therefore, print off this French version of the final page and take it along with you when you go to have your signature witnessed by a person entitled to administer oaths. Make sure to enter the very same document authentication code in the footer that you have chosen on the main affidavit. Also delete the yellow high-lighting and the square brackets:

Statement of Truth in French
for victims in French-speaking countries.
Download and sign before person entitled to administer oaths.

Guides on filling out the affidavit

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the affidavit. You can use the contents listing below to find the exact passage that you need help with.

As the affidavit is rather long and requires you to go through a lot of offences, there are two other motivational and instructional videos below that you might find helpful to motivate you or accompany you as you are filling out the affidavit, see below.

The 3rd video at the end also shows how to install OpenOffice.

Here is the time-stamp index for the video:

  • 1:28 Where to find the documents and the OpenOffice software
  • 6:37 CHANGES TO THE AFFIDAVIT TEMPLATE: new FINAL version from 17 November 2018, old outdated version from 21 July 2018
  • 7:44 What has changed between the template versions and why
  • 17:57 Writing your PRIVATE Perpetrators List and Dying Declaration as insurance measures
  • 28:28 TRANSFERRING YOUR DATA FROM THE OLD TO THE NEW TEMPLATE: only necessary if you downloaded the template BEFORE 17 November 2018
  • 32:09 Author’s Cross Check
  • 34:05 Section 1 – Targeting in General
  • 44:49 Section 2 – Classical Crime
  • 48:20 How to fill out the central tick-box survey
  • 51:40 Evidence column & What counts as evidence
  • 1:04:02 Section 71 – Listing your own issues of importance
  • 1:10:19 Section 72 – Threats & Retaliation for Writing the Affidavit
  • 1:12:29 Section 73 – Warfare Operations
  • 1:12:53 Sections 74-76 – Human Rights Violations
  • 1:16:43 Sections 78-79 – Denial of Help & Self-Help
  • 1:17:30 Section 80 – Costs
  • 1:20:40 Sections 81-82 – Body Diagrams
  • 1:23:08 Section 83 – Perpetrator List
  • 1:26:16 Statement of Truth & Witnessing your signature
  • 1:36:06 Overview
  • 1:37:51 Quick Guide to filling out the affidavit template
  • 1:38:10 About the Survey
  • 1:42:22 Step-by-Step Guide to filling out the affidavit template
  • 1:48:20 Body Diagrams – using OpenOffice drawing tools
  • 1:49:24 Perpetrator List – examples of how to name people
  • 1:54:33 Converting your affidavit into PDF
  • 1:56:17 Statement of Truth, witnessing the oath & Scanning the page into PDF
  • 1:58:40 Captain’s Cross-Check
  • 2:05:08 Sending your affidavit to the JIT
  • 2:09:06 How your affidavit will be processed
  • 21:12:33 Recognising your own anonymised affidavit
  • 2:17:29 How your affidavit will be used

Motivational videos