Affidavit Form

The following is the affidavit form for the victim survey conducted by the Joint Investigation Team. It can be used in all American, UK and Commonwealth jurisdictions. Courts in other countries accept the same format but might require one template to be submitted in their native language. Translations of the affidavit template into other languages are in progress now. Once a translation is submitted, affidavits completed by victims in other languages can be used as corroborating evidence in your court case as each offence is codified with an index number in arabic numerals which are universally understood.

This final version was released on Saturday 17 November 2018 in Open Office format to be filled out by victims on a computer. Open Office is exactly like Word just free to download and use. Please download Open Office to fill out the survey.

Do not fill out the survey using Microsoft Word as the formatting will be corrupted!

Do not fill out the PDF version posted here as there is no way to process print copies!

Do not submit your affidavit via the contact form on this website!

PLEASE NOTE: A NEW AND FINAL VERSION of the affidavit template was released on 17 November 2018! Please transfer your data to the new version if you downloaded the previous template from 21 July 2018!

The modifications of the affidavit template were in order to avoid legal liabilities like libel claims against the JIT, and to streamline the affidavits:

  • Section 1 Private Information and Scale & Duration of Targeting that used to straddle the private and public parts of the template have been merged and moved to the public part.
  • The Table of Contents has been removed as the Author’s Cross-Check already provided an index.
  • The Private Perpetrator List, Dying Declaration and the full-text sections entitled Quotes, Conclusions and Message and Appeal to Judges, Police & Government have been removed at the end.
  • All other sections remain unchanged.
Explanatory Notes NEW!
Instructions for the survey,
17 November 2018.
Affidavit form (Open Office) NEW!
for the JIT Victim Survey,
17 November 2018.
Affidavit form (PDF) NEW!
for viewing only,
17 November 2018.

Please submit your affidavit to the email addresses listed in the Explanatory Notes. Ensure you:

✓ Followed the instructions.
✓ Signed your affidavit before a witness authorised to administer oaths.
✓ Included a copy of your photo-ID (passport, ID card, driver’s licence) with serial no. covered up.