Note: What is presented here is not legal advice that a lawyer would provide. It is intended to be a self-help guide from Dr. Horton as a victim herself to other victims who have been shunned or exploited by lawyers and are in desperate need of help or have to appear in court pro se, meaning they have to represent themselves in court without a lawyer.

How to Make a Court Bundle

In the video below, you can find a basic introduction to court bundles and how to make your own. The advantage of doing it yourself instead of leaving it to a lawyer is that you stay in full control and full knowledge of what is in the bundle. Although it is a lot of work, it is very worthwhile because no one knows your evidence as well as you do. So you are the ultimate master of your case.

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The online Bundledocs is one of several platforms that you can use to make your own bundles. It is Dr. Horton’s personal choice for her court cases as the platform is very intuitive and easy to use and provides very good value for money. The Customer Service is also excellent and very fast with a live-chat that deals with all questions on the spot. Bundledocs is used by lawyers and legal firms around the world and thus the bundles generated using this platform look professional and are in a format that is accepted by courts around the world.

The platform works on a subscription basis such that it costs 10 USD/GBP/EUR per month to maintain the documents in the cloud-service and to create and edit the bundles for a court case as often as one likes. (If you want to make bundles for more than one court case, which you are unlikely to do unless you are a lawyer, you will have to get the more expensive subscription for 48 USD/GBP/EUR per month.)

To test the platform, you can sign up for a 30-day FREE TRIAL, with no strings attached and you can cancel at any time. By using the Promo Code HORTON10 you are funneling 10% of your subscriptoin back into supporting the victim cases.

Please use the Promo Code HORTON10 when signing up for a free trial.

Structure of the Bundles

A “bundle” on the platform Bundledocs (see above) is used to mean all the documents that belong to a single court case, stretching across several ring binders in some cases. Here, we are going to use the word “bundle” in the more intuitive sense as reffering to a single ring binder. This is also the way many lawyers and courts use it.

Using that definition, your court case is likely to have several bundles that contain all of your statements, evidence, witness affidavits, court pleadings etc. Court cases can become very large and overwhelming very quickly, so a good organisational structure is very important and makes life much easier. You can have any organisation of your court bundles that you like. The order of bundles that is recommended by Dr. Horton and that was chosen for her court cases is the following:

  • Core: court documents, correspondence with the court, important statutes, legal arguments, pleadings, and the witness statements of the Claimant.
  • Evidence: your evidence including documents, photgraphs, diagrams etc.
  • Experts & Witnesses: expert affidavits and witness testimonies.
  • Officials & Correspondence: all letters, emails, transcripts of phone calls and conversations with officials like police officers etc.
  • Victims: other victim cases that you would like to quote.
  • References: List of references about the technology, images, graphics, declassified documents etc. that are relevant but not your private evidence.
  • Legal Authorities: other court cases, precedents, statues, laws, legal textbooks etc.
    • Using this structure, the Core bundle is the one that a judge would start with. From there, your witness statement and legal arguments would make references to your evidence, and legal precedent etc. For this reason, it is useful to have all of that information in separate bundles because a judge can read your witness statement while opening and looking at the evidence in another bundle.

      Note: In the UK, Practice Directive 17 that came into force in June 2014 mandates that bundles should not contain more than 350 pages in total, unless a judge orders it to be otherwise. Given that targeting assaults stretch over decades in some cases, start off with several bundles as suggested above, allowing yourself plenty of room to add evidence and documents, and at the end you can still whittle it down to 350 pages as required.

      Bundledocs also has the option to include and exclude files from the bundle at the click of a button. This makes it easy to select the most important document at the end.

      Affidavits – More soon!

      The affidavit template is going to be released soon. At that point, there will be further instructional videos on how to write your affidavit and what is important to note about witness testimonies etc.

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