Melanie Shaw

Child abuse whistleblower who has been brutally abused by the UK court system. Melanie Shaw is a witness who reported the abuse and murder of children at Beechwood Childrens’ Home Notthingham. The UK Column published a good summary of Melanie Shaw’s case when she was sentenced by a secret court on mysterious secret charges for 2 years in prison in January 2017, a sentence of which she spent most in criminal solitary confinement as a tool of illegal torture. Her case shows the tell-tale signature of being a victim of British Secret Services as she suffered:

  • harassment
  • bullying
  • threats
  • humiliation
  • sexual humiliation
  • psychological terror
  • physical torture
  • fabrication of offences
  • secret trial
  • secret judgement
  • judiciary corruption
  • unjustified prison punishment
  • insane over 18 months solitary confinement
  • refusal to release her from prison
  • attempt to lock her up in “psychiatric care”
  • and in Dr. Horton’s assessment: attacks with Directed Energy Weapons
  • also in Dr. Horton’s assessment: attacks with Neurotechnology

The probability of all these offences happening to a single person “by chance” are statistically impossible. Only MI5 can orchestrate such vast criminality around a victim.

Release refused by HMP Styal

On 17 June 2018, Dr. Horton received a message that Melanie Shaw was not released according to the terms of her imprisonment.

In response, Dr. Horton called HMP Styal (Her Majesty’s Prison Styal) in SK9 4HR Wilmslow, Cheshire on 18 June 2018. Listen to the phone call below:

Call by Dr. Horton to HMP Styal, 18 Jun 2018

Subsequently, Dr. Horton sent an email to the Offender Management Unit at HMP Styal. See the correspondence that ensued below in the next section.

Refusal of Access & Cooperation by HMP Styal

Dr. Horton’s letter to HMP Styal
18 June 2018.
HMP Styal Reply
18 June 2018.
Dr. Horton’s letter to HMP Styal
20 June 2018.
HMP Styal Reply
20 June 2018.
Note the ridiculous “OFFICIAL/SECRET/TOP SECRET” line at the end of the email, which is a copy & paste of the first.
Dr. Horton’s letter to HMP Styal (attachment below)
22 June 2018.
Dr. Horton’s formal letter to HMP Styal
22 June 2018.
Waiting for 7 days. Reply refused by HMP Styal.
Dr. Horton’s letter to HMP Styal
29 June 2018.
Asking for response and about upcoming hearing in Leeds.
Waiting. Reply refused by HMP Styal even though required for court hearing.
Melanie Shaw’s court hearing at Leeds Crown Court at 2pm on 2 July 2018.
Charges: 4 counts of arson, 1 count of sexual assault from February 2017!
Dr. Horton’s letter to HMP Styal
3rd July 2018.
Asking for response and about next court hearing in Leeds.
And resent previous 2 emails addressed to Farida Saleem to general contact email.
Waiting for 7 days. Reply refused by HMP Styal.
Next court hearing at Leeds Crown Court on 10 July 2018.
Dr. Horton’s letter to HMP Styal
11th July 2018.
Asking for response and about next court hearing in Leeds.
Reply from HMP Styal (AFTER 1 MONTH DELAY!!!)
23rd July 2018.
Replying that Dr. Horton needs to send the request to Melanie Shaw by post.
Note that the ridiculous “OFFICIAL/SECRET/TOP SECRET” line from their previous reply reverted to just “OFFICIAL”. A bit of sanity returns.
Next court hearing at Leeds Crown Court on 7 August 2018.

Leeds Crown Court unresponsive

Dr. Horton and two other people called Leeds Crown Court repeatedly on 29th July to enquire if there is indeed a court hearing for Melanie Shaw on the 2nd July 2018. All three experienced that the Leeds Crown Court phones lines were permanently busy. See below for the evidence of the 10 unsuccessful calls from one of the callers.

UK Column Update

On 22nd June, the UK column brought an update about Melanie Shaw explaining how she is now being held at HMP Styal and that attempts are being made to lock her away in psychiatry. This news item was discussed by Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Robert Green on the UK Column, see below (18:10-25:45min).

The news reporting shows evidence in the form of the release notification that Melanie Shaw’s release date would have been the 2nd of June 2018.

The news report also states that Melanie Shaw has reported from prison about being

  • harassed by staff
  • bullied by staff
  • threatened by staff
  • extremely frightened about the actions of particularly male warders
  • being followed by up to 5 warders in HMP Styal, Peterborough and Eastwood Park
  • having to leave door open while going to the toilet even with male warders present
  • being threatened in her cell
  • being denied medical treatment
  • being denied fluids
  • being denied showers with just 1 granted in 2 weeks
  • being denied toiletries
  • being forced to sleep on cast iron bed in an empty room
  • warders stopping the nurse from dispensing medication
  • spending over 18 months in solitary confinement.

Dr. Horton has also been made aware by someone who has correspondent several times with Melanie Shaw that she was

  • forbidden from wearing underwear (!) by prison warders.

Furthermore, there are indications that the State agenda is now to have Melanie Shaw committed to “psychiatric care”.

Importance of Case

The combination of humiliation, sexual humiliation, psychological and physical torture is typical of the Secret Service’s psychological warfare methods.

It is also noteworthy that Melanie Shaw had to sack her legal team because they were not representing her, not protecting her and not taking her instructions. The judge then simply appointed another team without Melanie having a say in the matter. In fact, Melanie Shaw did not want that team and the lay legal team who she wanted has been kept out of her prison by the judge.

This is a clear indication of pre-arranged show trial and reeks of the cartel operation of the courts and legal chambers that could also be observed in the case of Frederic Laroche and Siegfried Tomys.

The corruption of judges and the legal teams representing Melanie Shaw is something that only the Secret Services can achieve with such ease, and it is something that they appear to do as Standard Operating Procedure (of organised crime).

The fact that this comes as brutal and psychopathic retaliation for Melanie Shaw’s revelations of child abuse and child murder at Beechwood Childrens Home Nottingham also implies that MI5 is orchestrating these crimes against Melanie Shaw.

Furthermore, the ruthless sense of empowerment by those criminal prison staff imply that they feel entitled and protected from a high up powerful place above and including the prison directorship.

For these reasons, Dr. Horton considers Melanie Shaw to be a victim of MI5 and therefore her case is of interest to the Joint Investigation Team and is also directly relevant to Dr. Horton’s case.