Proof of Existence of Assault Technology

Patent List
Known technologies and the resultant symptoms when applied to humans.
Directed Energy Weapons Market Analysis
The global market is expected to grow to from $8bn to $42bn between 2016 and 2023. (old link dead)
Body Area Networks
Scientific article on body chip networks and their communication.
Graphic of Body Area Networks
From the scientific article above.

Proof of Global Genocide Genocide Forecasts
uncovered by Ryan Zimmerman.

Victim Cases

Already over a decade ago, the victim John Finch assembled over 1500 international victim cases (listed below) and submitted them to all institutions that have a duty to fight such crimes against humanity around the world. John Finch’s list can be found in the Wikileaks Vault 7 releases in an internal email at Stratfor in 2007. All officials who were contacted chose to ignore these crimes against humanity, thereby proving that these are government-sanctioned genocide programs and that our governments are in Deep Capture by a global Nazi crime syndicate, making those officials who refuse the victims assistance Nazi collaborateurs and war criminals.

“We have contacted most Governments, Security/Intelligence Agencies, Religious Organisations, International Organizations, Human Rights Organizations, Universities, Scientific and other Institutions, and the International Media all over the world – over and over and over again sending them all our case summaries, appeals for help, info etc..” – John Finch, victim & campaigner

700 torture cases from the Americas
300 torture cases from Europe
250 torture cases from China & Asia-Pacific
60 torture cases from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
50 torture cases from South Asia, Middle East, Africa

Appeals to Public Bodies

Memo to US President Donald Trump
submitted to him after his inauguration.
Wikileaks Vault 7 Release (Original link)
proving that torture victims were already begging for their lives 10 years ago in 2007.

High-Profile Affidavits

Article by Dr. Rauni Kilde
Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland
on covert implants and neurotechnology, 2000.
Affidavit by William Binney
Former Technical Director of the NSA
on NSA criminality, 2017.
Affidavit by Ted Gunderson
Head of Los Angeles FBI, murdered in 2011,
on FBI criminality, 2011.
Affidavit by Geral Sosbee
Former FBI Agent
on FBI and CIA criminality, 2007 (2005 affidavit, 2014 affidavit).
Interview of Carl Clark (and English Translation)
Former MI6 Agent
on MI6 and global Intel criminality, 2009.
Affidavit of Andrea Davison (and Original Link)
Former MI6 Agent
on British Police criminality, 2011 (new 2015 affidavit).
Book of Major General Smedley Butler
United States Marine Corps, died 1940, on criminality of war.
He was to be used for a fascist coup in the US, but blew the whistle.

Evidence of Systemic Corruption

IPT Corruption(UK)
Using systems analysis to prove that the Investigatory Powers Tribunal in the UK is captured and corrupted.
Psychiatry Corruption(Switzerland) (IN GERMAN)
Report by Bruno Hug, Chief Editor of Swiss newspaper, about systemic corruption and unfettered power of psychiatry in Switzerland.
(He was sacked for it!)
Plain English Translation of the Network of Global Corporate Control paper
The original can be found at
(click PDF on the right sidebar).
How the FBI’s Criminal Espionage Investigation of the CFR was Foiled
Sensitive Intelligence Information, 1994.
Document in the public domain on and on

Fraudulent “Terror Watchlisting” and “Policing”

US Watchlist Guidance
Unclassified Document, March 2013.

5G and Its Dangers

There are indications that the rapid implementation of 5G appears to be related to its application as a Directed Energy Weapons System and as infrastructure to interface with non-consensually implanted human body chips. Either way, 5G has its own dangers due to the electromagnetic radiation it emits that has been warned about by experts like Dr. Barrie Trower.

Below is an excellent technical introduction to 5G. It was in the public domain viewable on the internet and is reposted here in order to preserve it and to spread its viewership in the public interest and for national security concerns that make a rapid spreading of information necessary given the horrific crimes being committed with such technology. All credits and copyright are held by the author.

Technical Info on 5G
Presentation by expert from Rohde & Schwatz.

Dr. Barrie Trower, UK microwave weapon expert, explaining the dangers of 5G on the Richie Allen Show in the interview called ‘5G Will Devastate Humanity But Those Behind It Are Above The Law!‘.

Book List


Treasure Island by Nicholas Shaxson
Tax havens and illicit money flows worldwide.
USD 15