Rosanne Marie Schneider is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and was recognized for her outstanding mathematics ability in youth. After about 6 years of college education in medicine, art and business, she became an entrepreneur and owned Doors of London, an import business connected to England, and Celtic Journey, an import business with ties to England, Ireland and Scotland.

Volunteering for 15 years at Home Hospice Organization and as the founder of Sonoma County Stray Pet Network, an organization which rescues, rehabilitates, and places lost pets, she is a very socially responsible person. It is perhaps this extremely valuable aspect of her personality that got her blacklisted on the governmental extermination program when she blew the whistle on a drug gang member that led to the shut down of a meth house in her county.

Once on the government extermination program her life has been systematically destroyed. She was harassed in the most psychopathic fashion, her computer was hacked and she started experiencing symptoms that are consistent with the use of lethal electromagnetic weaponry.

She is currently working with the 911 Truth Campaign, where several other members are also targeted, and PACTS International, an organization which is trying to stop covert torture and harassment

Please help Rosanne to rebuild her life so that she can flourish again and help others as she has always done.