Pallab Ghosh, BBC

Pallab Ghosh, BBC

The article on BBC News Cern scientist: ‘Physics built by men – not by invitation’
by the science correspondent Pallab Ghosh invited readers at the bottom of the article to contribute comments, asking: “Are you a female scientist or a woman studying science? What is your reaction to this story? Let us know by emailing”. In response, Dr. Horton wrote the following letter to the BBC.

Dr. Horton’s letter to Pallab Gosh at the BBC.
2 October 2018.
Waiting for reply from Pallab Ghosh or the BBC.

Peter Beaumont, The Guardian, UK

Peter Beaumont, The Guardian UK
Fresh hope for holocaust victims?

After several failed attempts of contacting The Guardian, including Luke Harding personally (see below), Dr. Horton was notified via Twitter on 1st July 2018 of the publication of an article by Peter Beaumont of The Guardian entitled I tried to expose the truth about MI6 and torture – but was lied to .

Without any time to lose as she was being heavily machine-gunned with Pulsed Energy Projectiles even while she was reading the article, Dr. Horton wrote immediately a long letter to the author Peter Beaumont drawing his attention to the ongoing brutal torture of innocent everyday British people and EU nationals by MI6 and MI5. This was immediately backed up by a letter from Ramola D who, equally assaulted and tortured by Directed Energy Weapons, wrote an excellent summary bringing Peter Beaumont up to speed on the current state of MI6 torture in Europe and elsewhere, see their letters below:

Dr. Horton’s letter to Peter Beaumont at The Guardian
1 July 2018.
Ramola D’s letter to Peter Beaumont at The Guardian
1 July 2018.
No reply from Peter Beaumont.

Private Eye Magazine, UK

Private Eye Magazine, UK

Suspected employer of Intel agents,
refuses to report about UK terror torture and silent murder.

After her 2nd court hearing against British Secret Services in the London High Court on 16 June 2016, Dr. Horton went straight to the offices of Private Eye in 6 Carlisle Street, London. She was stalked all the way there from the Royal High Court by the MI5 terrorists and arrived at about 4:30pm.

At the door, Dr. Horton explained that she came straight from the High Court and had suffered an assassination attempt immediately after the last hearing. The lady from Private Eye was utterly disinterested. Dr. Horton begged to be allowed to talk to a journalist, but she was told by this woman that there were “no journalists around”. This turned out to be a complete lie later, when she herself blurted out that the upstairs floor was full of journalists at the time. Dr. Horton requested to be allowed to leave parts of her court bundle for the journalists to look through. The reaction she got was as if she had asked to grill the Queen’s corgies in the Private Eye’s landing.

After a lot of pleading and only with extreme reluctance was Dr. Horton admitted into the Private Eye offices to sit down and put together a subset of documents from the court hearing for a journalist to look at. As Dr. Horton was sitting in the ground floor office facing the street where the lady who had opened the door and another one had their desks, one of them received a phone call during which she confirmed that “the journalists are upstairs having their Writers’ Meeting”, thereby openly blurting out that the house was in fact full. A man came down from the first floor, saw Dr. Horton and disappeared into an adjacent room. He went back up again and returned later. The second time, Dr. Horton had the impression that on the periphery of her vision, as she was looking down at the folder she was preparing, she could see the man and one of the ladies signal silently to each other. Immediately, Dr. Horton felt that some sort of weird conspiracy was unfolding but she cast the thought aside.

Moments later, suddenly the lady sitting next to the window right next to Dr. Horton exclaimed “Oh, I think an MP was stabbed!”. This was the moment when Dr. Horton sitting in the Private Eye Offices first heard about the supposed murder of Jo Cox, an incident that turned out to have all the hallmarks of an event staged by MI5.

While fully absorbed by the news reporting on this potentially fake event, the ladies were getting ever more impatient with Dr. Horton’s presence even though she was going frantically through her court bundle to try to decide which papers to leave for the journalist to look at. In the ends, she left a collection of documents in a small red folder and wrote a brief note to the journalists to get in touch with her. She also included a CD that contained several similar cases where victims had been attacked with Directed Energy Weapons. See below the note and the correspondence that ensued. No one got in touch and Private Eye was not interested to find out more and refused to report on the horrific crimes testified to by the victims.

Dr. Horton’s note in folder for Private Eye
16 June 2016.
CD with victim testimonies in folder for Private Eye
16 June 2016.

After not hearing back from a journalist, Dr. Horton sent an email on 21 June 2016 to Private Eye to enquire

Dr. Horton’s email to Private Eye
22 June 2016.

Private Eye took a month to reply and it was merely to say: “I’m afraid we can’t help you”. They then returned the folder to Dr. Horton, see below.

Private Eye’s reply and declining
21 July 2016.
Private Eye’s note in the returned folder
21 July 2016.

Philip Kerr Case Complaint to IPT & Private Eye

Five months earlier, Dr. Horton had already written to Private Eye to blow the whistle on the judicial corruption that she had witnesses attending the court hearing of Philip Kerr in the case of Philip Kerr v MI5, see below. Private Eye neither replied nor reported about these matters.

Dr. Horton’s email to Private Eye
22 June 2016.

Luke Harding, The Guardian (& MI6?), UK

Luke Harding, The Guardian UK,

Suspected MI6 agent,
refused to report about DEW assaults on civilians in Britain and engaged in abuse theatre against Dr. Horton.

Dr. Horton met Luke Harding when they both attended the court case of Berezovsky v Abramovitch in the Rolls Building of the London High Court. She spoke to him several times during the court hearing Nov-Dec 2011. Luke Harding was very interested in Dr. Horton’s research work on the court, gave her his business card and invited her to his book presentation in Pushkin House, which Dr. Horton attended.

Dr. Horton’s call to Luke Harding

When the Directed Energy Weapon mutilation of Dr. Horton started in 2016 and her High Court case was sabotaged, Dr. Horton called Luke Harding on his phone. She told him about the physical attacks on her and that many British people are affected. Luke Harding seemed amused and utterly uninterested in the covert murder of British people. The only question he had for Dr. Horton was “What is your nationality?”, which he asked in a tone that sounded to Dr. Horton like he had a broad smile on his face. That question had been used many times in harassment spectacles by gang-stalkers in Oxford four years earlier.

The question was furthermore not just out of context in the moment, but totally beside the point since any person was entitled to their human rights in Britain regardless of nationality. Furthermore, Dr. Horton as a German national had the same rights under EU law as any British person. Harding had no further questions and didn’t want to find out more, neither about Directed Energy Weapons nor what brutal attacks had been committed against Dr. Horton and British individuals in Britain. It was through that shocking behaviour that Dr. Horton came to the conclusion that Luke Harding was an agent of British Secret Services, since no normal journalist would ever ignore such an alarming report or behave in such a condescending fashion.

Luke Harding in the crosshair of the KGB

The same conclusion had been reached by the KGB when Luke Harding had stayed in Moscow as a journalist. According to disclosure in Harding’s book Mafia State The KGB began to harass Harding by disconnecting his call during interviews, breaking into his flat repeatedly, making subtle death threats by leaving his young son’s key-locked bedroom window open in their flat on a high up floor of a tower block, and putting a sex manual on his bedside table. The KGB engaged in that terror campaign as they had identified Luke Harding as a hostile MI6 agent – an assessment that Dr. Horton has to concur with after her own experience with him.

Glen Greenwald’s contempt for Luke Harding

Curiously, Glen Greenwald, who himself refuses to report about the global genocide of with Directed Energy Weapons even though he knows about it and is reported to have himself estimated the number of victims to be in the millions, has his own misgivings about Luke Harding for trying to scoop him on the publication of a book about the Snowden Files. In an interview with the Financial Times he said about Luke Harding’s book The Snowden Files:

“It is a bullshit book,” he [Greenwald] says. “They are purporting to tell the inside story of Edward Snowden but it is written by someone who has never met or even spoken to Edward Snowden. Luke came here and talked to me for half a day without [my] realising that he was trying to get me to write his book for him. I cut the interview off when I realised what he was up to.”


“One of the things about The Guardian that I really disliked is that they used Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and got a lot of benefit from publishing the material [diplomatic cables leaked by Bradley Manning] and then completely turned into being his leading demoniser.”

So it almost sounds like Luke Harding is a rather shady character who will do anything for money. Meanwhile, The Guardian appears to play some sort of double-sided game. Isn’t this strangely redolent of Operation Mockingbird…?

UK Column

The UK Column,
a Limited Hangout?

Dr. Horton repeatedly contacted the UK Column about the Directed Energy Weapon assaults on the British population, her own case and that of Melanie Shaw. The UK Column refused to respond every single time and refused to report on these horrific crimes against humanity.

Here is the complaint about UK Column that Dr. Horton received from a person who helped draw her attention to urgent matters but wishes to stay anonymous.

Concerned Citizen (CC): “BGerrish won’t talk to you if he doesn’t want to.”

Katherine Horton (KH): “Brian Gerrish can go and boil his head as far as I’m concerned. I contacted him about crimes against humanity in the UK and he wasn’t interested. My late colleague Dr. Paul Marko also had a bad experience with him regarding the Hampstead case investigation, so I’m wary of that lot.”

CC: “BG barred me& 3 others from UKC forum for asking too many questions. When you’ve boiled his head, throw him in the river for the rest of us.

Suggest have nothing to do with anything relating to Hampstead /Hoaxstead. Embarrassing amateur journos.”

KH: “As a rule of thumb, those who come across as complete nutters are MI5 agents. If you have a list of nutters feel free to send it to me.”

CC: “UKC barred 4 of us from UKC forum for asking too many questions including why had Kay Woodward’s fraud case at Plymouth Crown Ct been delayed from Sept’17 to Feb 18 then sicknoted from Feb as too ill to attend ct. Now end June. Dubious.”

Dr. Paul Marko’s concerns about the UK Column and its journalists regarding their handling of the Hampstead Cover-Up were made in conversation to several members of the Joint Investigation Team, so that they were witnessed by several other people in addition to Dr. Horton. Dr. Marko suspected the UK Column to be a front organisation or a Limited Hangout and explained how the UK Column had had taken steps that undermined the investigation and proper publication of the Hampstead case.

Sputnik News

Kit Klarenberg, Sputnik News
Data mining or real journalism forbidden by editors?

On 29th December 2017, Dr. Horton was contacted by Kit Klarenberg who requested an interview in order to publish an article on targeted individuals. After an initial email correspondence, a Skype conversation between Dr. Horton and Kit Klarenberg ensued. The interview took place on 4th January 2018 and was audio-recorded by Dr. Horton after prior agreement between her and Kit Klarenberg. The audio file was subsequently sent to Kit Klarenberg on 6th January 2018.

Dr. Horton didn’t hear anything from Kit Klarenberg after the interview even though after the interview he had been eager to get hold of a copy of the audio recording. She enquired if an article was forthcoming on 27 May, 7 June, 11 July 2018, however, Kit Klarenberg refused to reply to her emails and no article on targeted individuals was published as had been agreed as the premise of the interview. The evidence of the email and Skype correspondence, as well as the 1 hour interview is below.

Dr. Horton’s email correspondence with Kit Klarenberg from Sputnik News
29 Dec 2017 – 11 Jul 2018.
Dr. Horton’s Skype correspondence with Kit Klarenberg from Sputnik News
4-6 Jan 2018.

It is also noteworthy that the Skype profile image of Kit Klarenberg changed from Rodrigo Duerte, President of the Philippines, which was on his profile in January 2018 and for months after:

to a weird image of a young man speaking before the state emblem of the state emblem of the old Soviet Union, which Dr. Horton noticed in July 2018:

The profile images are significant in as far as they betray a lack of seriousness in a journalist who pretended to investigate crimes against humanity, at best, and cartel-signalling making references to a system of government that murdered millions of people in a genocide for the crime cartel, at worst.

The Philippines is where a large part of the cartel gold is stored (see work of Karen Hudes). The Soviet emblem contains Masonic cartel-signalling with the Satanic pentragram at the top, hammer and sickle and wheat representing the smashing up and harvesting of the nation, and the sun indicating the sun-worship that lies at the core of the global crime cartel which has used that as brain-wash of the masses to obtain and hold on to power. The sun logo also appears in the logo of the Jesuits.

In fairness to Klarenberg, given that so far there is no evidence of active malice from his side, the neutral assumption is that he was gagged by a fraudulent D-Notice by a criminal plant in the Ministry of Defence. For this reason, Dr. Horton decided to publish the interview above.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Thomas Holl, Frankfurter Allgemeine
Will he publish the investigators’ view?

Dr. Horton contacted Thomas Holl on 21 July 2018, after being notified by a follower of an article that appeared on 6 March 2013 which described a pensioner who killed his doctors after requesting an order of protection from the court against radiation attacks. Dr. Horton asked if the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung would be willing to report about the ongoing attacks on the civilian population, see below.

Dr. Horton’s letter to Thomas Holl at the Frankfurter Allgemeine
21 July 2018.
No reply from Thomas Holl or the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

Bodo Malsch, Westdeutsche Allgemeine
Will he publish the investigators’ view?

Dr. Horton contacted the Westdeutsche Allgemeine on 21 July 2018, after being notified by a follower of an article that appeared on 30 June 2011 which described a man attacking his neighbour because of radiation assaults by him. Dr. Horton asked if the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung would be willing to report about the ongoing attacks on the civilian population, see below.

Dr. Horton’s letter to the Westdeutsche Allgemeine
21 July 2018.
No reply from the Westdeutsche Allgemeine.

Saarbrücker Zeitung

Will they publish the investigators’ view?

Dr. Horton contacted the Saarbrücker Zeitung on 21 July 2018, after being notified by a follower of an article that appeared on 2 July 2018 which described a man killing a pedestrian because of attacks by a “radiation mafia”. Dr. Horton asked if the Saarbrücker Zeitung would be willing to report about the ongoing attacks on the civilian population, see below.

Dr. Horton’s letter to Thomas Holl at the Frankfurter Allgemeine
21 July 2018.
No reply from Saarbrücker Zeitung.

Mike McPhate, New York Times

Mike McPhate, New York Times
Libelled victims.

Mike McPhate, New York Times, libelled victims of this modern day holocaust in his propaganda and smear piece United States of Paranoia, 10 June 2016.

Mike McPhate’s malicious libel of victims,
10 June 2016.

2nd NYT Article, Anonymous

Coming soon!

Laura Yan, WIRED

Laura Yan, WIRED
Libelled victims.

Laura Yan, WIRED, libelled victims of this modern day holocaust in his propaganda and smear piece Mind Games, 4 March 2018.

Laura Yan’s malicious libel of victims,
4 March 2018.

Liam Britten, CBC

Liam Britten, CBC, Vancouver
Libelled victims.

Liam Britten, CBC, libelled victims of this modern day holocaust in his propaganda and smear piece ‘Organized stalking’ ads on Vancouver transit a mental health concern, experts say, 11 September 2018.

Liam Britten’s malicious libel of victims,
11 September 2018.

Eden Gillespie,

Eden Gillespie,
Libelled victims.

Eden Gillespie,, libelled victims of this modern day holocaust in his propaganda and smear piece Real-life Truman Show: Why people think they’re being watched, 25 October 2017.

Eden Gillespie’s malicious libel of victims,
25 October 2017.