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Jochen Lambert, Germany

From 15 March 2017 to 9 November 2018 (at the time of writing), Jochen Lambert sent Dr. Horton over 400 unsolicited emails. This means that over that period of 604 days, Dr. Horton was spammed by Jochen Lambert every 1-2 days. The actions of Jochen Lambert culminated in an email of open harassment and denigration asking if Dr. Horton “could come in a bikini once a month to scrub down [Horst Kümmer] in the shower”. The original email and the English translation are below.

In the same email, Lambert made references to a horse care video, a highly unusual reference in itself, which looked even more like targeted Intel harassment given the fact that Dr. Horton had been watching several YouTube videos about horses and their body language on her personal computer via the CIA-connected YouTube service in the days leading up to the email.

It should also be noted that in his email Jochen Lambert emphasised certain words in bold face that were clearly aimed at being noted. The emphasised sums of 1200 Euros and 600 Euros are the precise sums that had to be raised through crowd-funding to pay for the body chip scanning in Belgium. The remark “#SugarDaddy” is implying that Dr. Horton would have to render sexual services in return for the money, demoting her to the level of a prostitute.

Denigrating Emails by Jochen Lambert

After receiving the following offensive and denigrating email from Jochen Lambert on 9 November 2018, Dr. Horton requested never to be contacted again.

Offensive email from Jochen Lambert (German, translation below)
7 November 2018.

English translation of Jochen Lambert’s email:

Mr. Kümmer (“Mr. Care”) urgently needs help filling in forms for his pension.

if he does not hand in the forms until monday, he will not receive any further pension until further notice … (including 1100 francs for the rent)

and he does not make progress with it … is too flat being radiated ….
and nobody in sight who could help him …

That’s why I thought ….

he would also donate 1200 euros to System Doctors (12×100 euros)

But I’m afraid after all the sympathy points he has earned himself, there is no interest …

and that’s how it came …

(of course I would write brief him strictly beforehand, so that he only talks when he is addressed, and otherwise behaves well and cooperatively ..)


another problem is his lack of drive to take a shower.
in the three-quarters of a year when he lived in fruthwilen (thurgau), he did not even once use the brand-new installed shower
before mindcontrol of course normal showering behaviour.

When I was with him for 3 months in the summer of 2016, he also stank like a polecat.
he is trying to cover it with deoderant-spray ….
his landlady had also “encouraged” him several times to shower, unfortunately without success.
But this rather strong odour released tremendous powers in me, despite my general weariness,
which finally drove him into the shower quite regularly …..
But I cannot get out of the house anymore to visit him ….

Again, no one in sight who could help ….
(A flat share with Walter Madliger would have been optimal in my opinion, then he would probably still be alive)
That’s why I thought …

So if you could come in a bikini once a month to scrub him down in the shower, that would be wonderful.
Then, of course, 600 euros would be due to System Doctors (12x 50 €) #SugarDaddy
The required brushes are explained quite well in this horse video

but I’m afraid you would not doctor around on his system for all the money in the world ….


and that’s how it came …

if only the forms were filled, it would be enough …

This was not the first time Jochen Lambert sent disgusting messages to Dr. Horton. Previously, on 17 May 2018, he had mocked the affidavit template that Dr. Horton had devised calling it “AffenDavids”, a German word play on the expression affidavits in English, which translates back as “monkey Davids”. The connotations of the word play is that victims writing an affidavit are monkeys and that they are in the role of David in a David vs Goliath setting. The truth is that victims vastly outnumber government personnel. So it is actually a majority bearing down their force on a minority.

Jochen Lambert’s suggestions in that email for items to add to the affidavit were related to his underpants and excrement, thereby revealing that his sick mind neither comprehends the seriousness of the victims’ situation nor affords them any empathy. If he is not already working for the German Secret Services as an agent provocateur then he ought to seriously consider that option given that he could get paid hard cash for what he does anyway.

Jochen Lambert mocking the affidavit survey (German, translation below)
calling them “AffenDavids”
17 May 2018.
Jochen Lambert mocking the affidavit survey (English translation)
calling them “Monkey-Davids”
17 May 2018.

Jochen Lambert spamming under an alias

From 20 May to 12 October 2018, Jochen Lambert sent 7 emails under the alias “Kurt BUNDLE” which is again a German word play on the English term “court bundle” and was again aimed at mocking the court efforts.

The email he created for the purposes of harassment had the domain and was a clear misogynistic mockery of Dr. Horton and perhaps also of the all-female Joint Investigation Team and their all-female weekly broadcasts on YouTube called the Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum.

The harassment emails were mostly in English, though the second one in the series sent a link to an article in German, thus confirming that the sender spoke German.

Refusal to Stop Spamming

Horst Kümmer, Switzerland

Horst Kümmer, to whom reference is made in the email by Jochen Lambert above, and whom Jochen Lambert appears to have met regularly, was part of the first chip scanning in Belgium which Dr. Horton was invited to by Melanie Vritschan. That scanning failed because the bug detector device brought by Horst Kümmer had not been charged sufficiently before the scanning and he didn’t bring the charger. Based on the failure of the first scanning and the subsequent attempts by Horst Kümmer to blame Dr. Horton for it in order to put a strain on her working relationship with Melanie Vritschan, Dr. Horton concluded that Horst Kümmer in turn is a psychological warfare operative and an agent saboteur.

Georg Pickner, Betroffenengruppe für TIs

Under the email “Betroffenengruppe für TIs in Deutschland ” (Affected group for TIs in Germany), Dr. Horton received 1064 unsolicited emails from the first on 6 March 2017 to 9 November 2018 (at the time of writing). While this was on average 2 unsolicited emails per day, on some days it was up to 11 emails (27 Jan 2018) and on many days 5-7 emails. See sample evidence below.

The content of the emails was targeted mostly at a large group of people who were classed as victims. Occasionally, emails were directed at Dr. Horton herself. However as the email list did not have any topical structure or discernible goal to stop the criminality or network with victims to organise public outreach campaigns, its main purpose appeared to be to frighten and traumatise victims with non-stop messages of victimhood and suffering.

Another effect that appeared to be carefully crafted instead of being the result of innocent choices was the continuous subliminal messaging to the victims that they were “Betroffene” (those affected) and members of an “Opfergruppe” (group of victims). No other victims of crime (rape, burglary or violent assault) would receive 5-11 reminders per day that they were victims of crime. So, these non-stop messages were highly unusual psychological warfare operations.

Dr. Horton’s repeated requests to be removed from this email list were ignored or even countered with emotional blackmail and attempts at psychological manipulation by the owner of the email list, a man named Georg. See correspondence below. Melanie Vritschan also confirmed in writing that she her repeated requests to be removed from the list had also been ignored.

So overall after observing this email spamming for over 1.5 years, Dr. Horton concluded that this was a psychological warfare unit paid for by German Secret Services with the goals of perpetuating victimhood, organising work for otherwise feckless informants drawing tax benefits and dissipating Secret Service funds.

Sample evidence

Note that in the days between these samples the emails were coming at a similar rate with on average 2 spam emails per day.

4 emails, 24 Jan 2018
4 emails, 25 Jan 2018
5 emails, 26 Jan 2018
11 emails, 27 Jan 2018

7 emails, 7 Feb 2018
6 emails, 8 Feb 2018

7 emails, 11 Feb 2018
5 emails, 12 Feb 2018
5 emails, 13 Feb 2018
4 emails, 14 Feb 2018

5 emails, 14 May 2018
2 emails, 21 May 2018

6 emails, 7 Sep 2018


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