23 Jan 2019

2am-8am Gunning of my legs as I lie in bed causing intense bone pain.

4am Intense pain torture with a chip in the top joint of my left little finger. Non-consensually implanted chip is suddenly turned on to cause agonising pain and immediate heating. The chip is burning the tissue from the inside and causes clearly visible reddening of the skin. I cannot photograph it because my camera is not to be found in my room.

An hour later, intense torture with chips inside legs all from the hip to the knees, along the shins and to the ankles. A large number of chips is turned on individually at first, switching the pain back and forth and a fast machine pace, then systematically, and finally all together, causing me to curl up in pain.

Non-stop psychopathic Nazi mutilation torture all night long, like every night since 10 January 2016.

22 Jan 2019

Torture with head chips so intense that I feel dizzy from the current being passed through my brain non-stop and have difficulties holding my balance.

Forced sleep by remote control throughout the day knocking me out for 4 hours without me being able to control it. Then again 5 hours later for 2 hours.

During the night, the opposite happens and my head chips are turned up so that I cannot sleep. The disruption of the natural sleep cycle is a form of torture and aimed at destroying the brain and the physical health of the victims. The control of the body implants requires direct control from short-range communication devices and are thus being conducted by the local Swiss Secret Services for the Masonic crime cartel.

9pm-0:00 Long 3 hour live interview with Michael Barden. NSA/GCHQ knocks my computer out in a directly timed action when I mention the Attorney General is corrupt as can be, Head of CIA Gina Haspel being a psychopath, Judge Kavanaugh being a Jesuit and Trump being a Mason. I get the Windows blue screen of death with the sad emoticon. It looks like the face pulled by the cartel as they hear me talk. I burst out laughing out loud.


Evidence of my computer being knocked out in a timed fashion is in the interview itself. The footage below starts at 41:30min to show what I was talking about leading up to the knockout that occurred at 42:48min.

21 Jan 2019

6am Woken after just 5 hours of sleep by whole body being vibrated. Then head-chips worked and I’m triggered into looking at the clock entirely by remote-control. My (internet-connected!) computer says it’s 6:00 exactly.

Being woken on the hour EXACTLY is being made to check the clock to drill home that it’s exactly on the hour is a routine that the MI6 criminals have been doing with me since my bio-robotisation in 2000. I wake and am forced to sleep entirely by remote-control.

When I try to get back to sleep to get at least 6 or 7 hours, I’m not allowed as the Nazi weapon system starts gunning me from satellite. Intense pain-flashes in my bones as Pulsed Energy Projectiles start raining down on my body. I forced wide awake when the pain becomes too much. I can feel that my entire scalp is burning as my head chips are being worked under large current. Non-stop torture starts.

21:00 Intense head chip torture and gunning into the head starts. I feel pain and have the sensation of damage to the brain from the assaults.

20 Jan 2019

5am Gunned awake after less than 3 hours of sleep. Pulsed Energy Projectile machine-gunning goes so insane, I decide to try to record evidence again. This time, I’m using YouTube broadcasting in private mode, which works better.

I record evidence of machine-like background noise being recorded by the webcam. This appears to be the Directed Energy Weapon attacks on my body that make my entire body vibrate. It seems to match a measurement that I did with the EMFields Acousticom 2 earlier at 2am and again at 5am.

The YouTube evidence is 46min longs. So during one night I recorded 1.5 hours of evidence of non-stop mutilation torture.

6am I try to sleep again.

8am Get up after less than 3 hours of sleep and 6 hours of mutilation. Absolutely exhausted and in pain. I’m travelling back to Switzerland today and have a long car journey ahead of me. I presume that the Nazi psychopaths from German Intel BND and VS (“Verfassungsschutz”) will try to kill me again on the roads, like every single fucking time I get into a car.

23:00 Arrived home in Switzerland. The drive was great. Imagine: German Intel DIDN’T try to kill me this time! The first time I’m driving several hours without being seriously assaulted! I was “only” gunned hard into the head twice on the drive! Once in the face and once on the top of the head. Noted down the licence plates of the cars immediately surrounding me at the time. The gunning was such that it seemed to come from my lane and not the opposite lane.

19 Jan 2019

9am Woken up by intense pain torture with my head chips. This time, I am being tortured with the chips in my forehead and on the crown of the head at the front. The pain is intense, radiates form the scalp and is entirely synthetic. Another day of Nazi torture by the German Secret Service.

10:21 A plane is heard flying over head and a loud impact thud in the wall. I can’t tell if the plane gunned me or if it was satellite-based weapons. Either way, making loud impact sounds in the walls around me is one of the criminals favourite past-times. It’s a macho threat. Usually, I’m gunned in the skull shortly after.

11-13:00 Went shopping. Extreme torture in the car. Chips on crown of head have been turned up and switched back and forth so that the intense pain keeps wandering across the scalp. Walking around in town, the chips are ramped up several times to give me the feeling that I am about to faint. They do this on purpose to destroy every moment of respite their victim might have.

Walking around, I notice the brain damage that I have suffered over the past few weeks as the German Secret Service, BND and VS, the most Nazi of them all have gone nuts with my torture. I have spent about a months bed-ridden because of these criminal psychopaths in the employ of the highly criminal and totally fake German “government”, which is actually a private corporation, i.e. a private criminal enterprise.

Then turn on chips in the breasts and cause painful torture. Sexual denigration and sexual mutilation is common to all sex predators and all Secret Services.

13:48 I have been up for 5 hours and have been tortured for 5 hours.

17:08 Intense torture with the chips in my breasts. Non-stop radiation from RF implants and heating cause inflammation, which is the precursor to a tumour and cancer. German Secret Services give women cancer just so that their staff can yank their phallus over sexually demeaning and torturing women.

All evening intense pain torture with the head chips.

2am I try to go to sleep but loud bangs of shots keep me awake.

2:17am Start recording an evidence video of the insane gunning. As soon as I film, they quieten down but continue with the gunning.

2:30am I try to sleep while the evidence is being recorded despite intense gunning into hips and knees under the lead blanket and into head wrapped in aluminium under the baking tray. Non-stop shots.

2:47am After 40min of struggling to sleep, I stop the recording. I notice that the file is corrupted. I realise that I forgot to switch off the WiFi while making the recording so Intel got in again and sabotaged the file so that it cannot be opened. 450MB of evidence is now inaccessible.

Trying to sleep again, but entire body is being vibrated.

18 Jan 2019

9:00 Gunned awake with unspeakable brutality after less than 4 hours of sleep. For an hour I am holding a baking tray over my head listening to the mechanical whinnying sound of the microwave gunning (see Frey effect, and see the attacks on the Cuban diplomats) as I am trying to rest. Pulsed Energy Projectiles are gunning my legs and cause agonising pain in my hips, knees and thigh bones despite the fact that I am sleeping under a lead blanket. Loud impact sounds on the baking tray are audible and become even louder as I pull the lead blanket, which is extremely heavy and actually toxic, over the baking tray.

This is because the electromagnetic weapons systems is working at the speed of light. As my head sensors broadcast that they haven’t been hit at the same intensity, the military weapons automatically crank up the power and start gunning at higher intensity, penetrating the shielding.

During all this torture, my head chips are worked insanely and cause agonising pain. The pain is entirely synthetic and is spreading from my scalp. However, it is so intense that I feel like throwing up.

At the same time as the Pulsed Energy Projectile gunning to my head is causing light flashes inside my eyes, a chip that appears to have been planted inside my eye muscles is yanking my eyes sideways.

After an hour of this high-intensity torture by the German Secret Service and their degenerate Nazi networks, I get up completely exhausted and mutilated.

14:30 The pain torture with the head chips has been steadily ramped up throughout the day. Now the pain is so intense that I’m about to throw up. The chips used to cause this pain are on top of the skull on the right hand side. I can feel the chips pulsing on and off.

When I tried to rest to recover from the pain, intense gunning to the head started immediately. I’m forced to put the aluminium head protection on. Placing my hand on top of my head. Hard Pulsed Energy Projectiles were ripping through my tissue and were causing the tendons and muscles to yank with every impact, making an audible thud sound inside the tissue.

I’m absolutely exhausted and intensely mutilated. I can’t do anything today under this intense pain, which is entirely synthetic and externally induced. Again, I am being crippled by the psychopathic Nazi torture by the German Secret Service- as the successor of the Gestapo, the most degenerate and mentally ill Secret Service of them all.

19:10 Internet is knocked offline. It happens during the intensive Express Consulting day and has never happened before. Can’t help thinking this is sabotage.

19:50 Intense gunning into skull as I am trying to sit and work. Putting my hands on my skull I feel the agonisingly painful pulses in the joints of my fingers.

22:00 Gunning to head becomes so intense that I feel I’m passing out. I put a baking tray on top of the alu-head protection and, sinking to the floor, I listen to the loud bangs of the shots impacting on the baking tray as I wrap my arms around my legs and pull them under the umbrella of the baking tray.

After 5min, I pull up my laptop and webcam and start filming evidence. Several impact sounds are still heard but nothing as loud as before I started filming.

0:00 – 2am Going on Frank Allen’s show “Targeted Massachusetts”. Surprisingly, I’m not gunned to bits. Pleasant surprise.

4am Going to bed. Chips in my breasts and knees are used for torture. Head chips non-stop burning on my scalp.

17 Jan 2019

6:00 Gunned awake. Head chips turned up so that cannot get back to sleep in the agony. Intense gunning aimed at my head. Feel the pulses in my finger joints and on the back of my hand when I raise my hands to protect my head.

Working on my court case to fight back. Controllers severely dislike that and after 3 hours put me to forced sleep. I’m knocked out for 6 hours.

15:00 After 6 hours of sleep intended to wreck my day by making me sleep through it, I wake up when I’m gunned in the head again. I can feel the brain damage as they must have been gunning my head while I was knocked out but at least I feel totally rested.

18:40 HACKING OF ONLINE BANKING!!! I log into my bank account online and do a bank transaction. Everything seems to be in order. Shortly after, I log back in to check some details and notice that MY BANK ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SET TO ZERO! I record an evidence video and show that this must be a fake site. It’s well known that the Intel agencies hijack browsers and divert people to fake mirror sites. This is what must have happened here. After recording the evidence video, I log out and back in. Suddenly everything is back to normal again, proving that it was all a hack.

Non-stop brain torture all night long while trying to work.

3am I would like to record a instructional video on how to fill out the affidavit template. As, I am getting ready, my head chips are turned up like a switch. Intense pain is spreading from my scalp and is so intense it makes me nauseous.

I persevere and record the video. During the recording, I forget to switch off the WiFi and the Secret Service hackers destroy the file so that a 1 hour recording becomes unplayable. The file is corrupted even though two trial runs just moments earlier recorded fine.

At the same time, during the recording, the Nazi psychopaths from German intel gun my lungs from a weapon that is mounted at the next door neighbour. This neighbour had shuttered the window facing us upon moving in and hasn’t lifted the shutters in over half a decade. The Directed Energy Weapons seem to be placed there. Towards the end of the recording the pain in my lungs and back becomes so intensive that I need to wrap up the recording because I am about to throw up.

5am I am going to bed. My body is being vibrated by the Nazi psychopaths. The gunning of my head starts up again.

16 Jan 2019

Gunned awake by hard shot into skull after 4 hours of sleep. Trying to get back to sleep but intense gunning of legs starts up. Pain wandering up and down the leg becomes unbearable. Gunning penetrates lead blanket. Sit up to check the time and hard shot into skull almost knocks me back out again. Loud impact on metal baking trays around me on the bed.

Then Nazi head chip torture all morning. Can barely concentrate because of the chip currents on the brain.

12:20 Burning of scalp with head chips. Can barely walk and keep my balance due to the brain chips being worked. Every movement feels like I have to do work against a machine.

13:50 Remote-controlled rape.

14:50 Work has become impossible because of the working of my chips and non-stop gunning. Trying to rest and recover from repeated head shots.

16:20 Trying to get some things done despite being already exhausted from the non-stop mutilatoin.

17:00 Burning of scalp with head chips.

17:10 Forced sleep attempted. Pass out from exhaustion eventually.

18:00 Nazi brain torture continues.

Entire evening brain chip torture such that I can’t hold my balance.

21:00 Repeated gunning into the head. Need to wrap my head in alu, which helps a bit. Hear and feel repeated impact on the alu-foil.

02:00 Go to bed under heavy gunning. Sleep with head wrapped in alu and balancing a baking tray on my head and shoulders. Body and legs under lead blanket, nevertheless, heavy gunning is painful in the bones.

08 Jan 2019

Intense Nazi mutilation gunning in Germany. Machine-gunning into the head explodes when Dr. Horton tries to go to sleep. The head shots from the military weapons are so intense that 4 layers of alu-foil, a baking tray, a teflon tray and a lead blanket are not enough to block it out.

04 Jan 2019

Dr. Horton is woken up after just 3 hours of sleep by remote control with her head chips and with intense gunning of her body. The brain-chip currents are such that it is physically impossible for Dr. Horton to get back to sleep. She eventually has to flee her bed when the pain from the mutilation gunning with Pulsed Energy Projectiles becomes too much to bear. She spends the time awake to work through the backlog of harassment and libel attacks that have been conducted against her.

Dr. Horton replies in detail to the odd donor complaint she received on 31 Dec 2018, see below. She loses half a day by having to collect all the evidence, make the refunds and write the reply to the accusations proving that they are without basis.

Donor complaint and accusations
email from 30 Dec 2018.

Throughout this time, gunning of her body continues whereby Pulsed Energy Projectiles are fired into her skull and at her legs causing dizziness, difficulties walking and holding her balance and agonising pain in the bones of her legs as the shots are damaging her bone structure and ripping through her brain tissue.

03 Jan 2019

After not sleeping the entire night because of torture and burning of her head and brain with the chip implants and because of gunning with Pulsed Energy Projectiles, Dr. Horton records an evidence video between 6:39 and 7:37am. Pulsed Energy Projectiles are clearly audible every minute of the recording, see below.

Pulsed Energy Projectiles

Dr. Horton continues to be gunned throughout the day and can barely get any work done because of the assaults. She is exhausted from the torture and mutilation. At night, she is gunned again mercilessly.

02 Jan 2019

Intense gunning all day long. Dr. Horton can barely cope and really struggles to get any work done because of the assaults. At night, she is gunned mercilessly and tortured with her head chips so that she doesn’t sleep throughout the entire night. She records an evidence video of the gunning the next morning at 6:30am when she is so tired that she passes out during the 1 hour recording, see above under 03 Jan 2019.

01 Jan 2019 – Car assault from military personnel

Dr. Horton visits a friend and is tortured all throughout the visit. The very same gang-stalker comes out and walks his dog when Dr. Horton arrives, when she and her friend go out, when they return and when Dr. Horton leaves.

Dr. Horton’s friend reports that her neighbours opposite are strange and Dr. Horton notes that they have decoration hanging off their front door with symbols of the the All-Seeing Eye, a pentagram and a heart.

On the drive way home from her friend, Dr. Horton is stalked by a car with a non-local licence plate that is from the other side of the city, exactly from the small circuit where she is staying. During the drive she is tortured with her body implants as they are switched on and off to cause pain. She is tortured in the breasts and then raped as she is driving.

Later on during the drive, a car starts following Dr. Horton on a deserted country lane. The car is right in Dr. Horton’s boot. It is so close that Dr. Horton cannot even see the number plate. After a while of this intimidation theatre, the car from behind starts gunning her in the neck and shoulder region with Directed Energy Weapons.

Dr. Horton turns off abruptly at the next junction but instead of driving on, she makes a U-turn. She notices that the car that followed her stopped in the middle of the street and is waiting for her. This proves that it is indeed one of German Intel’s terror stalkers. As she turns into the road to be behind the car, the car drives on again. Its licence plate is NI-HM-1803 and it is a dark grey Volkwagen Golf driven by a single person, most likely a man.

After Dr. Horton follows the car for a while just as closely as the car had followed her, it turns off into the local military barracks. Dr. Horton makes a U-turn and searches the parking lot in front of the military barracks for the car but cannot find it. This means that the person who stalked and assaulted her is inside the military barracks.

Dr. Horton pulls up and goes to the porters’ lodge to make a report. The night staff call out the local OvWa, the officer on-call, to whom Dr. Horton makes a report and demands an investigation. He promises to pass the incident report and the licence plate on and advises Dr. Horton to make a report to the local criminal police as well.

Intensive gunning into the head at night. Loud impacts sounds and non-stop stroke-like flashes as the Pulsed Energy Projectiles are shot through Dr. Horton’s skull.

31 Dec 2018

Dr. Horton receives an accusatory email sent around midnight on 30 Dec 2018 by one of her donors. What is odd is that this donor appeared at the end of August 2018 and instantly became her highest paying donor on Patreon with a monthly contribution of $150. A month later, he contacted Dr. Horton expressing the wish to donate several thousand dollars. On 8th October 2018, he then donated $3000.

Dr. Horton didn’t hear anything from this donor until he suddenly emailed her complaining about not having had the private calls promised to top-tier patrons, accused Dr. Horton of “bullshitting” her donor, accused her that she was responsible for the kidnap of Melanie Vritschan’s baby and demanded that Dr. Horton pay Melanie Vritschan’s legal fees, see below.

Donor complaint and accusations
email from 30 Dec 2018.

The truth is that Dr. Horton had enquired several times in the period of August to November if he wished to have the private calls as promised on Patreon for the top-tier donors, to which he had not replied. Furthermore, the amount that he claimed to have donated was not correct. Finally, it was astounding to Dr. Horton that someone who had been highly enthusiastic about her work just a few weeks earlier would suddenly make such an extreme U-turn. Finally, what seemed odd is that the kidnap of Melanie Vritschan’s baby by Hospital Erasmus had happened a year before this person became a donor. Nothing had changed about the facts of that case, which had been public knowledge ever since, between this person becoming a donor and making a U-turn.

Overall, these complaints and accusations were so strange that they were strongly redolent of the CIA tactic of disruption and sabotage, whereby a large amount of money would be donated, expecting the person to rely on that sum, just to demand out of the blue later that the money be used otherwise. The emotional upheaval that the accusatory email would trigger was also following the CIA drama-generation technique. Finally, the message that the donor claimed to have sent didn’t appear anywhere in Dr. Horton’s inboxes and she noted that there were no details provided like sender and date and time of the message as there would be in a forwarded email.

Dr. Horton replied to this complaint on 4th January 2019, see above.

28 Dec 2018

Head chip torture is stopped. Dr. Horton has difficulty walking and keeping her balance as a result of the brain damage from burning the brain tissue.

Dr. Horton tried to sit and work and is continuously gunned with Pulsed Energy Projectiles into the head, the knees and the legs. The assaults on the legs cause agonising pain and she feels how the gunning beam is sweeping from her left to her right leg and back.

Again, intense gunning at night every night. Hard gunning of the baking tray over Dr. Horton’s head when she is about to fall asleep, resulting in loud banging sounds.

25-27 Dec 2018

3 days of intensive brain-chip torture whereby German Intel heats Dr. Horton’s brain chips and discharges current to cause agonising pain on the scalp that radiates into the head causing agonising headaches and disorientation through brain damage.

The head chip torture starts exactly on the hour in the morning when the criminal teams hired by German Intel and MI6 start their shift. Precisely timed starts on the hour are a hallmark of the torture schedule that Dr. Horton is being put through.

Dr. Horton needs to take extremely strong pain killers (post-surgery grade) to last through this torture. This is the Christmas time with the family that the psychopathic degenerate serial killers from German Intel and MI6 are intent on destroying as part of the globalists’ plan to destroy family cohesion.

26 Dec 2018

– Intense torture with the non-consensually implanted chips on the scalp
– Agonising head-ache through chips that cannot be blocked by extremely strong pain-killers (of the type given post surgery!)
– Machine-gunning all night long (evidence below)

26 Oct 2018

– Machine-gunning all night long.
– Wake up to chip torture. Scalp burning. Bioweapon wound on back of leg burning & itching.
– Torture with head chips non-stop all day long.
– 15:40 Remote-controlled rape. Then vibration of skin and body parts.
– Commercial airplane fly-overs with loud shots impacting in walls of living room around me.
NB: Commercial planes are known to be equipped with military technology under the crime cartel’s claim that in case of “national security” commercial aircraft can be mobilised for war action almost instantly.
– 17:00 Begin of remote-controlled triggering of muscles. Suddenly muscles twitch randomly at machine-speed. Then limbs jerk upon receiving foreign impulse. Torture until leave house.
– 18:49 Outdoors: Terror stalking by car – just now at ~18:46 when I reached the main road, WHITE Ford (?) waiting in bus stop for me to reach the main road. Upon eye contact, drive off. Car full off 4-5 MEN. Foreign licence (could be FAKE by Swiss): GV-AS-1114 (Licenced in Gravenbroich, North-Rhine-Westphalia).
– 21:12 Audible airplane fly-over shot ripping through skull from above then audible impact thuds in the walls and on objects around me.

[Jul-Oct hiatus due to work load]

No entries despite attacks due to the work load on Dr. Horton.

2 July 2018, Nazi Mutilation in Bed

5pm, just got up after going to bed at around 11:00am after a night of intense torture with the dozens of illegally and covertly implanted chips in my body. My head has been intensely battered with Pulsed Energy Projectiles even though I now sleep in a hermetically sealed metal shed with metal walls. It’s so sealed that I almost pass out from lack of oxygen after a while. I am forced to sleep in this shed, not to be even more mutilated in my sleep than I am now.

These weapons that I don’t even understand how they work punched through the metal walls and bruised me up inside the shed yesterday. I sleep on the floor which also consists of metal slabs. I fell asleep surrounded with extra shielding panels and holding shielding panels with 12 layers of alu above me as I slept. I listen to the shots impacting on the shield and felt the impact of the shots as if someone had fired rubber pellets at me from 2m away. I passed out from exhaustion under this barrage after a while. Like every night I had to sleep with metal head protection and the occasional shot fired through my face such that I could see an intense light-flash as the electromagnetic pulse tore through my optical nerve.

I woke up realising that my metal head protection had come off and my head felt battered. I felt like I had been beaten repeatedly over the head with a hammer. Then as I regained consciousness, a brutal shot tore through my shoulder that made my entire upper body jolt and caused a flash of pain as the muscle tissue was ripped. That’s how Swiss Intel criminals wake me up every morning. Sometimes the criminals headquartered in neighbouring homes wake me by gunning me in the genitals.

I opened the door to the metal shed. When the first wave of fresh air hit me, I realised that there had been barely any oxygen. I lay back down, almost passing out from the pain of my battered head and the brain damage. The fresh air felt wonderful and I began to regain my cognitive abilities. Then the machine-guns, detecting the large opening in the shielding as the shed door stood ajar, opened fire and a never ending shower of extremely hard shots was fired into my bunker causing loud bags and insane pain in all my bones as about 2-3 shots hit me per second resulting in 100-200 shots tearing through my body every minute. With the rest of my energy I pulled a shielding panel over myself and listened to the impacts as shots were bouncing off the panel and reflected up causing loud bangs on the roof and on the sides of the metal shed as the electromagnetic projectiles ricocheted around. Some shots ripped through my head, so I pulled the alu helmet over myself which made it slightly better. Still shots were tearing through my gums and occasionally ricocheted into my eyes causing light flashes. So I buried my face under the shielding panel, choosing temporary protection over enjoying the stream of fresh hair.

The AI-steered machine-guns realised that they were not hitting my head effectively anymore as the head chips implanted all across my scalp stopped registering the electromagnetic pulses and were signalled back by the RF communication unit implanted on the back of my head that the mutilation was less effective. So the machines adjusted the shots immediately and intense flashes of pain in my hips followed as the guns were scanning downwards. I was suddenly jolted by a hard shot that ripped through both my rectal and genital area with a hard impact in my womb and a popping sound of what must be microwave cavitation inside tissue further up in my torso. Out of automatised habit I mentally traced back the shot along the flash of pain that had torn through my body and realised that it was pointing back to the roof-top flat of Ms Nitschke who had placed the life-sized black Satanic goat on the adjacent roof on the night of the first assassination attempt that I survived.

I curled up instinctively into the foetal position protecting my womb and tried to weather the pain, being far too exhausted to feel any horror or an urge to cry in despair. I should have known better than to curve my back, but I was too exhausted to think clearly despite the fact that I knew that a successful hit into the genitals was usually followed by a barrage into exactly the same area by targeting the chips that had been implanted there for sex abuse. The next shot hit my hip causing intense bone pain, the one after that hit my spinal column and made my entire body jolt as the electromagnetic energy flashed my nervous system in the spine. As I moved the shielding to desperately protect myself, a super-fast shower of shots followed as the machines in the neighbouring houses were simultaneously gunning through the gaps in my shielding through which they could successfully hit me and which they had mapped moments ago.

I got up and walked into my bathroom. I could feel that I was walking shakily from all the brain damage. As I went to use the toilet, I heard a loud bang as a shot hit the hinge of the bathroom door with millimetre precision. This was the usual “game” of Swiss Secret Services to show me that they could see where I was going live and could watch me on the toilet. As soon as I sat down, I was machine-gunned hard in the kidney as they knew I couldn’t move away.

Human dignity is untouchable. (Art.1 of German Basic Law)