26 Oct 2018

– Machine-gunning all night long.
– Wake up to chip torture. Scalp burning. Bioweapon wound on back of leg burning & itching.
– Torture with head chips non-stop all day long.
– 15:40 Remote-controlled rape. Then vibration of skin and body parts.
– Commercial airplane fly-overs with loud shots impacting in walls of living room around me.
NB: Commercial planes are known to be equipped with military technology under the crime cartel’s claim that in case of “national security” commercial aircraft can be mobilised for war action almost instantly.
– 17:00 Begin of remote-controlled triggering of muscles. Suddenly muscles twitch randomly at machine-speed. Then limbs jerk upon receiving foreign impulse. Torture until leave house.
– 18:49 Outdoors: Terror stalking by car – just now at ~18:46 when I reached the main road, WHITE Ford (?) waiting in bus stop for me to reach the main road. Upon eye contact, drive off. Car full off 4-5 MEN. Foreign licence (could be FAKE by Swiss): GV-AS-1114 (Licenced in Gravenbroich, North-Rhine-Westphalia).
– 21:12 Audible airplane fly-over shot ripping through skull from above then audible impact thuds in the walls and on objects around me.

[Jul-Oct hiatus due to work load]

No entries despite attacks due to the work load on Dr. Horton.

2 July 2018, Nazi Mutilation in Bed

5pm, just got up after going to bed at around 11:00am after a night of intense torture with the dozens of illegally and covertly implanted chips in my body. My head has been intensely battered with Pulsed Energy Projectiles even though I now sleep in a hermetically sealed metal shed with metal walls. It’s so sealed that I almost pass out from lack of oxygen after a while. I am forced to sleep in this shed, not to be even more mutilated in my sleep than I am now.

These weapons that I don’t even understand how they work punched through the metal walls and bruised me up inside the shed yesterday. I sleep on the floor which also consists of metal slabs. I fell asleep surrounded with extra shielding panels and holding shielding panels with 12 layers of alu above me as I slept. I listen to the shots impacting on the shield and felt the impact of the shots as if someone had fired rubber pellets at me from 2m away. I passed out from exhaustion under this barrage after a while. Like every night I had to sleep with metal head protection and the occasional shot fired through my face such that I could see an intense light-flash as the electromagnetic pulse tore through my optical nerve.

I woke up realising that my metal head protection had come off and my head felt battered. I felt like I had been beaten repeatedly over the head with a hammer. Then as I regained consciousness, a brutal shot tore through my shoulder that made my entire upper body jolt and caused a flash of pain as the muscle tissue was ripped. That’s how Swiss Intel criminals wake me up every morning. Sometimes the criminals headquartered in neighbouring homes wake me by gunning me in the genitals.

I opened the door to the metal shed. When the first wave of fresh air hit me, I realised that there had been barely any oxygen. I lay back down, almost passing out from the pain of my battered head and the brain damage. The fresh air felt wonderful and I began to regain my cognitive abilities. Then the machine-guns, detecting the large opening in the shielding as the shed door stood ajar, opened fire and a never ending shower of extremely hard shots was fired into my bunker causing loud bags and insane pain in all my bones as about 2-3 shots hit me per second resulting in 100-200 shots tearing through my body every minute. With the rest of my energy I pulled a shielding panel over myself and listened to the impacts as shots were bouncing off the panel and reflected up causing loud bangs on the roof and on the sides of the metal shed as the electromagnetic projectiles ricocheted around. Some shots ripped through my head, so I pulled the alu helmet over myself which made it slightly better. Still shots were tearing through my gums and occasionally ricocheted into my eyes causing light flashes. So I buried my face under the shielding panel, choosing temporary protection over enjoying the stream of fresh hair.

The AI-steered machine-guns realised that they were not hitting my head effectively anymore as the head chips implanted all across my scalp stopped registering the electromagnetic pulses and were signalled back by the RF communication unit implanted on the back of my head that the mutilation was less effective. So the machines adjusted the shots immediately and intense flashes of pain in my hips followed as the guns were scanning downwards. I was suddenly jolted by a hard shot that ripped through both my rectal and genital area with a hard impact in my womb and a popping sound of what must be microwave cavitation inside tissue further up in my torso. Out of automatised habit I mentally traced back the shot along the flash of pain that had torn through my body and realised that it was pointing back to the roof-top flat of Ms Nitschke who had placed the life-sized black Satanic goat on the adjacent roof on the night of the first assassination attempt that I survived.

I curled up instinctively into the foetal position protecting my womb and tried to weather the pain, being far too exhausted to feel any horror or an urge to cry in despair. I should have known better than to curve my back, but I was too exhausted to think clearly despite the fact that I knew that a successful hit into the genitals was usually followed by a barrage into exactly the same area by targeting the chips that had been implanted there for sex abuse. The next shot hit my hip causing intense bone pain, the one after that hit my spinal column and made my entire body jolt as the electromagnetic energy flashed my nervous system in the spine. As I moved the shielding to desperately protect myself, a super-fast shower of shots followed as the machines in the neighbouring houses were simultaneously gunning through the gaps in my shielding through which they could successfully hit me and which they had mapped moments ago.

I got up and walked into my bathroom. I could feel that I was walking shakily from all the brain damage. As I went to use the toilet, I heard a loud bang as a shot hit the hinge of the bathroom door with millimetre precision. This was the usual “game” of Swiss Secret Services to show me that they could see where I was going live and could watch me on the toilet. As soon as I sat down, I was machine-gunned hard in the kidney as they knew I couldn’t move away.

Human dignity is untouchable. (Art.1 of German Basic Law)