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Space Commands

US Air Force Space Command, Colorado

On 28 October 2018, Richard Lighthouse presented his research in an interview with Dr. Horton about tracking the satellite-based assault weapons back to US Air Force Space Command in Colorado and General John W. Raymond.

On 17 November 2018, Dr. Horton contacted the US Air Force Space Command to request the contact email of General John W. Raymond to send him legal documents ahead of court filings.

On 20 November 2018, Dr. Horton received a reply from the US Air Force Space Command to send all documents to the following address, see Air Force email below:

General John W. Raymond
150 Vandenberg St Ste 1105
Peterson AFB
CO 80914-4500
United States
Reply from US Air Force Space Command, 20 Nov 2018
stating the address that correspondence to General John W. Raymond should be addressed to.

NATO Space Command, Rammstein, Germany

On 14th May 2019, Dr. Horton sent a request to cease and desist the Directed Energy Weapon gunning from satellite systems on her. The request was neither acknowledge, nor honoured.

Dr. Horton’s request to Cease and Desist to NATO Space Command
14 May 2019.
Reply refused by NATO Space Command.

Secret Services

GCHQ Correspondence

Subject Access Request
demanding all data held on Dr. Horton including body implant data that is transmitted non-stop via a SIGINT chain controlled by NSA and GCHQ.
6th June 2019

Swiss Intel NDB

Cease & Desist Request, 10 Jun 2018
after non-stop machine-gunning with Pulsed Energy Projectiles & torture, hacking, street mobbing, daily vaginal+rectal rape with Body Area Network.
Wait 10-27 Jun 2018. No response from NDB.

  • Non-stop DEW machine-gunning increases in ferocity.
  • Need to buy stronger shielding to survive in own home.
  • Legs infected with pathogen causing rash and remote-controlled itching.
  • Online threats hoping that I die from cancer.
  • Street mobbing intensifies.
  • 3-4 times daily vaginal+rectal rape with Body Area Network.
Cease & Desist Request, 27 Jun 2018
after non-stop machine-gunning with Pulsed Energy Projectiles & torture, hacking, street mobbing, daily vaginal+rectal rape with Body Area Network.
Wait 28 Jun – 31 Jul 2018. No response from NDB.

  • Non-stop DEW machine-gunning ripping through body in flat.
  • Head battered with shots all night long.
  • Work and sleep continuously in a metal garden shed erected in the office.
  • Shots go through several layers of metal.
  • Non-stop machine-gunning into head driving a car.
  • 3-4 times daily vaginal+rectal rape with Body Area Network continues.

European Parliament

Ana Gomes, EU Parliament

Ana Gomes is a Member of the European Parliament. As an MEP, she is a member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), a member of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE), as well as a member of the Delegation for relations with the United States (D-US).

Dr. Horton informed MEP Ana Gomez of crimes against humanity and the covert genocide in Europe on 19th June 2019, quoting the court-actionable results from the first 15 affidavits submitted as part of the global victim survey, see below. This notification can be downloaded and used as an official document in court litigation.

Notification of Crimes Against Humanity to Ana Gomes, MEP
19th June 2019.

Journalists & Media

Jean Guerrero, WIRED

The WIRED journalist Jean Guerrero wrote a long article entitled MY FATHER SAYS HE’S A ‘TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.’ MAYBE WE ALL ARE. When my attention was drawn to this article by a person over social media I decided to send a brief note to this journalist to inform her of the global victim survey and to invite her father to fill out an affidavit. The message that was sent over Jean Guerrero’s contact form on her website can be found below.

Message to Jean Guerrero
6th June 2019

Wisconsin State Journal

On 20th June 2019, the following letter was sent by Dr. Horton to journalist Chris Rickert, author of the article about the judgement in the case Pozner v Prof. Fetzer, and to John Smalley, editor of the Wisconsin State Journal.

Dr. Horton’s Notification to Chris Rickert and John Smalley
at the Wisconsin State Journal, 20 June 2019,
in relation to the case Pozner v Prof. Fetzer.

Letters to Neighbours

Neighbourhood Information Campaign

Distributed to the neighbours North of Zürcherstrasse on 5-12 April 2018, to those South of Zürcherstrasse on 9-10 June 2018. Click to enlarge the maps. To run your own neighbourhood campaign you can use these instructions and templates.

Letter to Swiss Neighbours in German
distributed by Dr. Horton to the neighbourhood.
English Translation of the Letter to Swiss Neighbours

Notification of Upcoming Court Cases

Distributed to the neighbours in direct line of sight on 30 July 2018. To inform your neighbours you are welcome to use the templates in English and German (both in Open Office format). (The abbreviations below are N=North, E=East, W=West, S=South, NE=North East etc.)

This is the core template. Neighbour’s name & address adjusted individually.
P. Spengler
Langacherstrasse 1, 8103 Unterengstringen
(NE, Direct line of sight into study via dining room, lots of attacks along this line)
H.P. Wagner & S. Nitschke
Langacherstrasse 3, 8103 Unterengstringen
(NE, 3rd neighbour called Nitschke with direct line of sight)
P. Cueni-Keel
Langacherstrasse 4, 8103 Unterengstringen
(W, apparent source of a lot of attacks, her son appeared to take part in one street theatre spectacle)
Honold & Honold-Cescatti
Langacherstrasse 8, 8103 Unterengstringen
(E, Mrs. Honold told Dr. Horton about being part of the “Bermuda Triangle” around her home, apparent source of a lot of attacks)
Langacherstrasse 10, 8103 Unterengstringen
(SE, placed black goat on roof after 1st assassination attempt on Dr. Horton,
part of neighbours who form the “Bermuda Triangle”)
Talacherstrasse 2, 8103 Unterengstringen
(NW, appeared to be part of stalking patrol in beginning)
Talacherstrasse 6, 8103 Unterengstringen
Erni & Egli
Talacherstrasse 8, 8103 Unterengstringen
(N, placed a car wreck in the colour of Dr. Horton’s car in their front garden and a mock antenna array made from a ladder and a metal sink pointing at Dr. Horton)
Talacherstrasse 10, 8103 Unterengstringen
R. Nitschke
Talacherstrasse 12, 8103 Unterengstringen
(N, brother & sister-in-law of Ms. Nitschke with the black goat, part of the “Bermuda Triangle” around Dr. Horton)