Below is the evidence of Dr. Horton’s work. This is being published in response to several malicious attempts at libel and character defamation. Dr. Horton’s Master and PhD certificates are not being published because they can be used to print fake Oxford University certificates. However, Hertford College at the University of Oxford can be called at any time to confirm Dr. Horton’s Master of Physics (MPhys, 1st class) and doctorate in particle physics.

Undergraduate in physics, Master of Physics (1st class)
Hertford College, University of Oxford, 2000-2004.
Doctorate in Particle Physics, DPhil (PhD)
Hertford College, University of Oxford, 2004-2008.
Particle Physicist at DESY
the German Electron-Synchrotron, Hamburg, 2004-2008.
St John’s College Fellowship in Physics
University of Oxford, 2008-2012.
Certification of St John’s College Fellowship
by the College Office at St John’s College.
Particle Physicist at CERN
at the Large Hadron Collider, Geneva, 2008-2010.
CERN research posting at the Large Hadron Collider
confirmation of CERN stay May 2009-October 2010.
CERN expenses receipt
evidence of association with both CERN and University of Oxford.
Reference by Prof. Elston
certifying academic work for Dr. Horton’s Zurich job in 2015, see below.
Begin of research into the Physics of Complex Human Systems
changing fields from particle physics as part of the St John’s College Fellowship in 2011. Researched physical dynamics in the British legal system, finance, currency systems, economies and white-collar crime.
Train tickets Oxford to London
for a case study of the British legal system through the High Court case Berezovsky v Abramovitch, 31 Oct 2011 – 15 Jan 2012, where Dr. Horton met Jonathan Sumption QC, barrister of Abramovitch.
Start of overt MI5 terror campaigns early November 2011.
Dr. Horton followed home from court and then followed and terrorised everywhere. Repeated stalking by Lord Jonathan Sumption in 2012 who by then has become a judge of the UK Supreme Court after inauguration on 12 January 2012.
Protest leaflets distributed by Met police
outside the Rolls Building, Royal Courts of Justice, during the High Court case Berezovsky v Abramovitch, 31 Nov 2011.
Business card and invitation to book presentation by Luke Harding from The Guardian newspaper
given to Dr. Horton by Luke Harding during the High Court case Berezovsky v Abramovitch in London, December 2011.
Leaving Academia to launch a Start-Up in Germany
a business that is based on insights gleamed from research of the dynamics of the Western economy.
Registration of Dr. Horton’s start-up
a business endeavour that was destroyed by MI6 and BND terror.
MI6 and BND terror campaigns become ever more brutal.
Medical care subverted for criminal implanting. Directed Energy Weapon attack on Dr. Horton from a helicopter on 1st July 2015. Relocation to Switzerland.
Work at Asset Management Firm in Zurich
hired after predicting the ECB’s largest money printing program in history, 2015. Terrorised out of the job by NDB, BND and MI6.
Launch of Consulting Business in Switzerland
specialising in complex human systems, 1 January 2016.
Begin of non-stop Directed Energy Weapon mutilation, 10 Jan 2016
Swiss NDB continue the MI6 and BND terror campaigns with non-stop machine-gunning of Dr. Horton with DEWs mounted at the neighbours’ homes in Unterengstringen, Zurich.
Dr. Horton attends the High Court case of Philip Kerr v MI5
in London on 21 January 2016. She talks to Kerr and his partner afterwards and realises that her targeting is identical to theirs.
Dr. Horton’s High Court ligitgation Dr. Horton v SIS (MI6), MI5, GCHQ
litigation runs 19 May-25 Jul 2016 and is wrongfully terminated by Judge Holgate. Dr. Horton survives an MI6 assassination attempt.
Dr. Horton attends the Tribunal case of Dr. Stephen Frost v MoD
in Manchester on 28-29 October 2016. She talks to Dr. Frost and his family afterwards and realises that they have been targeted by the same terror campaigns as her.
Dr. Horton goes public on The Richie Allen Show
Dr. Horton testifies to a live audience about the physical assaults with Directed Energy Weapons on her, 6th December 2016.
Founding of the Joint Investigation Team US-Europe
to investigates Secret Service criminality, Feb 2017.
Who is Who in the Joint Investigation Team
Team members Feb 2017-Jul 2018.
Certificate of Membership of the Joint Investigation Team
issued to all members to certify the investigative collaboration.
Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum
Public live broadcasts of the investigation, 16 Mar 2017-26 Jul 2018.
Global Crime Fighters
Public live broadcasts of the global investigation, 9 Aug 2018 onwards.
Special Investigators
Launched with interview of Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, 27 Aug 2018.