Please keep an eye on our heroes!

The victims below are all extremely important people as they are at the forefront of the battle against the out-of-control criminality in our public institutions. They are all being brutally mutilated and tortured daily by the degenerates in the intelligence agencies, military and law enforcement agencies. Most of them have already survived assassination attempts and are in constant danger.

Here we monitor their life-signs daily to make sure that they are ok. Each one of them has to check-in by a certain time with a life-sign. Should one of them miss their check-in time, they are reminded by email. If within 12 hours they do not check-in an alert is sent to 3 trusted people who have their personal contact info. They follow up on the victim’s well-being. If something serious has happened to the victim or if they cannot be found, all members of the victim community as well as the wider world are alerted and a major shit-storm is raised with the authorities, especially the people on the victim’s blacklist.

The victim’s blacklist contains the list of officials who are actively participating in the abuse or who refused help even though it is their job to intervene. In other words, they are the Nazis or Nazi collaborators in these death camp experiments. They have to be removed to recapture the institutions from crime.

The victim’s hitlist is the list of officials that the victim is currently reaching out to for help. Those officials still have a chance to act to support the victim and avoid ending up on the blacklist.

You can support the victims by donating or by contacting the people on the blacklist or hitlist and demand that the victim be helped and that the people on the blacklist are investigated and removed.

Legend: OK Incidents FAILED TO CHECK-IN !!! ALERT !!!
No problems.
No targetting.
No attacks.
Painful attacks.
Other incidents.
Victim failed to check-in 12hrs after deadline.
Trusted person checking up on victim.
Alert if unsuccessful.
Victim hurt or not found.
Time to raise all hell!
Melt-down contact lines of people on victim’s blacklist and hitlist.
Date Dr Millicent Black Ramola D Dr Katherine Horton Karen Stewart

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Check-in USA, 23:55 UTC-5 USA, 23:55 UTC-5 Switzerland, 23:55 UTC+1 USA, 23:55 UTC-5
28 Feb 2017
Death threats, V2k, choking, mutilation

  • Electronic dreams with heating my body and voice of named individual as I’m awakened.
  • RF trans to head.
  • Assaults to left groin-pelvic-pubic, left hip, buttock has mass that grows with radiation pulsations.
  • V2k of named individual says that’s what he was talking about back when he asked me to my face “where is your sciatica?” about 1999.
  • A Dr. said some implants grow the more they are pulsated. In any event the assaults cause “scar tissue.”
  • Intense assaults all day to both knees-legs, left buttock and around the hip girdle, left groin-pelvic-pubic areas, left thigh with RF trans to head.
  • Sexual assault.
  • V2k named individual as harassment with threats to my life.
  • Brainwashing broadcasts.
  • Choking by spasming my esophagus.
  • RF trans to head.
  • Continued assaults to left groin-pelvic-pubic, left hip-thigh. V2k of named individual as sexual harassment with visuals and brain invasion.
  • Assaults to pubic bone (intense).
  • Sleep deprivation as torture.
  • Extreme difficulty walking due to inflammation from assaults to legs-thighs-knees-hips.
Assassination attempts and non-stop attacks

  • Sleep-deprivation with heat attacks to spine.
  • Woken to facial hits, head hits–had to wear hat stuffed with shielding material and ice pack to protect.
  • Attempts to re-infect, keep me sick with respiratory illness and damaged voice all day (with facial/head hits with pulsed EMFs and apparent viruses in aerosols).
  • Assassination attempts mid-day while working on an interview to be posted: massive hits to the heart from behind and to the left side, directionally from neighbor’s driveway and from cars zooming in to park in our neighborhood.
  • Apparently their tracking wasn’t working well–lots of plane action (flyovers) along with car action on street and heart hits at home, while on a walk, and all my drives yesterday, including at my daughter’s piano class studio on Adams Street.
  • Hits on right eye while driving.
  • Hits to left ankle/still swollen while working at my desk and walking around house.
  • Usual streams of cars and flashing/brighting/stalkers/dogs/colors–COINTELPRO.
  • Video recordings made, to be uploaded soon.
  • Finally, major sabotage of voice on scheduled community conference call for TIs run by Ella F and major cyberwarfare and freezing of browsers, sound drivers, so I could not be present to speak at this call along with Dr. Horton and Karen Stewart.
  • Sleep waves while working in the evening–artificial, since I wasn’t tired.
  • Sleep-deprived again all night–woken three times with excessive heat at spine.
  • Classic Torture signals, courtesy local thugs and assassins, federally funded, in Quincy, Massachusetts.
  • Surviving, resolute, determined.
Non-stop shots to head and heart.

  • Woken up with hard muscle-pulsing.
  • Entire body vibrated such that can hear shielding resonate against alu-layer close to my ear.
  • Then insane shots from the neighbouring property into my sleeping area until I get up.
  • Entire morning alternates between vibrating my body, hard shots to the head, heart irradiation and muscle-pulsing.
  • This seems to be the routine when the Swiss Nazis train their young degenerates. It seems like the kiddies are shown in turn how to use the equipment on me.
  • The main Nazi training nest is in two flats below the satanic black goat, which appeared after the first assassination attempt on me 3 days after my first hearing at the High Court in London.
  • A never ending stream of ever-changing young people and poor looking people can be seen going in and out from that block of flats.
  • The “satanic goat” symbolism is common to the paedophile and ritual child abuse/murder rings around the world.
  • It follows that paedophilia must also be the core grooming and recruitment tool in the Swiss intelligence agency run by Markus Seidler.
  • During Ella’s call, I receive extreme microwaving to the head so that I have to sit behind shielding and try to protect my head while I am trying to talk to Ella and her listeners.
Hard audible shots fired at night, burns

  • Unusual attack around 5:00 a.m. with apparent highly concentrated energy “arrows” that penetrated the home, hitting my sleep area.
  • This has happened before on occasion. Luckily, Teflon cookie sheets repelled the hits, which made audible “pings”.
  • The rest of the stay followed the routine 24/7 escalation of the current DEW emanation that burns and stings skin, ears, eyes, chest, abdomen, head.
27 Feb 2017
Non-stop mutilation and V2K

  • Awakened after midnight and up til nearly 2 am before back to bed and awakened again about 5.
  • Awakened this time to body being heated and V2k of named individual telling me how he makes my mother stay home by making her wet her clothes when she’s out.
  • My mom is 82 with partial radio frequency induced dementia and is severely targeted.
  • Her entire body is under the control of the perps who keeps her in severe pain from damage done to her back and spine by microwave energy.
  • He uses the pain ray on her when we are together to make me angry.
  • I was forced to care for my dad who they threatened to kill and blame on me.
  • He died in 2006 after his legs were taken from him through hypnosis (the perp just said hypnosis is all it was.)
  • He was horribly mistreated but told me that he sees the dreams that were being sent to my head.
  • The perp, who is an exibitionist, brags about how he assaults my throat and about what he does to my knees to destroy the Total Knee Replacements in both knees while he destroys my left hip girdle.
  • Extreme assault and pain all day to left groin-pelvic-pubic, left hip-buttock, belly, digestive tract, RF trans to head.
  • Scratches to rt elbow.
  • Won’t let me rest. I am extremely fatigued from sleep deprivation as torture.
  • V2k of named individual as sexual harassment.
  • He brags about how he can make people lie on me via radio frequency silent sound commands. He uses people as puppets.
  • Continued Traumatic Brain Injury with RF trans to head and V2k of named individual as sexual harassment and brainwashing that causes inflammation in my brain.
  • Heating my body as trauma-based mind control.
  • He brags about how he sabotages my life and support systems via broadcasting the propaganda he uses as degrading themes and through thought injection, visuals and voice morphing.
  • Intense assaults to my left side and left side of my thoracic cavity.
  • Body heating while RW V2k tells me how he wants to kill me with sleep deprivation which is torture, cancer from directed energy weapons which is a felony and by dropping me dead with a heart attack ALL of which is a War Crime because he’s a 26 year Air Force veteran.
Non-stop mutilating and audible shots

  • Nonstop facial hits, same protocol as yesterday.
  • Dehydration and thirst.
  • Woke up to massive head hits and temple hits–instant headache. (Ice packs on head remove these headaches or at least palliate.)
  • Could hold shielding (Reflectix and anti-skid rubber over a cookie sheet) up above my head and hear the fusillade, like a bullet spray, on all sides and from top. Directionally from neighbors’ houses.
  • Direct hits from both neighbors on either side–with both jokers at home, one entertaining a friend, the other parking his gigantic red Dragon Titan or whatever it’s called (massive SUV/pick-up with a closed bed, probably holding unknown DEWS) in his driveway and lounging there in daytime
  • Hits from both sides registered on my body, on shielding, and on my meter.
  • Imagine sitting at home and being paid to assault your female neighbor with covert military weaponry: that is exactly what is going on.
  • Constant vibration at spine–literally as if an electric beam is closing the circuit with my spine and vibrating it. (I understand remote microwave transmission can use the skin as a transducer, as per Dave Case/electronic engineer’s info.)
  • Touching my neck breaks this circuit and brings on the honking and car-zooming, and planes and helicopters, frantic for my spine. Such love.
  • Hits on my still-swollen ankle.
  • Hits into my right eye when driving and at daughters’ after-school class studios.
  • Pointless manic COINTELPRO on streets–brighting like lunatics, flashing, etc.
  • The usual Psy Op stalkers all around, easily ignored.
Non-stop insane shots to head

  • Attackers wake me up with hard shots into body and then systematic muscle-pulsing.
  • Breathing interrupted remotely. Forced to breathe in by remote-control.
  • Then insane shower of brutal shots by Swiss Nazis into my sleeping area (in the bathtub behind shielding) starts up. Hear repeatedly popping sound in my head. I quickly put the metal tray over my head and feel extremely painful shots into my fingers, wrist and arm near the edge of the tray.
  • THEN SHOTS GO INSANE! Hear sparks as shots bounce off alu shielding. Continues non-stop until I evacuate the room.
  • At desk, receive agonisingly painful shots into back of head just below the edge of the alu shielding on my head. 4-5 fast, hard pulses fired.
  • Non-stop shots fired into my head every couple of minutes. Alternates with muscle-pulsing and pencil beams drilled into back of lungs, legs and any other body part they can hit.
  • Desperately trying to work but shots keep being fired so that I have to adjust my seating position behind the shielding wall.
  • Standing in kitchen, hard shots fired into back of head from neighbour.
  • All night, shots to head at every opportunity. Head cooked.
  • Sleep in bathtub again. As soon as I lie down, artillery barrage of extremely hard shots starts up again, drumming against the shielding and firing through gaps into my body.
Pin-pricks, burning, DEWs in cars

  • Routine 24/7 DEW exposure, ramped up 4-5 times a day/night.
  • DEW type: burns skin with acute pricks like mini-bee stings (new symptom – likely due to overall higher power), burns ears, high-pitched ringing and high painful pressure, burns eyes/high pressure, burning headache, burning chest: heart, upper lungs, esophagus.
  • Took readings in neighborhood with Trifield 100 XE meter, electromagnetic high (beginning of danger zone) at white pick-up truck 6b/c0206 (MD) across the street, but quite low at other nearby cars.
26 Feb 2017
Death threats, non-stop mutilation & V2k

  • Intense assaults to left groin-pelvic-pubic areas.
  • V2k of RW all day both audible and subliminal.
  • He tells me that he often speaks to my brain in subvocal tones as programming and to interfere with my cognitive abilities and memory.
  • RF trans to head while traveling in the car and at home.
  • Named individual or those using his voice uses sleep deprivation, trauma to my body and subliminal messages and suggestions as SERE torture tactics and brainwashing.
  • Right knee-leg assaults with controlled bladder activity.
  • Heating body and upper back which inflamed my heart.
  • Assaults to belly-pelvic with v2k of named individual talking about what key I sing in as assault to the back of my brain where he’s been talking all afternoon.
  • Brain invasion with psychic driving.
  • Further assaults to belly-pelvic areas.
  • Throat-squeezing esophagus trying to make me choke on food.
  • Assaults to belly-pelvic that I can’t shield, right knee-leg.
  • V2k of named individual talking in my brain as he assaults my throat to make me wheeze.
  • He has said several times in the past weeks that he should drive through my parking lot and just shoot me and drive off.
  • Continued sleep deprivation, brainwashing and broadcasting to control the people around me and maintain a hostile environment against me.
  • I have medical testing this week and the intense assaults are to insure a negative results while he manipulates the medical profession to misdiagnose me or not treat the problem at all.
  • I’ve experience this kind of sabotage for more than 17 years.
  • Praise God for the good health care workers because everyone does not play along.
Assassination attempt, repeated shots to heart

  • Continued facial hits, nonstop to induce illness. (Literally, instant colds, instant blocked sinuses within 2-3 minutes of exposure.)
  • Heart hits, almost like a beam, especially in kitchen and front of house, which are closer to the street.
  • Congestive heart pressure, which usually translates to a beam focused high on the sternum or hitting from the back or both.
  • Shots into temples and top of head to induce headache.
  • High levels of wifi microwaves recorded wherever I go in the house.
  • Picked up high readings on drives, directionally from cars in front and from antennas on light poles–also tuned to facial hits.
  • Hit diagonally on highways in eyes, temples, face.
  • Occasional loud flyovers when their tracking mechanisms failed.
  • Apparent assassination attempt just as I lay down to sleep on top of shielding, massive hit to heart, had to instantly shield heart.
  • Synthetic dreams: weird story lines, images (nightly occurrence).
  • Sleep-deprivation at night, woken several times with loud sounds on shielding
  • Heat at spine, hits into the face and head.
All-out mutilation, brain purposefully shot to pieces

  • Waking up in bathtub by assaults through shielding. Neck jerked repeatedly side-ways. Muscles pulsed in turn then shoulders and legs jerked violently. Change body position and trying to sleep then kneed brutally shot into when they appear above the rim of the bathtub through the shielding.
  • Non-stop foreign images flashed into my head. I am wide awake, just keeping my eyes closed.
  • Then shots to head start up. Insanity of the head shots suddenly explodes. Hear hard popping sound inside head from cavitation. Also hear hard shots bouncing off the aluminum everywhere around me. Forced to evacuate the entire bathroom.
  • Shots continue to be fired during morning so that I have to put up shielding around desk to work. Non-stop shots fired nevertheless.
  • Insanely intense shots into brain. Feels like head is cooking. Hard shots keep being fired at every opportunity. Brutal shots fired through mouth and teeth when try to protect head with alu.
  • Go for lunch with husband. Demonstrative stalking. Middle-aged woman stalker sits down opposite us and looks at me non-stop with a dead and gormless stare. She doesn’t look anywhere else.
  • We go for a short walk. Swiss Nazi stalkers waiting for us every 50m. Trying to be as obvious as possible, e.g. as we pass a bus stop, a couple is standing there and staring at us as we approach. As we walk past the bus stop, they both start to follow us about 20m behind us.
  • Outdoors my head is also painful at alternating areas. Non-stop assaults to break up our conversation. My ear canal is burning so painfully that I cannot focus. Then pain is switched such that it jumps around different areas of my skull. THIS IS A SENSATION I NEVER HAD BEFORE IN MY LIFE.
  • Back home, brutal shots into head from neighbour standing in the kitchen.
  • Then vibrating of entire body.
  • Then non-stop extremely hard shots into my skull for the rest of the evening. Brain feels its cooking after every flash of a shot into skull. Popping sound from cavitation also heared repeatedly inside skull.
  • I try to continue working but non-stop shots bounce off the sides of the shielding around my desk and keep punching hard into me.
  • Sleeping in bathtub for protection once more. Again, hard drumming against shielding as soon as I lie down. Using backing tray to protect my face from shots that punch through and bounce back inside at me.
Non-stop assaults from neighbours & cars

  • Routine, 24/7 slow-kill DEW assault from mercenary psychopath traitorous neighbors continue.
  • When I take the dogs on a walk, several race to nearby streets to sit in their cars with mobile DEWs trained on us to make sure we are hit as much as possible.
  • This of course indiscriminately hits anyone around us… men, women, children, elderly, infants… pregnant women.
25 Feb 2017
Death threats by the psychopath!!! Mutilations

  • Today has been filled with intense assaults to my right knee, leg, left groin-pelvic-pubic and heating of my buttocks, backs of thighs and back.
  • Radio frequency transmission to my head as tinnitus much of the day.
  • Unending chatter in my brains as V2k.
  • Hacking of all my internet connections, phone, laptop and tablet.
  • Sleep deprivation, electronic dreams and visuals sent to my brain during waking hours
  • Threats to my life and his own. He also threatens my children’s lives as well.
  • There are reports to the Police Department about assaults to my left groin-pelvic-pubic, right knee-leg all the way back to 2011.
  • I have written journals back farther than that documenting the same type of abuse ans sexual assaults.
  • The attachment is a bone scan taken in Ohio in 2014 that confirms the chronic inflammation from the chips.
  • My thyroid, bladder, right kidney and left hip have also been of concern for many years.
  • The lymphatic system is under constant assault and no amount of shielding helps.
  • Massage and chiropractic adjustments are reversed almost immediately.
  • I was told in 2008 that whatever was done to help me he would undo the good.
  • He is insane on his power with his supposed Super-Soldier enhancements.
  • Cuing my brain with visuals as form of interrogation, then named individual via V2k tells me what answer he was expecting which is Chinese Brainwashing or psychic driving.
  • Psychic driving plays a statement in the head of the victim over and over with the intentions of changing that person’s thought processes. It’s intended behavior modification through thought process control.
Continued facial hits, heart hits, head hits

  • Continued attacks to face and sinuses to re-infect.
  • Battling constant headache with attacks of pulsed microwaves to the head–top, left side, frontal lobes.
  • Attacks in the heart area, entire chest region.
  • Attacks to my right knee, left ankle.
  • Potshots at shin and ankle apparently as tracking attempts.
  • Recorded signals once more from all around block.
  • Shielding, surviving, focusing on work.
Live hacking & shot to pieces

  • Live hacking of life-sign page on Formatting garbled abruptly when I scroll down without me pressing a single key. 20 Feb row appears above 23rd Feb – impossible to do by mistake.
  • Sleeping in bathtub on Karen Stewart’s advice to protect my body from shots at night. Shots to head from neighbour as soon as remove shielding from bathroom window in morning.
  • Different attack every 2-3min all day.
  • Burning of ear canal.
  • Needle-pain shot into joint.
  • Vibrating of left hand. Feels like intense current is running through it.
  • Painful shots to lower spine. Then just above right hip.
  • Non-stop microwaving of head.
  • Cannot sit in dining-room because head shot into non-stop from neighbours.
  • Brutal vibrations in my arm to the point of paralysis. I break down on the floor from pain.
  • 40min later vibrations still going non-stop but not painful anymore.
  • Then brutal shots to head continue and go all night long.
  • Extreme heating of brain from hard microwave shots into skull.
  • Go to bed sleeping in bathtub again. Shielding panels all round and Faraday cage covering it all.
  • Extreme barrage of violent shots fired into me through the Faraday cage and small gaps in shielding. Try to protect myself with metal backing tray. Violent shots heard as hard popping sounds an alu-shields and on metal tray.
  • Shots that hit into my body and face from back-reflections inside my shielding are incredibly painful and I feel shot to pieces and damaged.
  • I cannot protect myself any better. So I try to sleep with the sounds of shots and the regular painful shot into my body.
Routine slow-kill protocol, 24/7 exposure

  • Third type of Directed Energy Weapon type used on me since November 2016.
  • Seems to be microwave or similar with fantastically high, painful whining and burning ear pressure.
  • I can feel myself cooking.
  • Lots of milk related products required to sooth burning in esophagus and stomach.
  • Pets continue to be in distress. I give them milk and Cumin too.
24 Feb 2017
Crippling of joints and death threats

  • Today has been expressly difficult due to intense non-stop frequency assaults to my breast, left groin-pelvic-pubic, upper left thigh, left elbow, left side, belly and hip.
  • Notice that most assaults are below my waist. (He’s been punishing me for sending so much information about him.)
  • The doctor thinks my left hip joint has been destroyed. Buttocks were assaulted as were both knees and rt lower leg.
  • I had knee replacements in 2002 and he set me up to mess them up.
  • An orthopedic doctor wrote a letter for me to tell the court of the danger the chips would be to my recovery from any surgery in 2014.
  • I now have to use a walker due to the use of the chips in my legs to make me limp and/or fall.
  • Muscles in both legs are kept weak, yet excercising is difficult and assaults increases to prevent muscle strengthening. (He said he was insulted when I would walk away from him in public instead of greet him like everyone else.)
  • Excessive heating of body tissue to cause inflammation of the day.
  • Radio frequency transmission to both sides of my head most of the day and V2k of named individual all day as sexual harassment and brainwashing broadcast.
  • Thought injection which keeps my brain inflammed.
  • Sleep deprivation and assaults to my side to prevent me from resting.
  • Threats to kill me.
Continued facial attacks, flyovers & knee hits

  • Continued facial attacks and pulses on head all day, apparently to induce illness or re-infect.
  • The intention appears to be to fully debilitate, “anti-personnel effects” intended to make one “combat-ineffective” in military jargon.
  • Increased attacks to left ankle and right knee.
  • Increase in helicopter, drone, and small plane flyovers directly & low, over work space.
  • Microwave pulses directionally traceable to immediate neighbors’ houses, round the block.
  • High level of microwaves detected with microwave smog detector, in my work room.
  • Continue to shield, and am surviving, and continuing to write.
  • Sleep-Deprivation at night, woken several times with heat (either an active denial system DEW or a pulsed-radar through-wall-surveillance device) applied at spine, ultrasonic signals to ears, and noises induced on shielding material to wake.
Non-stop head shots, crippling of knee

  • Woken up by extreme mutilation. Hard shots to head and intense vibrations of my entire bed area.
  • Image flashed into my head by microwave image-to-skull. (More dumb and pointless microwaving of my head & eyes for the entertainment of degenerate imbeciles.)
  • Hard shots to head as I am trying to sleep again. Cavitation inside brain as result of intense microwave shots causes popping sounds to be audible inside skull. Feel how head gets damaged with every shot inside.
  • Eyes also hit several times.
  • Hard shot into heart in the shower coming via window from neighbour’s house.
  • Agonizing pain drilling into my right lung and near the spine until I wrap my torso in aluminium.
  • Left knee in agonizing pain from hard shots into it all night. Difficulty walking.
  • Walking around flat thinking, hard shots into head through the window from neighbours.
  • Brutal non-stop shots to head cooking in the kitchen.
  • 4pm Insane head & face shots start up. Need to erect bunker around my desk area, but not enough to shield all the shots.
  • Sleep in bathtub to be safe (on Karen’s advice). It helps a lot as the cast iron shields my body. But still get shots as I am hit through the gaps in the shielding and via back-reflections. Agents simply set computer-steered microwave shots to fire at every inch of the shielding until it finds a gap.
Increasing attacks throughout day

  • Routine 24/7 escalation of Directed Energy Weapon emanations from probably 3 directions (triangulation), to overlap for triple strength inside my home.
23 Feb 2017
V2K, mutilation & sexual assaults

  • 2:53 pm Assaults to belly-pelvic-pubic, right knee-leg, left elbow.
  • RF trans to rt side of head.
  • V2k of named individual as threats to my life with visuals of his face.
  • Intense assault to right knee with frequency.
  • Constant threats to give me colon cancer.
  • Colitis from stomach/colon assaults.
  • Assaults to lower back w/heating, right knee-leg, belly and RF trans to right side of head.
  • V2k of named individual talking about giving me cancer with radio, microwave and other frequencies as directed energy to my body.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Viscous assaults to belly-pelvic, left side, thigh, tongue
  • V2k of named individual as sexual harassment as brainwashing broadcast.
  • Constant threats to kill me sometimes he talks of killing himself, sometimes he speaks of causing a major disaster causing multiple deaths.
  • I had surgical procedure on Tuesday and I’m not allowed to rest without physical assault and verbal harassment in V2k of named individual.
  • Sleep deprivation. Frequently force to bathroom.
Crippling of joints, sustained facial hits to induce illness

  • All-day intense facial hits to induce illness
  • Combined with massive spraying which has raised temps here by 40 degrees–we’re in the ’70s here in Boston, in mid-Feb
  • Nighttime and daytime hits to knees and ankles
  • Alternation between high-powered hits and lower-intensity microwave pulses in face, traceable to neighbors’ houses and cars zooming in to park in neighborhood.
  • Battling sinus and repeat bronchial infections.
  • Surviving all with will and shielding
Non-stop shots to head, crippling of joints

  • Woken up in middle of night by extremely brutal shots into knees.
  • Wake up next morning with bruises on thigh and knee.
  • Hard shots to heart in shower through windows from neighbour’s house.
  • Hard shots to knees and wrist, sitting at my desk.
  • Shots into face and head. Intense shot into neck jerks my head to one side as the electromagnetic energy is shot into the nerves.
  • Muscle-pulsing for harassment as I am trying to work. When I don’t react, extremely hard shots into head and face.
  • Non-stop shots into head. Need to erect shielding around desk.
  • Shots fired from neighbour’s home pass through gaps, bounce off shielding and keep hitting me in the head and the eyes.
  • AI-seems to learn how to hit my head then hones in on my ear canal.
  • Insanely painful deep burning of my ear canal to destroy my hearing. Need to wrap my head in aluminium, covering the cheeks to block it out.
  • Attackers express frustration with extremely hards shots into my breast and spine. So painful I can’t breethe. Need to wrap my torso in aluminium to be able to work. Volley of brutal shots into knee follows.
  • 2-4am at night: Extremely hard shots to the right lung and to one small point on the spine, trying to give me lung cancer and make me quadriplegic. Continues all throughout the night.
  • Try to shield myself, but wake up in intense pain when shielding slips and AI automatically starts targetting again. Extreme mutilation by machine-controlled military equipment in my bedroom in Switzerland.
Non-stop assaults

  • Still same protocol.
  • 24/7 increasing emanations through out the day/night.
  • 9:31 pm decided burning sensations skin, ears, eyes, chest, head…
  • Getting some natural remedy for head pain now.
22 Feb 2017
Crippling of legs

  • Complete day was filled with assaults to my left side, left groin-pelvic-pubic and right knee-leg making it painful to walk.
  • I’m now dependent on a walker due to constant assaults to both legs-thighs-knees.
  • I had knee replacement surgery in 2002 that is now being undone with laser assaults in the center of the knees and just below.
  • Melinda Kidder, Private Investigator, found multiple chips in both legs and around both knees.
  • Non-stop v2k in voice of named individual as sexual harassment and brainwashing broadcast.
  • Radio frequency transmission to brain-primarily on right side of head and back of brain.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Mouth-tongue-teeth also assaulted.
Brutal attacks from neighbors’ houses

  • Woken again this morning to intense facial hits.
  • Recorded hits from direction of both immediate neighbors’ houses and yards.
  • Battled in-the-face and on-cheek hits all morning and afternoon.
  • Added head and heart hits in the afternoon and evening.
  • Non-stop assaults to re-infect.
  • Battling all with rest/holistic remedies.
  • Surviving, but have noticed escalated rate and intensity of attacks this entire week.
Arm paralysed twice, non-stops shots to head

  • Arm electromagnetically beamed/vibrated into paralysis in shower.
  • At desk, both feet vibrated to disrupt my work.
  • Left ear canal cooked again with microwave beam. Need to erect shielding bunker around desk to work.
  • Hard shots bouncing off shielding panels cause “clicking” in right temple.
  • Microwaving of forehead in kitchen from neighbour’s house as I am washing up dishes in the sink in front of the kitchen window.
  • Back at desk, unbearable pressure feeling on head.
  • Face, especially nose and eye area feels irradiated and under pressure.
  • Hard, agonizingly painful shots to wrist and breasts as I move around the house.
  • Hard shots to heart standing next to bathroom sink from next door neighbour.
  • Sleep in Faraday cage with shielding panels on walls towards perpetrator neighbours’ houses.
  • In bed arm vibrated into paralysis again.
  • Then insane shots to head. Need to shield face with cast-iron metal shield.
  • Woken up in the middle of the night with agonizing shots to left knee.
Attacks steered by phone, perps photographed!

  • Same slow-kill protocol, emanations ratcheted up multiple times in the day and night.
  • Comes after noticing many times before perps coming within close distance of house to dial sth on phone when attacks increased.
  • Perps du Jour, who seem to turn up emanations by phone app. Note 1st perp has phone in hand AND one beside him. Have seen the double phones often.[PICTURES INCLUDED]
21 Feb 2017
V2K and assaults (incl. sexual)

  • Sleep deprivation with brainwashing jargon, degrading themes and SERE torture tactics.
  • Constant assaults to left groin-pelvic-pubic.
  • Heating body, upper thighs while sitting and upper back around heart.
  • Non-stop v2k in voice of named individual as thought stopping, with visuals as sexual harassment.
  • Public broadcasting as brainwashing.
  • Threats to cause car accident during drive from Georgia and Ohio.
  • Threats to broadcast in my voice to create hostile environment and to prevent proper medical care.
  • Radio frequency transmission to brain-primarily to right side.
Attacks all day.

  • Woken pre-dawn with intense right cheek hits again.
  • Intense hits on face and sinuses. Microwave attacks on heart and in face driving and at store.
  • Intense evening attacks–right cheek and face again.
  • Room where I work flooded with wifi pulses from all directions.
  • Shielding, using painkillers, surviving.
Non-stop assaults all day

  • Woken by hard pulse to head.
  • Extremely hard microwaving to head all day, especially left ear canal.
  • Need to sit at computer with head wrapped in alu to be able to function.
  • Notice that listening to music or audio in general certain sounds cause ringing in left ear that sounds tinny. NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORE.
  • My ear is inflamed and is crawling deep inside. Suspect self-assembling nanotech is growing after it was injected 2w ago on my trip to Brussels at night. Never had this feeling before in my life!
  • Hard shots to knee repeatedly sitting at desk. Need to wrap my knee in alu it’s so painful. Shots fired into hip instead, then into left lung and spine.
  • After wrap torso in alu, microwaving of right eye.
  • Most shots fired through my face, making skull ache where they bounce back from alu on my head.
  • Need to erect shielding panels around desk. Get work done when agents get bored.
  • All afternoon and evening, extremely hard shots fired at my head. Makes my neck and limbs jolt when it hits my spine.
  • Tingling vibrations of my left arm in bed.
  • Then spine microwaved from below.
  • When lie on sheets of alu, entire body vibrated mechanically and hard shots into shoulder and genitals through Faraday cage.
Non-stop assaults, incl. outdoords

  • Electronic emanations through the house, ratcheted up throughout the day 4-5 times.
  • Evening emanations always worse, with emanations btw 3-6 a.m. the worst.
  • Symptoms: burning sensation on skin, in ears, eyes, across frontal lobe, in chest… esophagus, upper lungs causing coughing at a certain strength, heart, abdomen.
  • High pressure felt in ears and eyes.
  • Pets show increasing distress as well throughout the day.
  • Leaving the house on foot or by car of course sends the parasitic stalkers making their money off of sucking the life out of you, after you with Directed Energy Weapons in backpacks or in their cars to aim at you from afar like the cowards they are.
20 Feb 2017
V2K and brutal assaults

  • Assaults to left groin-pelvic-pubic, right knee-leg-thighs.
  • RF transmission to head.
  • Body heating.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Constant V2k by named tormentor as sexual harassment and brainwashing broadcast.
  • Sleep deprivation and sleep frequencies while I drove on a 4 hr trip.
  • Threats to cause a wreck or damage my vehicle.
Survived intense attacks

  • Continued focused attacks on right cheek and jaw.
  • Continued intense in-the-face microwave hits.
  • Small let-up in evening hours.
  • Evening attacks on heart with congestive pressure and microwave hits.
  • Resumed attacks at night on cheek and face.
  • Night attacks on heart and on root chakra/private parts.
  • 9 pm: Doing ok, regardless of all, shielding.
Non-stop assaults

  • Arm vibrated in the shower into paralysis.
  • Microwaving ear canals trying to create tone all day.
  • Non-stop shots to head ALL DAY.
  • Repeatedly painful shots to left breast.
  • Sleeping in Faraday cage.
  • In bed: arm vibrated again. No paralysis this time.
  • Spine microwaved from below.
  • After put alu-foil under my back, brutal shots to head from next door neighbour.
  • Wrap head in alu and use metal tray to protect face. Hear shots hitting the metal tray and the alu!
Assaults all day, incl. pets

  • Microwaving all day with usual protocol: lower in the morning, climbing throughout the day, high/highest in the evening/night.
  • Burning exposed skin with redness (radiation dermatitis) on the face.
  • Burning pain in frontal lobes
  • Burning pain in eyes (getting vision damage).
  • Ears burning with high pressure and extremely high ringing.
  • Slight dizziness.
  • Taking herb Cumin to lessen brain swelling and vicious headaches.
  • Pets: 1 dog panting heavily
  • Both dogs drinking incessantly due to being dried out.
  • Have shielded the dogs and cats as best I can but they still are distressed.