Dr Robert Duncan

Connection to Dr Horton

After Dr Horton’s appearance on the Richie Allen Show, the CIA/DARPA scientist Dr Robert Duncan confirmed publicly on his own initiative that Dr Horton is “in the program” by announcing this, as well as the fact that he would try to help her, on his Facebook page:

Although, this seemed like a helpful gesture at first, in the email exchange between Dr Horton and Dr Duncan that ensued he behaved abusively and concluded that her “mind is too average”:

Dr Duncan admitted that

“They will induce many deaths. You are at the heart of the program to break you down in every way financially, mentally, social supports, etc. But from an outsiders perspective, they only see you doing it to yourself.”

Dr Horton asked him for an expert testimony for the upcoming court cases and for advice on how to collect evidence for the deployment of the advanced military technology that he reported being used on the general population in his public interviews. He responded with

“I advise seeing a doctor and getting some valium to calm your anxiety first so that you can think about the complexity of this “game” more rationally”,

a statement that betrayed the sociopathic tendencies of this man. The next day, he concluded that Dr Horton’s “mind is too average” within a 2.5hr window (between 8:29pm and 11:07pm his local time). He reached that conclusion without Dr Horton being able to respond to his emails as she was out of email contact at the time.

Cartel-Signalling and Dr Duncan’s “Study”

The “study” that Dr Duncan sent Dr Horton in the above email exchange is here:

At the end of that document and in total disconnect from the tone of the rest of the document, a creepy poem appears:

“Prick your finger. It is done. The moon has now eclipsed the sun. The angel has spread his wings. The time has come for better things.”

This poem does neither belond into the proposal of a science projects, nor does it have any bearing on the content of the research, unless of course it is cartel-signalling notifying the other members of the crime cartel that these experiments are entirely bogus. Code words and signalling like that is well known from the PizzaGate scandal of the Washington D.C. child trafficking and child murder cases. The connection to blood sacrifice is hinted at in the phrase “Prick your finger”, the rest of that poem appears to be making references to Masonic or Illuminati-style divisions of humanity into “light versus dark”, i.e. “good versus evil”. In that framework, the moon eclipsing the sun appears to imply evil rising above the good. Similarly, “the angel” could be a reference to Lucifer or Satan as the “fallen angel”. The final sentence “The time has come for better things” leaves one with the question: better for whom?

Cartel-Signalling on Dr Duncan’s Facebook Profile

That weapons-grade nonsense in the “study” document above should be assessed together with Dr Robert Duncan’s Facebook profile on which he can be seen describing himself as an “illuminati” while he is pictured with a broad grin, blocking almost all the light from what looks like a window-like light source behind him (click on the image to see a higher resolution screen-shot).

While in everyday life such details are of no relevance, in the world of the cartel profile images have a special importance. Blocking out a light source indicates working for the dark side of the black-white duality both controlled by the crime cartel. In this context, Dr Duncan’s profile image would thus be parsed as his head blocking out the sun and thereby bringing on the reign of darkness with his brain power. That could be a reference that he worked himself by his own admition in developing the weapons that are now used against the civilian population around the world.

Judge for yourself.

Bryan Tew’s connection to Duncan

After posting the above, a person on a victim email-list explained how disturbed they were by seeing one of Dr Duncan’s videos on ReelTimes Media (entitled DARPA Insider “We are on Verge of Cataclysmic Discovery”!* – a title that leaves one to wonder what the star symbol is for). Dr Horton responded with her strong views on Dr Robert Duncan, which she formed after the above interaction with him.

This upset Bryan Tew, who started defending Dr Duncan vehemently. He continued the email conversation over Twitter where Dr Horton replied to him:

“Well, if you are in touch with the guy, please let him write to me under his real email that he uses for other authenticated communication, put in writing that the text was not written by him, so that I can use his evidence in court as sabotage of my communication channels and identity fraud. I would appreciate it if he could write me a testimony for use in court that this has occurred and I shall take down what I have written on the page. But I would need a written and signed testimony that he is willing to back up in court.

Then I can also report the identity fraud to the police. As my case touches on the NDB, BND and MI6 as well as GCHQ, between themselves they can find out who has committed the crime. It is rather serious as we are dealing with crimes against humanity and any sabotage of the victims’ attempt to seek help is a serious crime indeed.

Unless he clarifies to me in writing, and willing to repeat it under oath in court that he didn’t write that, I shall stick to my conclusions. If would be a pity of [sic] he omitted to clarify this since it is such a wonderful opportunity to bring down some criminals who stole his identity. It is easy for GCHQ to find out what account sent those messages.”

To which Bryan Tew replied “ok”. A couple of hours later, a volley of abusive messages claiming to be Robert Duncan started arriving to Dr Horton’s email address that she had shared with Bryan Tew

Dr Duncan’s 2nd set of abusive emails

The timeline of arrival and number of Dr Duncan’s second set of emails to Dr Horton are something to behold. Again they were coming from the cyclotronheating@gmail.com address:

Dr Horton was seriously doubting Duncan’s sanity or respect for the human dignity of the victims, receiving those messages. Read for yourself and while doing so, ask yourself if that is how the scientist who, by his own admission, worked on the technology that is now used to maim and subjugate innocent people around the world ought to talk to an abuse victim if he were healthy in the head:

After this experience, Dr Horton wrote back to Bryan Tew, asking:

“Bryan, I am being spammed by a robot now on my email account. Did you get in touch with Duncan or how did he get my other email?”

to which she got no reply. Hmm.

Thinking the torrent of weirdness was over, the next day, Dr. Horton received another cryptic email from Duncan:

The message read:

“You tell me some information about your work at CERN and I can answer some of your questions. Of course I will send you an encryption program if your information is valuable to me.

I am an information broker.”

So Dr Duncan seems to be steeped to the neck in this computer game-like world of mysteries and treasure hunts with which stupid trainee agents are brainwashed into doing the bidding of some senior psychopath.

Over the course of the day, Dr Horton received questions from several related people about CERN. Coincidence? My rear-side.

The reality at CERN is a lot more mundane and involves hard dreary work debugging computer code and calculating stuff so boring it makes you want to drop dead at times. This of course, doesn’t fit the man-boy world of computer games and brain-fuck AI interfaces that Dr Duncan seems to revel in.

Dr Horton’s view on Dr Duncan

After this exchange, Dr. Horton really didn’t want to have anything to do with the man, unless it is seeing him in a court of law defending himself against charges of crimes against humanity for the human-degrading technology that he has unleashed on the world.

Remember the countless helpless individuals, all of whom had something better to do with their life, but were forced to listen THEIR ENTIRE LIFE to some junk heap of a computer talk shit at them, programmed by a bunch of retards with sexual complexes.

Imagine receiving the emails Dr. Horton got straight to your brain by the “Voice of God” brain-to-computer interface that Dr Duncan worked on. How would you feel if you had to listen to that crap 24/7 all your life because a man like Duncan decided that he wanted to try some bullshit algorithm on a human being and picked you because it made his knob feel bigger?

Team Duncan

The people who appeared to be closely working with Dr Duncan were Bryan Tew, Todd Giffen and Tyrone Dew. It would be these people who would be jumping to the defence of Dr Duncan when Dr Horton criticised him publicly.

In their own right, these people would repeatedly attack Dr Horton in that Bryan Tew tried to libel her several times to the victim community claiming that she was not a real scientist or not a CERN scientist.

Tod Giffen would send sexually harassing emails to Dr Horton.

Tyrone Dew would try to discredit Dr Horton’s information when she tried to inform the victims and the public that non-consensual implants play a key role in abusing the victims.

Dr Duncan in summary

  1. Dr Duncan confirmed that Dr Horton was in “the program” that aimed to break her down including financially, mentally and her social supports.
  2. It follows that Dr Duncan has direct knowledge of the criminal operation being conducted against victims, and therefore he knows that crimes against humanity are being committed.
  3. Dr Duncan has possibly also access to the victim list itself, given that he did not term it “a program of this type” or some other broader reference, but referred specifically to “the program”.
  4. Dr Duncan refused to assist Dr Horton but relished the opportunity to abuse her, even though he knows that she is a victim of on-going crimes against humanity.
  5. Dr Duncan openly admitted in writing to conducting “Experiments on psychological warfare by DARPA” on Dr. Horton.
  6. Dr Duncan appears to work with Bryan Tew and Todd Giffen.

Illuminati Bruise and Victim Abuse

On 1st March 2019, Dr. Robert Duncan appears to have updated his profile image to one showing a prominent bruise around his left eye.

This type of bruise was reported by the Daily Mail as a sign of an Illuminati initiation ritual. In fact, many prominent figures likely involved in the Illuminati could be seen with a similar bruise, including Vladimir Putin who has been claimed to be a Royal Arch Freemason involved in some Illuminati-style breeding project, see below.


Dr. Horton’s attention was drawn to this through an email by Erika Meyer on 3rd March 2019, in which she exposed Dr. Duncan gloating about his continued involvement in victim abuse via his Facebook posts, see below.


Rampant Psychopathy

Further displays of Dr. Duncan’s glaring psychopathy can be found in his posts, for example here:


Note how he is continuously refering to “we” and “our” when talking about those diabolical schemes of implanting humans:


Dr. Duncan’s unbridled contempt for humanity becomes clear reading his comment about the heart-breaking appeal to improve the system by a dying veteran who appears to have been left to die in a targeted fashion by the Veterans’ Administration (VA).


Here is the original video that needs to be watched to fully understand why Dr. Duncan’s remarks are so crass and tasteless that they could only come from a psychopath. It becomes clear that good, meek and upstanding people are being senselessly slaughtered by the most degenerate, moronic and psychopathic human trash that the world has produced.

The VA killed meUPDATE:You have changed things. I just got a call from a lady at VA. Someone sent the video to a senator and that senator (she would not give me the senators name) contacted the VA and told them to find a way for me to receive after treatment where ever I want. This is a big deal. However, while this does help me obtain the treatment I need it still doesn't change the fact that had they done things the way they should have I would not be dying. My desire and wish is to force changes in the va to allow ALL veterans to get the care they need. If they can now allow me to get treatment where ever I want then they can allow ALL veterans to get treatment where ever they want. Please don't stop now. This is a fight you can win.

Posted by Russell Erwin on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dr. Robert Duncan’s messages go on in a similar fashion oscillating between overt gloating using “we / our” to refer to sadistic schemes in the first person plural and more cagey pretending that he is running some sort of simulation to “prove” what the government is capable of.

Overall, the entire scheme is thinly veiled, batshit deranged and psychopathically degenerate. Also note the reference to being a “Magician” below, a phrase that is prominently used by cartel members and appeared in the GCHQ presentation, as can be found in the Snowden leaks, where they were looking for the next generation of Cyber Magicians.

Also note in his post form the 8th March 2019 how he is referring to his war room while showing a set of computer screens with the “Q” symbol of the Q-posts together with a Satanic pentagram.

Furthermore of interest is the post by Ani Kaspar, another person of dubious motives, who is sending double-speak messages like “Just smother crazy woman running amok? Lots of great fun, I assume” below the post from 9th March 2019.