Initial Correspondence 2017

Systematic Defamation of Victim Advocates

Contacting Dr. Horton

Erika Meyer is one of those curious characters who appeared to be a victim in need of help, yet turned on Dr. Horton on a whim and launched a public defamation campaign against her, despite the fact that Dr. Horton had helped her measure her body implants and collect evidence for court. This combined with the systematic way in which Erika Meyer targeted other prominent victim advocates makes her extremely suspicious, see evidence below.

Erika Meyer first contacted Dr. Horton on 22 March 2017 to send her a report of her victim case and inform Dr. Horton about the affidavit she was writing. In subsequent email messages between March and May 2017, Erika Meyer spoke about her affidavit and, to begin with, it all appeared to be normal correspondence from a victim of targeting.


Then on 5th May 2017, Erika Meyer sent an email where she signed off with a two-finger symbol, which Dr. Horton at the time did not connect to the cartel-signalling symbol typically representing the double pillars of Freemasonry. This is a screenshot of the Erika Meyer’s signature from that email.


Two days later on 7th May 2017, Erika Meyer sent another email where she signed off with the German name “Heidekraut” and the symbol of a white rabbit. Again, while Dr. Horton noted it as highly odd at the time, she didn’t connect it to the white rabbit as a prominent cartel-signalling symbol, typically representing a handler who leads the victim (aka. little Alice from Alice in Wonderland) down the rabbit hole, which in turn represents the endless warren of cartel shenanigans.

The name Heidekraut also happens to consist of the words Heide meaning heath or heathen and Kraut meaning herb or cabbage and also happens to be a pejorative word for a German. This is a screenshot of the Erika Meyer’s signature from that email.


Using Dr. Horton’s Help

On 16 October 2017, Erika Meyer used the public instructions given by Dr. Horton for detecting body implants and found several radio-frequency chips in her body using the Aceco bug detector recommended by Dr. Horton. Erika Meyer filmed these measurements and thereby created court-actionable evidence for herself based on the public guidance given by Dr. Horton.

Nevertheless, the fact that it was thanks to Dr. Horton’s provision of detailed guidance for victims that allowed Erika Meyer to collect solid evidence would not prevent her from turning on Dr. Horton in the most ungrateful and deceitful manner.

A year and a half later, after praising Dr. Horton’s work repeatedly and being keen on the affidavit template which Dr. Horton’ developed to help victims collect supporting evidence for their complex cases, Erika Meyer would launch a public defamation campaign in March 2019, claiming that Dr. Horton had lied about her PhD without Erika Meyer being able to prove her fraudulent claims, see below. This would come after Erika Meyer made similar fraudulent and defamatory claims about Dr. Millicent Black and the late Dr. Paul Marko.

Systematic Defamation of Victim Advocates

The public defamation of Dr. Horton by Erika Meyer came completely out of the blue and despite the latter praising Dr. Horton’s work and confirming that “I feel that you are a genuine person” as late as 22nd March 2019. Originally, it all started with a systematic defamation of Dr. Horton’s former colleagues following the public break-up of the Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum on 2nd August 2018, namely:

On 28 February 2019, a new campaign of defamation by Erika Meyer followed where the list of people accused by her included not just the entire former Techno Crime Fighters team but also other well-known public advocates who had made substantial contribution to exposing the targeting program (much more substantial than Erika Meyer, one might add), namely:

Defamation of Ramola Dharmaraj

On 15th August 2018, 2 weeks after the Techno Crime Fighters Forum was publicly broken up by Ramola Dharmaraj, Erika Meyer contacted Dr. Horton telling her “My intelligence is good. 😉“, whereby the wink should be noted as another example of cartel-signalling typically representing the All-Seeing Eye, and continued to state “My opinion is that Ramola really doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore. I truly believe she is corrupt“.


In this email, and in contrast to her usual signing off as “Erika“, she merely signed off as “E“. This was not noted by Dr. Horton as unusual at the time. However, retrospective analysis in April 2019, after Erika Meyer engaged in systematic public defamation of all of Dr. Horton’s former colleagues and eventually Dr. Horton herself, revealed this curious pattern in the signatures (see section on Cartel-Signalling by Erika Meyer above).

The attacks against Ramola Dharmaraj would be renewed by Erika Meyer publicly months later on 15th and 16th March 2019 when she would be called “DISINFORMATION and an agent provocateur” by Erika Meyer.


In spinning her accusations Erika Meyer would also craftily sneak in completely new smear allegations against Dr. Horton by implying that she had been accused of being racist. As a matter of fact, Dr. Horton has never been accused of being racist or of making racist remarks. So you can see how disruption operatives like Erika Meyer sprinkle in their disinformation.


Defamation of Karen Melton-Stewart

On 25th August 2018, ten days after the defamation of Ramola Dharmaraj, Erika Meyer contacted Dr. Horton again and proceeded to defame another former colleague of Dr. Horton’s, this time the famous NSA whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart, as an infiltrator. Erika Meyer quoted synthetic dreams in support of her allegations, which she claimed were legitimate “military intelligence“.


Defamation of Fighting Monarch

On 20 January, Erika Meyer began with attacking the anonymous author of the site Fighting Monarch, who is putting out articles on Monarch programming and how victims can understand what has been done to them. Just 5 weeks later, Erika Meyer’s behaviour would explode into a systematic campaign to smear and publicly libel some of the best known victim advocates.


After commenting on the articles and the website, Erika Meyer immediately proceeded to call the author a “shill” and started defaming that individual to other people publicly. When Erika Meyer started presenting her suspicions fraudulently as facts, the well-known MI6 whistleblower Andrea Davison, who had been in touch with the individual in question, had to come to his defence against those grave and unfounded allegations by Erika Meyer.



Defamation of Richard Lighthouse

On 28th February 2019, Erika Meyer renewed her attacks on victim advocates contacting Dr. Horton and calling Richard Lighthouse, whom Dr. Horton had interviewedan embarassment“. Most curiously, given what would follow, in the same email Erika Meyer emphatically recognised Dr. Horton’s credentials by saying: “One of the biggest things you have going for yourself is valid academic and scientific credentials, therefore, that is what they are targeting.


Defamation of Dr. Robert Duncan

On 1st March 2019, Erika Meyer added Dr. Robert Duncan to the list of people to be distrusted. Erika Meyer equated Richard Lighthouse (see above) to Robert Duncan, a man whom Dr. Horton herself had a different set of serious misgivings about, and claimed that both Richard Lighthouse and Robert Duncan were fraudulently claiming to be experts and whistleblowers.


On 3rd March 2019, Erika Meyer backed up her claims about Dr. Robert Duncan being highly suspect with solid evidence for Dr. Duncan’s continued involvement in the abuse of victims and crimes against humanity by providing one of Dr. Duncan’s Facebook messages in which he gloated “I made TAMI go crazy today by altering her learning algorithm. I am showing how we can induce any classified mental illness in any target to disable them“.


Multiple People Suspected

On the 15 March, it became obvious that Erika Meyer was busy randomly attacking other victims and victim advocates, when she publicly replied to a threat by Winnie Mangwende, who appeared to have had enough of Erika Meyers’ smear and disruption operations, to report Erika Meyer to Twitter, see below.


On 16th March 2019, Erika Meyer relaunched her attacks on victim advocates by contacting Dr. Horton to tell her about her suspicions about:

  • Karen Melton-Stewart who she claimed “cannot be the person she presents herself as” and that “her job is radicalization“,
  • Ramola Dharmaraj because her “work is just a joke” since she “is not even close to a journalist and by calling herself a journalist she insults the profession” because she “doesn’t fact check or think critically“,
  • Melanie Vritschan who Meyer claimed was “from a multigenerational trauma based mind control family and in her world her duplicitous behavior makes sense“,
  • intergalactic (username), a Japanese-American woman who Meyer claimed was “a handler“,
  • Winnie Mangwende because she apparently “cannot explain why she thinks the US military specifically is targeting her“.

Curiously, at this stage, Erika Meyer was still highly supportive of Dr. Horton emphasising at the end of her email: “Because you have done so much solid work with the affidavit and critical analysis of scientific methods, and because you CAN tell of your experiences and why you think A, B, or C I have real respect for you and concern as well, because I can see how these rats are after you.


A week later, these opinions would puff into thin air and Dr. Horton would come under fire herself, for no other reason than defending her colleagues against public defamation and disproving Erika Meyer’s claims that Dr. Horton’s late colleague Dr. Paul Marko was a fraud.

Post-Humous Public Defamation of Dr. Paul Marko

On 22nd March 2018, Erika Meyer once more contacted Dr. Horton unsolicited. This time it was to defame her former colleague Dr. Paul Marko in claiming that “Paul Marko, Karen M. Stewart, and Ramola were all connected with some type of disinfo and/or COINTELPRO type program” and that they are under suspicion to be “all linked to intelligence agencies“. What made these remarks particularly hurtful was that Dr. Paul Marko had actually passed away a year earlier in February 2018.

Erika Meyer’s email defaming Dr. Paul Marko
22 March 2019.

Erika Meyer went on to elaborate that she ““always had a weird feeling about Marko” and that she would “currently have a strong sense that he, like Duncan, does not actually possess a PhD“. To back up her claims and show her research sources, Erika Meyer pointed to the obituary of completely different person who happened to be a namesake of Dr. Paul Marko, a man named Paul F. Marko Jr. who lived in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, whereas Dr. Paul Marko had passed away in Ecuador! Here is the false obituary sent by Erika Meyer and below that is the image of Dr. Paul Marko, the former colleague of Dr. Horton.


Dr. Paul Marko, the real former colleague of Dr. Horton, had been an Organisational Psychologist, who had published books that can be found publicly confirming his doctorate. See for example The Postconventional Personality: Assessing, Researching, and Theorizing Higher Development (SUNY series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology), a book that Dr. Marko co-authored and in which he is listed as (see 2nd to last paragraph of the book excerpt on Amazon):

Paul W. Marko has a PhD in psychology from Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center. He is a developmental psychologist who works with both organizations and individuals.

Furthermore, he had publicly collaborated with Dr. Horton within that field in publicising the subversive nature of pyramid organisations, for which Dr. Marko had coined the term Psychopath Magnets. He was also an internationally known campaigner against child abuse, child trafficking and against other horrific crimes of the cartel.

Dr. Paul Marko’s obituary, published by Dr. Katherine Horton in the name of the Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum, shows a large image of Dr. Marko revealing that he bears no resemblance to the man in the obituary sent by Erika Meyer, who as a regular viewer of the Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum was fully aware of Dr. Marko’s appearance.


Nonetheless, Erika Meyer had the audacity to tell Dr. Horton: “I truly don’t think that the Paul Marko of Pinecone Utopia was the REAL Paul Marko, and I feel the same about Karen Stewart, and probably Ramola as well. I believe ALL of them have assumed online personas and are linked to intelligence.

Revealing her own disinformation activity – or at least her boundless ignorance – Erika Meyer took umbrage at Dr. Paul Marko’s exposé of False Flags by saying:

This idea that all these massacres in the US aren’t real massacres is a really dangerous idea which I believe being pushed hard by disinformation agents, because they want people to be in denial about what is really going on. It is part of this genocide process. Marko pushed this idea, without providing evidence. This isn’t normal logical behavior for someone with a PhD.

Perhaps, Erika Meyer can spend some time educating herself by following the work of Prof. James Fetzer, who has spent two decades carefully analysing the forensic evidence from highly publicised alleged mass-shootings to find that each and every one of them was staged as a False Flag operation by domestic Intelligence Agencies. Prof. Fetzer has written several books detailing the evidence, which Erika Meyer is advised to consult for her adult education.

Erika Meyer’s mind-boggling inanity was betrayed by her final comment expounding:

I have to think more about the motive behind why they would do a program like techno, but I believe the intent was to create a sort of cull-d’sac for real victims to get stuck in. By adding in a bunch of unsupported stuff (chemtrails, agenda 21 as a genocide plan, real massacres as being false flags where no one dies, etc) they discredit you by association, send you off down the wrong track, pointing to other disinformation sources as valid research, etc.

Perhaps with some significant time devoted to education and research instead of smearing highly educated individuals and top researchers, she could bring herself up to speed on current affairs.

Dr. Millicent Black

Over the period of several weeks, Erika Meyer tried to smear Dr. Millicent Black with the allegation that she had fraudulently carried the title “Dr.”. This was refuted by both Dr. Black and people who have followed her during her postgraduate study and had attended her graduation ceremony. This exchange was conducted via email between Dr. Black and Erika Meyer with a large number of people copied in. For the reasons of privacy of innocent people, this email exchange shall not be published here.

However, Dr. Horton testifies about having witnesses herself the attempted smearing of her former colleague Dr. Millicent Black by Erika Meyer including persistent unfounded allegations of serious academic fraud that did not stand up to scrutiny.

Public Defamation of Dr. Horton

The allegations against Dr. Horton by Erika Meyer started on 23 March 2019 in response to Dr. Horton defending her former colleagues. The entire episode started when Erika Meyer replied to one of Dr. Horton’s public tweets with a smear of Karen Melton-Stewart again.


When Dr. Horton raised objections to Karen Melton-Stewart being called into question for nothing more than her father having been in the Air Force, Erika Meyer immediately alleged that all of the 1.5 years of public broadcasts of Techno Crime Fighters Forum with 4 women discussing targeting crimes for two hours publicly on YouTube every week had been “an op”.


On 23 March 2019, while sending the public Twitter allegations against Dr. Horton, Erika Meyer contacted Dr. Horton by email as well to tell her “I guess, Katherine, you are now the person I’m wondering about” before launching into another attack on Dr. Horton’s former colleagues stating: “I now believe that Paul Marko was misrepresenting his education. He didn’t have a PhD. Paul, Karen, Ramola were are using personas – not representing themselves as they really are.


So without a shred of evidence, and spinning her wheels without doing any basic research, Erika Meyer thus accused Dr. Paul Marko of having committed serious degree fraud. She tried to add weight to her unfounded allegations by mixing in a bag of topics that she betrayed her complete ignorance about:

The stuff that’s been said about chemtrails, about Agenda 21, insurance policies on 9/11 victims, etc, is in my opinion, false, because no one has EVER offered evidence to support what they’ve said about these things. You just can’t say stuff like this with no support and expect to be taken seriously. And this misrepresenting of education is really unfortunate.

It is interesting to note how Erika Meyer spun the accusations further and further and didn’t react in any meaningful or logical way to Dr. Horton’s responses.


As the next step, Erika Meyer alleged that all three members of the Techno Forum Dr. Paul Marko, Dr. Millicent Black and Dr. Horton had falsified their PhDs. Dr. Horton immediately sent her the evidence of her own credentials by pointing to her website where she had published the confirmation of having worked at St John’s College, Oxford as a fellow, having worked as a physicist at CERN and even included a reference for Dr. Horton from an Oxford professor at St John’s College. It is telling how Erika Meyer would ignore all this evidence and continue publicly libelling Dr. Horton without any evidence.



By 29th March 2019, Erika Meyer decided to discard all legal standards and the rights of individuals so that Dr. Millicent Black, Dr. Robert Duncan and Dr. Horton could be considered GUILTY until proven otherwise.


In that video that Erika Meyer put out, she made serious public allegations against all three people, pretending to have evidence of them committing serious degree fraud!

On 5th April 2019, despite Dr. Horton’s clarifications, Erika Meyer insisted on smearing Dr. Horton publicly to a group of 19 other people. In an email sent in response to Dr. Millicent Black, who had complained to Erika Meyer about the public defamation of her person, Erika Meyer made serious allegations against a large number of unnamed people included in the email “many of whom are directly involved in surveillance trafficking and some of whom have falsified degrees“, as she claimed, thereby presenting her public allegations against Dr. Horton and Dr. Duncan as established fact and proved wrong-doing, which could not be further from the truth.


The people included in that email to whom and against some of whom Erika Meyer made these serious allegations are the following – the top three have been accused by Erika Meyer of degree fraud without proof, the question arises who the “many” people are whom she is accusing of “surveillance trafficking“:

  • Dr. Millicent Black, Doctor of Ministry
  • Dr. Robert Duncan, former DoD and author of Project: Soul Catcher
  • Dr. Katherine Horton, former Oxford research fellow
  • Ramola Dharmaraj, owner of the site The EveryDay Concerned Citizen
  • Karen Melton-Stewart, former NSA Intelligence Analyst
  • Mindy Urken, partner of the late Dr. Paul Marko and owner of Pinecone Utopia
  • Deborah Tavares, Founder of
  • Prof. Erik Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, California State University, Stanislaus
  • Paul Baird, owner of the site Surveillance Issues
  • Frank Allen, host of Targeted Massachussetts
  • Derrick Robinson, President of PACTS International
  • Ella Free, Talkshoe Host
  • Citizens Against Harmful Technology
  • Skizit
  • Joy Mack
  • moosebite83
  • Eleanor White
  • Robert Laboudiere

The allegations against Dr. Horton that followed were completely unfounded and without a single shred of evidence, and most amusingly also contained the CIA’s standard Russian-collusion lie that they had used against President Trump:

All of Techno Crime Fighters was a COINTELPRO style disinformation & disruption intelligence operation involving several different players. Of this I am pretty confident, mainly due to the sophistication, patterns consistent with other disinfo, trajectory of the content, DOD links with Millicent, Paul, & Karen.

Not a single person involved with Techno had a PhD. These credentials were lied about & falsified in order to lend false credibility to the performers. (Techno was a performance – or fraud – depending on how forgiving one wants to be.)

I suspect that Katherine Horton is linked with an outside intelligence agency, very possibly Russian intelligence.

Everyone who contributed to Techno: Paul, Mindy, Katherine, Millicent, Karen, and Ramola, were involved not to inform so much as to control and ultimately, disinform.

In Erika Meyer’s deluded world, having a similar sounding first name to her is already enough to be charged with entrapping her, claiming that it is the
second time that a Russian intelligence agent used my middle name (Katrin) as a mirror technique to gain my confidence.

Katherine in particular has shifted to targeting MAGA types which means she’s going after the Donald Trump base, not sure why, but obviously has plans of some sort, is shifting into another phase of HER plan.

You can read Erika Meyer’s original email containing this pathological lying below. She is clearly trying to cause as much suspicion and character defamation as she can without having a trace of evidence. Email addresses have been redacted to protect the private information of individuals.

Erika Meyer’s smear allegations
5 April 2019.

On 16th of April 2019, Erika Meyer again publicly lied with malicious intent of defaming Dr. Katherine Horton. At the time, she had already been reminded that Dr. Horton’s credentials had been published 8 months earlier on 17 September 2018 on her website under Qualifications and Work proving her PhD and her work at St John’s College and as a physicist in the CERN particle physics department.


At this point, Erika Meyer revealed that her public lying was for the targeted purpose of defaming Dr. Horton and sabotaging the disclosure on criminal False Flag operations conducted by the European Intelligence Agencies. In the US, only the CIA would be involved in such an operation and would provide personnel in the US for such a psyop and attempted sabotage of public disclosure. With her German name, it does make one wonder if this is a BND or perhaps joint CIA-BND operation. Nevertheless, she publicly libelled Dr. Horton as a liar, again without any evidence.


On 22 November 2019, Erika Meyer contacted Dr. Horton in an email entitled “What I know about you” and accused her being linked to Meyer’s body implants, to be involved in “human trafficking activities“, was specifically sex trafficking Erika Meyer, keeping her falsely imprisoned and trying to murder her.

Erika Meyer’s new smear allegations
22 November 2019.

Defamation of Jeanne M. Bizeau

On 16 April 2019, as part of the newest defamation campaign Erika Meyer launched on Dr. Horton, Jeanne Bizeau came forward and reported that she too had been attacked by Erika Meyer. She also confirmed that the attacks on her by Erika Meyer had come out of the blue.



Within just a few tweets, Erika Meyer proceeded to smear Jeanne Bizeau as receiving “human trafficking favours”. The insanity of Erika Meyer and her senseless malice in aiming to smear anyone with anything without a shred of evidence thereby became clear once more.


Defamation of ICATOR

On 17 April 2019, Erika Meyer relaunched her attacks and expanded them to Melanie Vritschan’s charity ICATOR calling it a “fraudulent organization” and smearing the Board of Directors while claiming that it hasn’t achieved anything at all, despite the fact that ICATOR had put on 3 chip scanning sessions trying to pin down the radio-frequency emissions from the body implants.