Timeline of Thomas’ Defamation Campaign

Who is Thomas McFarlan?

The first and only time Dr. Horton spoke to Thomas McFarlan was on 2 March 2018 when the two had a 2 hour Skype conversation about targeting, see Skype evidence below. In that conversation McFarlan claimed that he was unemployed and living at his mother’s home. Also, unlike the profile image he uploaded of himself that is shown here, he had long hair.


At the time Thomas McFarlan levelled the libellous accusations against Dr. Horton, the only public work he had undertaken were a few articles on Medium.com on a variety of topics. The libel videos where his first uploads to YouTube. It is against this background of rather sparse productivity and non-existent campaign work for the victims of targeting and in contrast to the ferocious accusations that McFarlan levelled at Dr. Horton without a shred of evidence and without ever having worked with her, that in Dr. Horton’s view Thomas McFarlan is an extremely dubious character.

Friendly Email Exchange

On 3 August 2018, Thomas McFarlan contacted Dr. Horton after the break-up of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum to give his view on the matter. The exchange was friendly and there was NO SUGGESTION that McFarlan thought that Dr. Horton was a

very VERY good actor
highly skilled infiltrator and agent provocateur
outright impostor
highly-skilled social-movement infiltrator
”Dr Horton” is an act not a person

as he would claim 3 weeks later without any further exchange between McFarlan and Dr. Horton, which leaves one to wonder where his sudden earth-shattering insight is coming from.

Thomas McFarlan’s emails to Dr. Horton
02 August 2018.
Thomas McFarlan’s emails to Dr. Horton
03 August 2018.

Libel of Dr. Horton on YouTube

Apparently, capitalising on the break-up of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum and trying to isolate Dr. Horton further, Thomas Fontanez McFarlan published two videos on his YouTube channel Thought Justice, which both constituted targeted character defamation against Dr. Horton:

  1. Dr. Katherine Horton’s Fall From Grace | Documenting an Infiltrator, 57:39min, published 26 August 2018, YouTube Video ID jhuWp_ct7iQ.
  2. Dr. Katherine Horton’s Fall From Grace + Audio Commentary | Documenting an Infiltrator, 45:34min, published 31 August 2018, YouTube Video ID kfgL-nfGAvA.

They were in fact the first and only videos to be published on his YouTube channel at the time. Two videos on Targeted Individual topics were added later.


In the defamatory videos, he claimed firmly yet falsely and without valid evidence that Dr. Horton was an infiltrator and an impostor who was trying to harm the cause of victims with malicious intent. The libellous statements also included a long list of defamatory and baseless claims in the description below the videos and in commentary section in response to viewers’ doubts about the veracity of his claims.

This is a list of examples taken from the statements below the first video:

  1. “However, by the Summer of 2018, it became clear that she intended to steer the movement off a cliff, by attempting to incite targeted-individuals to violence, and frame the movement as violent…”
  2. “Dr. Horton is a damn good actor” (see screenshot above)
  3. “Dr. Horton is a highly skilled infiltrator and agent provocateur.” (see screenshot above)
  4. “she is an impostor and an infiltrator.”
  5. “Dr Horton is a very very VERY good actor”
  6. “Dr. Horton is an outright impostor and infiltrator.”
  7. “Dr. Horton was deliberately acting out–subtly so it wasn’t so obvious to those without sharp observation skills–to incite TIs to violence and create fraudulent evidence, that illicit power-holders could use to frame the peaceful targeted-individual movement as violent.”
  8. “the “Dr Katherine” that we liked turned out to not even really exist, as by all indications she is an impostor and a highly-skilled social-movement infiltrator.”
  9. “Dr Horton is a very very VERY good actor–more subtle than subtle multiple layers deep.”
  10. “evidence that absolutely documents the reality that she is an impostor and infiltrator, who must be working for the very people our movement is fighting, to ultimately steer our movement off a cliff.”
  11. “”Dr Horton”–I put her name in quotes because who knows what her real name is”
  12. “”Dr Horton” is an act not a person”
  13. “Ramola and a numer of other TI have reported they have been stalked by her very subtly with mimic-stalking techniques… I’m not sure how much more evidence anyone needs to know that the sad reality is Dr Katherine is an impostor and an infiltrator… Please inform yourself with the evidence and watch the Popular Resistance class on how fascist infiltrators operate in social movement organizations here: https://popularresistance.org/prs-course-1-class-7/ “

The full list of defamatory statements by Thomas McFarlan against Dr. Horton from 26 August 2018, quoted above, can be found here:

These statements are false and also malicious character defamation in the face of

  • publicly available evidence to the contrary, e.g. videos of the attacks on Dr. Horton and the transcripts of her court hearings in which she litigated against the very people that Thomas McFarlan claimed she is working for,
  • the curious timing at which McFarlan made these accusations against Dr. Horton on 26 and 31 August after the breakup of the Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum and the Joint Investigation Team on 2 August and during an ongoing slander campaign by Ramola with which she tried to break up the collaboration between Melanie Vritschan and Dr. Horton, and a public isolation campaign that the CIA agent Barbara Hartwell also took part in, at a time when it added maximum stress to Dr. Horton and isolated her even further,
  • the fact that they were the only videos that McFarlan had put out on his YouTube channel at the time and thus appeared to be a one-cause program of targeted character defamation against Dr. Horton.

Furthermore, in making his videos, Thomas McFarlan used 16:18min of Dr. Horton’s copyrighted video material without permission, which she had posted on YouTube under the Standard YouTube Licence, thereby violating Dr. Horton’s copyright. McFarlan was thus committing a double-violation of Dr. Horton’s rights in making his false and maliciously defamatory videos.

Libel over Twitter

Shortly after the posting of the above YouTube videos, Thomas McFarlan continued spreading the libellous remarks about Dr. Horton on Twitter.

28 August 2018:




02 September 2018:



03 September 2018:


Libel maliciously spread by Ramola Dharmaraj

The defamation of character by Thomas McFarlan was immediately spread by Ramola Dharmaraj on her blog The EveryDay Concerned Citizen without giving Dr. Horton a right to reply to the libellous statements.

After feigning a two-faced heartbreak to all of us who know or have known and worked with Katherine Horton in her blog entry, Ramola Dharmaraj proceeded to libel Dr. Horton by claiming having suffered from her “own rising discomfort with non-verbal and verbal signalling comprising “echo-stalking” or mimicking/mirroring from Katherine over months, and the very real issue and prospect of insidious infiltration among dedicated, peace-focused activists of an agent provocateur, “Intel plant,” and saboteur.” Despite claiming to be a “real journalist”, Ramola Dharmaraj didn’t provide a shred of evidence for her ludicrous claims that went in the face of 1.5 years of close collaboration with Dr. Horton and Dr. Horton’s published evidence of the attacks on her and her family and her court case trying to protect herself.

It became clear that Ramola Dharmaraj was more than happy to throw out proper journalism and Dr. Horton’s rights when she felt that she could launch a take-down operation on Dr. Horton, who she felt was in the way of her personal future plans and gains.

This turned out to be just another attack on Dr. Horton’s reputation and rights by Ramola Dharmaraj in a long campaign of malicious defamation.

Request to retract defamation and remove videos

During the two months following the defamatory statements, Dr. Horton was heavily under attack and had to conduct a house move at the same. During this period, the community had sufficient time to listen to the claims and make up their own mind regarding the accusations against Dr. Horton without Thomas McFarlan’s views being censored in any way by Dr. Horton. Thus, it cannot be claimed that taking down the videos infringed on Thomas McFarlan’s right to free speech in any way.

On 9 November 2018, when Dr. Horton finally had the time and physical capacity to respond to the character defamation, she requested in writing that Thomas McFarlan remove the maliciously defamatory videos from his channel, not least because McFarlan had violated Dr. Horton’s copyright by using 16:18min of her video material without permission in his defamatory videos.

Thomas McFarlan’s emails to Dr. Horton
02 August 2018.
Waiting for a reply.