Torture and Mutilation

Death Threats, Murder Attempts and Murder

  • Death Threats: Ongoing threats to own life, of family and collaborators

Violation of Privacy Rights

Financial Warfare

  • PayPal Frozen: Financial sabotage by locking CHF 1500.- of donations

Mutilation with Directed Energy Weapons

Recorded during the night of 17. March 2018, showing brutal machine-gunning with Directed Energy Weapons that are so powerful that the Pulsed Energy Projectiles hit the victim inside a self-made bunker built from floor-to-ceiling Reflectix and aluminium-foil shielding. The Directed Energy Weapons are mounted at the neighbours’ homes.

The video below is a 12min compilation of two hours of continuous filming of non-stop machine-gunning with Pulsed Energy Projectiles to show the type of attacks. (The original 2hr footage recorded 2:30-4:30am can be downloaded as evidence for court use to back up attacks on other victims. Victims can include the 12min explanation below and the original 2hr video file in their evidence, e.g. burning it onto CD and including it in the court bundle.)

  • 0:00-1:30 Showing Dr. Horton’s bunker where she has to work and sleep INSIDE her study as she is being machine-gunned non-stop from her neighbours.
  • 1:33 Non-stop patter of shots hitting Dr. Horton that can be heard as the energy projectiles smash into and reflect off metal foil.
  • 5:39 Muscle-pulsing by shooting fast consecutive pulses into a muscle (not visible but testified to).
  • 8:00 Shot to the face that makes a loud bang and moves the aluminium-foil shield.
  • 8:51 Sound when a shot hits the microphone of the webcam.
  • 9:30 Sound analysis software showing the hits clearly as loud instantaneous sounds that cannot be generated naturally as they don’t have a turn-on or turn-off curve in the sound profile like natural sounds, showing that the projectiles travel extremely fast.
  • 9:51 Muscle-jolting due to a Pulsed Energy Projectile being shot into Dr. Horton’s shoulder.
  • 10:30 Active Shooter Zone and Danger Zone irradiated by the corrupt neighbours in Zurich.

The journalist Voker Hoffmann who stayed at Dr. Horton’s house to record the attacks testified that he witnesses the audible shots and that they had to come from an external source.

Affidavit by Volker Hoffmann (Original German)
Film Maker and Journalist, 31 March 2017.
Affidavit by Volker Hoffmann (English Translation)
Film Maker and Journalist, 31 March 2017.

On a previous occasion in August 2017, Dr. Horton succeeded in making the machine-gunning with Pulsed Energy Projectiles audible, visible and also measure it with a high-frequency measurement device, the Acousticom 2.

  • Throughout the entire video the shots are clearly audible.
  • 0:30 A shot visibly dents metal foil. The power required for this is immense and can only be achieved like that by a military weapon.
  • 2:20-2:45 A shot is recorded by the scientific measuring device.

Already in November 2016, Dr. Horton recorded brutal machine-gunning when she revealed that British Foreign Intelligence (SIS / MI6), the German Intelligence Agency, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), and the German Federal Police, Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), all refuse to assist the terror victims. This was the first video Dr. Horton mae outing the fact that the criminality is being actively aided and abetted by these Intelligence Agencies and police forces. In response to the uploading the video to YouTube, Dr. Horton was brutally machine-gunned with Pulsed Energy Projectiles in her home in Zurich, thereby proving that British and German Secret Service execute retaliation attacks via the Swiss Secret Service, Nachrichtendienst des Bundes (NDB), in Zurich.

The machine-gunning with Pulsed Energy Projectiles from the Intel-corrupted neighbours is especially brutal at night. The following footage was recorded at 4am on 18 June 2018, and every single day and night the machine-gunning is the same with the brutality increasing when she is trying to sleep. Every single woman on the Joint Investigation Team is similarly machine-gunned day and night.

At 2:39 a loud bang is heard as a shot hits the wall of the metal shed.

Mutilation of Neighbours

While the machine-gunning of Dr. Horton with Pulsed Energy Projectiles inside her home continues non-stop, what the corrupt neighbours haven’t been told by their handlers is that 50% of the shots reflect back at them and at other neighbours. This creates a large Danger Zone where shots bounce around and mutilate other Swiss people.

The Danger Zone even includes the local police station of Kantonspolizei Zurich where officers Mr. Wendelin Koch, Mr. Schoch and Ms. Meyer have refused to stop Dr. Horton’s premeditated mutilation by the Swiss Nazi networks for 2 years. This means that these police officers also conspired with the attackers to aid and abet the systematic mutilation of the surrounding neighbours.

As a result, the neighbours in Unterengstringen living within the Danger Zone (marked yellow in the image above) have a potential claim for damages against these police officers and the Swiss Secret Service NDB. More specifically, the houses highlighted in the image below are either perpetrators or also victims of attacks themselves as 50% of the shots and radiation hits them. As Dr. Horton uses shielding and shots audibly bounce off, certain neighbours get hit a lot more than that. They in turn have a claim against the Swiss Secret Service and the Swiss military for their own mutilation. More information on this can be found in the Neighbourhood Campaign.

Navel implanted in illegal laser surgery

On the night of Tuesday, 13th June 2017, Dr. Katherine Horton discovered a fresh surgery scar on her navel and what looked like medical tissue-glue that was used to fuse the scar. The next day, her doctor photographed the scar:

Melanie Vritschan, founder of the human rights charity ICATOR, confirmed to Dr. Horton that she was also implanted in the navel and that location was one of the standard locations where the intelligence agencies appeared to implant people.

On 5th July 2017, Dr. Katherine Horton succeeded in proving that an illegal chip had been placed inside her body during that criminal surgery, which was emitting at high frequencies, such that it could be detected by a standard bug finder (ACECO FC6002MKII, 1MHz-6GHz, RF Tracer):

More information on the bug detector used can be found in the section on measurements.

Similar already known cases – Cathleen Gary

Evidence from Cathleen Gary about being vaginally and rectally raped and tortured by co-workers with non-consensually implanted microchips for 8 years. She explains being retaliated against violently for seeking help and that doctors “have their hands tied” when requested to remove the implants. This is due to the fact that doctors are threatened by the criminals in Secret Services and served with fraudulent and criminal orders from the Ministry of Defence in order to be able to continue to sex traffick these women. Everything Cathleen Gary was describing already in 2010 regarding her case that started in 2002 is identical to what Dr. Horton has suffered since 2016, 14 years after Ms. Gary statements.

Please also note how Ms. Gary is cut off by the men on the panel with piffling questions when she states that people have a right to their bodies. 70-80% of such implanting victims of the Secret Services are female according to Dr. John Hall.

Weaponisation of WLAN Router

After switching off the WLAN in the home, Swiss Secret Services modified the WLAN router to emit at high intensity even when the WLAN is switched off by hacking the firmware of the device.


Death threat to Andreas von Stockhausen

In January 2018, Dr. Horton began a collaboration (terminated in Feb 2018) with Andreas von Stockhausen, Lieutenant Colonel of the Reserve of the German Army, in order to investigate the crimes committed against victims in Europe, especially Germany. On 3rd February 2018, during a phase of close collaboration with Dr. Horton, Andreas von Stockhausen received a threat that can even be interpreted as a death threat. The message was sent from the Twitter account @JensOlli which displayed cartel-signalling and death symbology.

fund-us Threat via Twitter
fund-us Perpetrator account
with death symbology and cartel-signalling

Potential Death Threat in Agent Emails

Dr. Horton receives a lot of emails by agents and trainee agents who are psychological warfare operatives (or worse) sent to harm her. The damage that these agents are trying to cause is psychological, loss of time, priming for further psychological operations or triggering neurotech-monitored brain processes. Some agents are sent to harm the victim physically. It is hard to know what the agent’s motivations are, therefore caution is advised with all such communication.

Systematic spelling mistakes, references to previous incidents or to details from the victim’s life, occult references, cartel-signalling, and non-sensical content are tell-tale signs that it is communication from Secret Service crime-cartel operatives.

Threatening Emails 26 February 2018

The following emails were received just 20 days after the abrupt death of Dr. Paul Marko, the founder of Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum.

Threatening agent emails 1/3
with subject “I am whit you” received 26th February 2018 between 4:05-4:40am.
Threatening agent emails 2/3
with subject “Ti” and body “Good nwes” received 26th February 2018 at 4:46am.
Threatening agent emails 3/3
with reference to America’s Most Wanted received 26th February 2018 at 4:46am.

What is unusual about this email that should raise alarm bells is:

  • The subject “I am whit you” has a spelling mistake and threatening undertone of being near the victim.
  • The sender claims to be in location near the victim in Switzerland.
  • The name “Bruno Baumgartner” does not correspond to the name in the email address “Leon Leuthold”.
  • Both names start with the same letter in the first and last name (typical for quickly made-up names).
  • “Baumgartner” was the code name of a German secret service operative (likely BND) who harassed Dr Horton in Munich.
  • “nagy” is a Hungarian word and a Hungarian surname. Dr. Horton is Hungarian.
  • The emails were sent starting at 4:04am. Dr. Horton happened to be up at the time.
  • The text is littered with demonstrative spelling mistakes.
  • The content is non-sensical.
  • It is not clear why the email was sent to the addressee as it does not contain a question nor a request for help.
  • Two images show a point-injury on the inner side of the left lower leg. That size and type of injury can be sustained with directed energy weapons or with poison darts.
  • The hand shown in the second image of the injury forms the sign of the “V” that is a Freemason and Templar symbol.
  • One image of the light is a typical reference to the Mafia symbol of the all-seeing eye.
  • One image shows a masked young man in the age category favoured by the Secret Service crime-cartel for criminal agent operations where divesting of the perpetrator has to be at minimal cost. The mask is signalling covert identity and is triggers associations of masked young men committing acts of crime or violence.
  • One image is of a deserted freight train station. The image triggers associations of people being carted away on freight trains like during Nazi times, or of being attacked and harmed at a deserted location.
  • The new email subject “Ti” contains the words “good nwes”. A spelling mistake in cartel-signalling means that it is the opposite, i.e. “bad news”. Combined with the subject “Ti”, the message is “Bad news for the targeted individual”.
  • The new email is sent at 4:46am.
  • The subsequent email sent at 6:18am makes reference to a video entitled “Assata Shakur – Why I Am America’s Most Wanted”, the intended association being again that of violent crimes being committed against the victim.

The emails are clearly agent communications in which young trainee agents are encouraged by German or Swiss Secret Services, BND or NDB, to live out their psychopathy.

The undertone of the emails is that the masked young man is “with” Dr. Horton and it is “good nwes” which is “good news” with a spelling mistake, i.e. twisted as in “bad news”, for the “Ti”, the targeted individual. This communication is clearly intended as a threat.

These emails come 20 days after the abrupt death of Dr. Paul Marko, the founder of Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum. The Secret Services are fully aware of his death. It has been discussed at leangth on the show, which is regularly sabotaged by the Secret Services.

Taking all this information together, this email communication can be interpreted as a potential death threat. Given the circumstances it has to be treated as such, and thus it was immediately published by Dr Horton on her Twitter @stop007org in Tweet numbers 1669 and 1670.

Violation of Postal Secrecy – Opening of Post

On 2 March 2018, Dr. Horton found her Amazon package ripped open and carelessly placed on the floor outside the entrance door, see evidence video below. Opening of her post is a regular occurrance.

As soon as she stepped outside her front door, the terror gangs pulled up with cars for outdoor tracking. A lot of the time, these Secret Service terror gangs also shoot at Dr. Horton and other victims with Directed Energy Weapons as they drive past. The purpose of the entire Secret Service program is to build up roving death squads that can be mobilised at a moment’s notice.

PayPal Funds Frozen

On 16th March 2018, Dr. Horton’s PayPal account, which was operational from February 2017 onwards, was blocked by PayPal, thereby freezing over CHF 1500.- in donations that had been collected to pay for Dr. Horton’s court case and the more refined scanning for body implants at the Belgian university.

The money was put into lock-down shortly after the fundraising appeal on 2 Mar 2018 in English and on 8 Mar 2018 in German to raise the money specifically for the scanning for body implants. There was no explanation for why the account was locked. The Customer Service merely explained vagely that Dr. Horton was detected as a “security threat” and that the security team thought that the account could be used for “money laundering”. The email exchange with the PayPal team responsible for the lock-down is below:

PayPal correspondence
Jan-Apr 2018.

The following should be noted:

  1. the ridiculousness of those accusations and the fact that they were baseless and no evidence to support them has been produced by PayPal,
  2. the outrageousness of the lock-down of the money without prior warning that this was going to happen,
  3. the fact that the collection of donations had been cleared with Swiss tax authorities both at the local as well as the Cantonal level,
  4. the fact that PayPal had no policing authority to pry into a Swiss residents banking affairs,
  5. the fact that the lock-down came perfectly timed to sabotage the collection of crucial evidence for the upcoming court case, as well as sabotage the funding of the court action itself,
  6. the fact that PayPal refused all cooperation by not replying to the request for further information on the 24th January 2018.

A call to the Customer Service helpline of PayPal was even more unusual. Asking for the reason for locking the account returned several vague answers, all of which were countered by Dr. Horton. In the end, the conversation arrived at the point that “PayPal has just decided to terminate the business relationship with you” and that it was somehow related to the Terms and Conditions in a way that could not be pin-pointed by Customer Service staff. (The phone call is going to be published soon.)

Dr. Horton then discovered that the Terms and Conditions of PayPal specifically allow wanton discrimination of individuals, at which point she decided to permanently disassociate herself from the, so called, “payment provider” that did everything (including geopolitical cartel work, as it seemed) but provide a payment service.

Based on the above highly unusual features of PayPal’s actions and Terms and Conditions, Dr. Horton concluded that it was unlawful and very likely targeted financial warfare by the Secret Services, specifically the British MI6 and the Swiss NDB.

The PayPal incident reminded Dr. Horton of a curious similar incident where the PayPal donations account of the Save our Swiss Gold Initiative was also locked by the company at the height of the citizens’ campaign…