I need your help to save my life and that of my family. Money really helps. But as you can see below, the biggest help you can give for free.

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The life-sign monitor is necessary due to assassination attempts.

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Show criminals we are not isolated.

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See some of my evidence and learn more about these crimes.

shutterstock_116459821 Write to these 4 men and the press

Your email or letter on my behalf can move mountains and forces a paper trail about these crimes.

German Ambassador
(duty to help Germans)

Dr Otto Lampe
Embassy of Germany
Willadingweg 83
3006 Bern

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UK Foreign Secretary
(duty to supervise MI6)

Boris Johnson
Foreign & Commonw. Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH

Head of BND
(duty of lawfulness)

Dr Bruno Kahl
Gardeschützenweg 71-101
12203 Berlin

Head of MI5
(duty of lawfulness)

Andrew Parker
The Enquiries Desk
PO Box 3255
London SW1P 1AE

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cartoon_mushroom_cloud_new2 Make a fuss if something happens to me.

Twitter storms have made evil-doers back off in the past.

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A lot of people would help but don’t know that I need them.

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Help to preserve the evidence of these crimes against humanity. Hard-copies (printouts, DVD burns) cannot be tampered with remotely.

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Your voice and credentials convinces others to help.

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Contribute your expertise and knowledge to stop these crimes.

foi File Freedom of Information Requests

Help me uncover irregularities and abuses.

shutterstock_286392881 Come as an observer to the victims’ court cases.

Members of the public discourage dirty tricks.