Consult Dr. Horton privately to discuss your case and request her services, for example
– in counselling
– preparing your case
– as an expert witness.
Watch the Plan for 2019 (expand bottom right). Viewing this on YouTube (right-click, select Copy video URL, open new browser tab, paste the link) you can select the precise time-stamp from the description below the video.

Fill out a tick-box affidavit to get an overview of your case. This is your first court-usable witness testimony that you can use to compare your case easily to other victim cases.

Download other victim affidavits as supporting evidence. You can use these affidavits in your own court case and as supporting evidence when talking to police, doctors, or family and friends.

Learn how to make a court bundle. There is an instructional video and a guide to a bundle-making platform that is used by many large law firms. This will make your court file look professional and save you a lot of time.
Write a full-length witness statement with all the details and naming the perpetrators. It starts with the oath and ends with a Statement of Truth like the tick-box affidavit but the text has to be in full-sentences and in numbered paragraphs.
Collect evidence using cameras, audio-recorders, measuring devices and keep a log of what happens.
Get transcripts of important recordings with this amazing service. Get 30min free in the trial. And get an 1 hour (Pay As You Go) or 3 hours (Basic and Supercharged) free when you sign up with this link!
Sort your facts, documents and evidence. When a case stretches over many years and contains countless offences, it can get overwhelming. Stay calm and sort every offence patiently and doggedly into your court file knowing that no matter how big the case, it is still finite.
Start crowd-funding for your court case. The expense does not have to be crippling as it is often claimed since you can represent yourself and do many tasks that a lawyer would do by yourself, for example making your court bundle (see above).
Compile a list of references (scientific articles, declassified documents, patents etc) that prove the existence of the technology that you are assaulted with and the proliferating criminality of the Secret Services, the military and the contractors – the people who are doing this to you most likely.
Draft your legal arguments. These are pretty universal for many victim cases so once they have been drafted, they can be shared by many victims.
Look at precedence cases and the cases of other victims around the world. Even if it is not from within your jurisdiction, the existence of a similar court case can help you to show that these criminal programs are happening around the world.
Appear in court to obtain an injunction against the perpetrators, to claim tort and damages, and to get the criminals jailed for life.