First-Aid for Victims

If you become the victim of gang-stalking, harassment campaigns, psychological terror, regular Stasi-style housebreaking for gas-lighting, Directed Energy Weapon assaults or other sophisticated high-tech crime you need to start acting urgently because you have most likely been entered into a global genocide program that is using your life and your body for criminal Nazi-style human experimentation. This targeting program appears to be for life and has your death as its goal. As shocking as that sounds, this is the truth.

There are thousands of victims in your situation and they are now taking court action as a last resort as their experience shows that the attackers do not stop by themselves. Many thousand reports have been made to the police worldwide but there is not a single example of a known police investigation, which shows that these are state-organised crimes. As a result, it is up to you as the victim to start taking measures as the institutions of the state refuse to function for your case. Basically, you’re an outlaw.

Above are the steps you can take. You will have to take them by yourself as experience shows that most likely no one will be willing to help you at first, not even your family and friends. While this is very tough to get used to psychologically, don’t despair as there is a vast community of victims taking active measures. You will be working alongside countless people who have learned to take responsibility, decisions and lawful action into their own hands.

The First Shock

One day, you suddenly realise that your life has been turned upside-down and you appear to live in a sci-fi thriller or a horror movie. Many strange things start happening to you:


  • You are being stalked by people you don’t know.
  • Maybe even famous people start crossing your path or following you around.
  • People in the street start cutting you up and driving dangerously around you.
  • People in the street are repeating intimate sentences that you said to your friends and family in the privacy of your home.


  • Even the TV and the radio appear to be speaking to you.
  • Your computing devices and electronic equipment in your home keep malfunctioning.
  • Your car repair bills shoot through the roof or your car keeps breaking down.
  • You experience repeated break-ins that do not look like normal burglaries and are ignored by the police.


  • Your neighbours, colleagues or friends start behaving strangely around you.
  • You start being fired from jobs or lose business without any fault of your own.
  • Your rental contract is cancelled repeatedly or your tenants cause you a lot of problems.
  • You feel that people around you or even yourself change their personality and start acting out of character.

Your Body

  • You start hearing voices from people who are not present around you.
  • You experience hallucinations during the day-time or vivid dreams at night.
  • You start feeling odd pains and vibrating or crawling sensations under your skin
  • You have sensations inside your body that you have never felt before.
  • You can be paralysed with intense or crippling pain out of nowhere
  • You experience pain that is so intense that you have to throw up or are about to pass out.
  • Your fingers, toes or limbs start moving without your intention and even against your will.
  • Sexual arousal and even orgasms overtake you against your will without you thinking about sex or engaging in sexual activity.

Illness, Injury or Death

  • Your pets become ill or die unexpectedly.
  • Your start having a lot of accidents, trips and falls.
  • You or your family members start developing strange ailments that cannot be diagnosed.
  • Family, friends or colleagues die under unusual circumstances or in rare freak accidents.

If you are experiencing any of the above, and especially if several items from the list above apply, then you are very likely a victim of the Secret Services. In that case, you have been placed on a fraudulent terror-watchlist and have been blacklisted by their networks. Both are completely illegal and highly criminal.

As a result, you are suffering from their criminal business plans, including:

  • psychological warfare
  • social engineering
  • human experimentation (incl. brain research)
  • technology research and development (incl. neurotechnology)
  • weapons testing
  • Directed Energy Weapons assaults
  • sex trafficking
  • financial terrorism
  • economic warfare
  • State-organised genocide.

If you cannot believe that it is happening or have been told that your problems are due to schizophrenia or paranoid delusions then please read the FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do?

The most important point is that you do not panic whatever happens. It is natural to get scared, be shocked, get angry and become frustrated. However, you should take great care to fortify yourself mentally. Remember that whatever criminality you are facing and whatever injuries and harm you might suffer, there is always a solution and there is always a cure. Sometimes, we just have to fight for it.

The vast majority of the time, the goal of the Secret Services is to scare you, confuse you, make you distressed, depressed, terrified, suicidal or out of control angry. Once they get you into any of those emotional states they know that you become harmless because you cannot fight them effectively. Their goal is to prevent you from fighting back in the first place, so that they can do whatever they like with you. Your goal has to be to create as many long-term problems for them as possible.

To be able to stay calm, you need to know what you are dealing with, how to protect yourself, and how to collect evidence. Read the First Aid for Victims in the Info-Pack and have a look at the Equipment List. To get advice for your individual case, or to request assistance in communicating your case to family, doctors, police and lawyers, book a Consulting or Counselling session.

First Aid for Victims
Joint Investigation Team, August 2018.

Equipment List

Consulting or Counselling

How to Fight Back

The most effective and enduring problems for any government institution, including the Secret Services, are created by court cases and administrative procedures that take a lot of their time and threaten to reveal a lot about their crimes and the officials involved in the criminality. Bullets and poison (as used by the Secret Services) are the most harmful in the short term but in the long-term not the most powerful.

Meanwhile, court cases and the wheels of justice turn very slowly but are capable of grinding even the most powerful institutions and individuals into the dust. In fact, court cases are even more powerful than the police because, unlike the police, they produce permanent public disclosure in society that can never be erased again and that can be referenced as a precedent in all subsequent litigation.

The vast majority of victims and expert witnesses experience the most severe intimidation and assaults preparing and attending litigation. That is precisely because that is when the Secret Services are most vulnerable. They have a lot to lose and every single court case causes lasting damage to their operations, reputation and career prospects that can never be repaired.

For this reason, your goal should be to stay calm and solid like a rock throughout whatever drama the Secret Service stage in your life, and keep your eye on the longer term goal of grinding the Directors of the Secret Services and their agents into the dust with your court case and the other court cases that you support.

Court Cases

The first step to preparing your court case is to write up what happened and collect the evidence for it. As it can be a daunting task to summarise the multitude and large number of attacks, and since it is extremely difficult to prove the use of classified technology and modern covert implants, Dr. Horton developed an affidavit template specifically for victims of Secret Service criminality.

Affidavit Template

Dr. Horton launched a global collection of victim affidavits via the Joint Investigation Team using the above template. The purpose of that victim survey is to collect court-admissible testimony of many unrelated victims in order to prove complex crimes through a comparison of many victim cases. The first step is to fill out the affidavit template to help prove the general existence of these modern crimes together with the testimony of other victims. It can then be used as a skeleton for the compilation of the long-form of the affidavit (which should be in full sentences and numbered paragraphs) for your own case.

Should you require assistance with the preparation of your court case or need an expert testimony from Dr. Horton to back up your case, please book a consulting session to discuss your requirements.

Consulting or Counselling

Due to the out-of-control nature of the criminality that victims are facing, it is important to recruit help from outside the victim community. Several initiatives have been launched to inform the leadership of countries and local neighbourhoods about these ongoing crimes against humanity, which also affect them and the health of their families without knowing. See below the past and current campaigns to stop this international criminality.


Supporting Others

If you are a victim it is important that you join the effort to stop these Nazi crimes and that you support other victims in addition to protecting yourself. This is for your own self-protection and to amplify and speed up the success that you will have with your own court case.

Every victim goes through a phase of hoping that the attackers will simply stop the assaults at some point if the victim cooperates. This turns out to be false in every case, and most victims eventually realise that the attacker don’t intend to stop and have the victim’s death as their ultimate goal. That is because the assaults are part of larger global genocide programs that have been planned since the beginning of the 20th century.

While the attacks might have that planned for humanity, it doesn’t meant that their dreams and wishes will come true. In fact, the more people close ranks and stand up for victims, the less appealing it becomes of the criminals and psychopaths to engage in a confrontation. This is the surprising effect that you have to understand and convey to others:

The more dangerous and psychopathic the opponent, the safer you are by confronting him head on and not trying to appease him.

Once a system is so out-of-control that it has descended into open criminality, the only non-violent way to cycle it back to the rule of law is to use the police and the courts to revert it back step by step. This is difficult when those systems are in turn captured, as is the case in most countries. However, it can be done when there is a concerted, simultaneous effort by many individuals and small groups at the same time.

For further information checkout the FAQ and the Research Library.