Submitted Affidavits

Affidavit Count

North America: US 12, Canada 8
Europe: UK 4, Belgium 2, Russia 1, Netherlands 1, Bulgaria 1, Spain 1, Denmark 1, Switzerland 1, Sweden 1
Asia: Japan 1, Iran 1

Sex Ratio: Male 18, Female 17

Survey Results

The following are the results from the affidavit survey. As more and more affidavits are being submitted the exact numbers can change, so please always check the release date at the top of the page. The analysis results of the first 15 affidavits have been sent to the international press and to international politicians in press release 1.

Analysis Results (30 Affidavits)
summarising the first 30 affidavits.
21st October 2019

Older Analysis Results

Analysis Results (15 Affidavits)
summarising the fist 15 affidavits.
4th June 2019

Affidavits for Download

The following affidavits were submitted for the international affidavit collection. As a victim, you are free to download these and use them for your court case. Every affidavit that is listed here was submitted with photo-ID and with a signed and witnessed oath and Statement of Truth, as found on the first and last page of the original affidavit template. The list below states the Document Authentication Code chosen by the author, the sex of the victim, the main country of targeting and the year targeting started. Once targeting starts, it appears to be for life.

Note: Affidavit number 91-10-53-64 has been withdrawn by the person submitting it.

This came after a prolonged and systematic Intel-style public defamation campaign by the author of affidavit 91-10-53-64 against every person I have ever worked with regarding targeting and then eventually against me as well, when I dared to defend my former colleagues.

The episode was so bizarre and came just a few weeks after the affidavit submission that I consider it to be an Intel disruption operation. As a result, I don’t consider affidavit number 91-10-53-64 to be truthful. I thus encourage you to discard it from your set.

I apologise for these subsequent changes. They are beyond my control and a symptom of the targeted and professional sabotage operations that victims find themselves at the mercy of.

Thank you for your understanding,

Dr. Katherine Horton

Confirmation of validity of published affidavits
signed by Dr. Horton

04-57-95-87, male, USA, 1999
25-11-19-60, male, Belgium, 1994
49-14-11-43, female, USA, 2008
21-12-20-18, female, UK, 2007 (detailed description of torture techniques)
71-20-20-32, male, Canada, 2013
00-85-13-14, female, Russia, 2007
02-53-15-21, female, USA, Denmark, 2012
03-47-21-95, male, USA, 1969
19-02-18-05, female, USA, 2017
11-24-05-10, female, USA, 2015

46-77-54-11, male, UK, 1976
11-22-82-46, female, USA, 2017
91-28-56-73, male, Japan, 2018
75-95-00-06, female, USA, 1995
11-85-53-60, male, Canada, 2011
03-06-19-51, female, Netherlands, 2006
04-10-19-68, male, Bulgaria, 2004
41-50-87-15, male, Iran, 2001
31-08-19-74, female, Switzerland, 2009
95-29-30-56, female, USA, 2005

10-29-49-46, male, USA, 2014
82-26-38-91, female, Spain, 1972
01-06-06-09, female, USA, 1971
71-71-71-71, female, Canada, 1974
97-97-97-97, male, Canada, 2000
71-56-38-71, male, UK, 2019
71-56-38-70, female, UK, 2019
90-91-08-11, male, Canada, 1987
15-78-91-90, male, Belgium, 2011
15-02-84-01, male, Canada, 2014

88-27-05-76, female, Canada, 2011
03-71-56-89, male, USA, 2016
04-03-19-83, male, Canada, 2011
82-58-82-58, female, USA, 1985
39-56-23-10, male, Sweden, 2009