Agents and Operatives Unmasked

The following list contains those individuals who have engaged in targeted time-wasting, harassment, libel, subversion and/or threats aimed at undermining, smearing and sabotaging Dr. Horton’s work, draining her time in a vexatious manner or damaging her psychological well-being and personal life. These people act to all intents and purposes as if they were agents and operatives for the Secret Services. If they are not, they should consider becoming such because they could be earning a lot of money with what they are doing anyway.

United States

United Kingdom

  • Sasha Stone, MI6 Psychological Warfare Operative (Coming soon!)
  • “Ms Ryan”, MI5 Psychological Warfare Operative (seen at Philip Kerr trial) (Coming soon!)


  • “Maria Leon”, Psychological Warfare Operative
    1. Quoting a private conversation from Google Hangouts.
    2. Threats for visiting Canada.



Cyber Operatives